Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Quick Pre-BC election post- How are you?

How are you? Grab a coffee, come sit with me for a bit.

Seriously, stop and think, how are you doing?
Do you have a place to live? 
Do you have food to eat?
Do you have money in the bank?
Do you have a car or a bus pass?
Are you healthy? Can you afford prescriptions?
Are your kids and family healthy?
How is your neighbourhood, is it environmentally healthy or is it in danger from toxins?
Is your air clean?
Is your water safe to drink?
Are you working yourself to death or kicking back watching someone else do it all?
Do you have time to spend with your family and kids?
Have you actually seen your kids grow up? or were you working...or something else?
Can you and do you visit your loved ones often?

Are you happy? or stressed?
Is this election bothering you?

I know it's bothering me. 

This year I don't want to go into a mild or deep depression and have to stay in bed all day and mope and yaul and cry...WHY? WHY? WHY?

When it could be so simple. It's not though. And the weird thing is this is playing out so much like the US election, I have to hold back the bile.

I am trying to not put to much energy into it but I know EVERYTHING is riding on it.

People go soooooooooooooo sucked in by J.T and well we are going to get pummelled. We need an expert on Climate Change...we need a level headed calm person...we need good policies....

Andrew Weaver has been a prof at UBC studying this for long time. He is calm when he speaks. John Horgan, I am sorry is too emotional. (I am emotional...don't take offense)...

David Suzuki just endorsed the Green Party.

What ever, what ever you do...Vote anyone but Christy!!

And then how can we go wrong...we will be on a much brighter path.

Okay that's all I'll say for we go...counting down...counting down to something good.
Please let it be good. For my children and my children's children.

I don't want my kid to put brown you? It actually happened in Kalamazoo and you can Kiss Super Natural BC goodbye if the Christy's gets in again. We will become the Trumpville of the North. I don't even want to imagine it...quick quick...get a bucket...I am going to be sick....bllllllllaaaakkk!!

Breathe! I must remember to breathe! Spring is here,...beautiful pinks and greens fill the trees and the trees create our beautiful air. Breathe that beautiful clean air and remember it. It may not always be this way...don't take it for granted. Don't take anything for granted. Because we saw what happened south of the border. Are we going to just give up and let corporate greed run amuck. 8 men own more money than half the people on the planet or something like that... hoarding money is an illness and too many are dying from this rich people's disease.

 Anyways, what's ever going to happen is going to happen.
I am just one person. I have been voting green for quite awhile now and if I give in to fearmongering

I feel I am being challenged in a way...I followed Bernie so close and I saw all the corruption in the voting and well remember robocalls and there's just so much money at stake and people are scared.

Can we be positive?
Can we project love and light?
Can we believe there are better ways of solar, wind, green housses, green walls, cobs houses, gardens, roof top gardens?


When all is said and done, can we face our children when they grow up and say "wtf, what we're they thinking?"

The evidence will be all over the internet, if there still is one...if we don't get hit with a solar flare or earthquake and have nothing to save us because there will be no electricity, no water, no food. Are YOU ready for that?

So we can turn this puppy around right now or kiss it all good bye.

Sometimes I think that I am just part of a computer game...someone up above is going to decide my fate, I pray it's a green life full of health and love and wealth of good food, clean water, shelter, medicine, knowledge, community.

We can have it, really we can but we NEED GREAT CHANGE!


So this voting day get out and vote. Take your neighbours, friends, parents, co-workers and vote. Buy a coffee and go vote together...and pray for a better greener healthier happier future.

Dream of a future that embraces and helps Indigenous peoples and help save the children in care.
End this opiate  crisis and provide the necessary care required.
Educate our children about the truth of these stolen lands & the real history and take steps to correct wrongs by actually creating programs in schools and everywhere. Only once we acknowledge the truth can we end the stigmas and move on together.

Truth is the Green Party can't do it all. It's just a handful of people in the big scheme of things. It's up to us the people. That's why we have to vote. It's why we have to march and us art to SHOUT OUT TO THE POLITICIANS #SAVEMYCOAST 

It's why we have to keep talking and pushing for better greener ways, education and all that stuff. We have lead and our kids will follow. We need to ground ourselves and connect to the Earth so we can truly relate and understand her. So we can save ourselves, because Mother Earth does not need us and if we don't...if we DON'T ...she's going to start or continue to drown, starve, burn and destroy us as we pick, scrape, poke and pollute her. Pretty soon she will have absolutely enough...and that will be it.

So we have a big choice ahead. Think wisely. There's a better way. A Green Way!!

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