Monday, November 21, 2016

Artist Sharifah Marsden- Thunderbirdlady

Recently, Sharifah Marsden came by for a visit to our Reconciliation Carving Cohort at Langara. It was very inspirational. She has such a gentle spirit and is was very sharing.

I felt very grateful to sit with her and chat for a few minutes. Very interestingly she attended Langara back in 2001 (I believe she said) and I attended in 1993-95 so we had that in common.

She showed us her first print and some photos of the beautiful jewelry she is making. You can see it here at the Lattimer Gallery

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Here is some more of her beautiful art. 

Artist: Sharifah Marsden - Painting- “We are singing”  Photo Credit -Lattimer Gallery

Artist: Sharifah Marsden   Painting- “Ndaanis” means daughter   Photo Credit:-Lattimer Gallery

Artist: Sharifah Marsden    3-piece Floral jewelry Set   Photo: Sharifah Marsden

Artist: Sharifah Marsden   Thunderbird pendant - Photo: Lattimer Gallery

Artist: Sharifah Marsden   Thunderbird Beadwork ring - Photo: Lattimer Gallery

Artist: Sharifah Marsden - collaboration - Mural “Honoring Our Women” -  Photo Floyd Brown

Artist: Sharifah Marsden - collaboration - Mural “Honoring Our Women” -  Photo Floyd Brown

Here is her bio from there
"Sharifah Marsden is an Anishinaabe artist from the Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation. Since early childhood, Sharifah has been directed toward a life of art and culture. She draws from her Ojibway roots and knowledge of Woodlands art to create unique works that include everything from acrylic paintings to beadwork to engraving.

In 2009, Sharifah graduated from Vancouver's Northwest Coast Jewellery Arts program under established Haida/Kwakwaka'wakw artist Dan Wallace. In 2010, Sharifah worked with artists Richard Shorty and Jerry Whitehead, among others, to complete Western Canada’s largest mural along on the outer wall of the Orwell Hotel located at 456 East Hasting in Vancouver.

In 2014, she graduated from two years of formal training in the European goldsmithing tradition at the Vancouver Metal Arts School under the instruction of Gerold Mueller. At the Vancouver Metal Arts School she learned hollow form design, complex soldering techniques, and stone setting. In April of 2015, Sharifah had her first solo exhibition at Lattimer Gallery entitled Sharifah Marsden - Miigwetch. It featured jewellery pieces created during her time at the Vancouver Metal Arts School, as well as a number of paintings."

I found this video below online, it's from back in 2009.
What she says at 4:40 just brings tears to my eyes. I was so emotional during our class that day.

We were talking about babies and the pure love they give and pure joy you receive.  I've been so blessed with my daughter, she's growing up so quick now.

I have been blessed with caring for another little girl lately and there is nothing more beautiful than when you pick them up, say from a nap or something and they just snuggle into your shoulder and your heart is near their heart,  that sweet soft chubby little body just sort of melting into yours as you hold them and they just radiate love.

 It's POWERFUL!!! It's so healing. It's hard for me to put into words just the feeling of that beautiful trust and personal self- knowledge that you can meet their needs and keep them safe, happy and secure. Sharifah's paintings are so gorgeous and really capture the joy of love, intimacy, pregnancy and birth. I was very moved. I really feel grateful she came to class yesterday and shared her work and words with us.

Have a listen for yourself.

Mural “Honoring Our Women”

NECMURAL2016 from Jaime Torres on Vimeo.

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