Saturday, April 26, 2014

Things that make you go hmmm? #1

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2014!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

If you had a gift of reading people's minds, where would you work?

There is this woman that works at Safeway, she has these intense questioning ice blue eyes and  and everytime I see her I feel she is reaching in ...

that she can see right into my soul and I feel myself pull back and say "No" - as she asks- "How are you?" or "Do you want your milk in a bag?"

Even Angel noticed- So it made me wonder about - why a person with such a gift would work at Safeway.

The thoughts would be interesting- random- maybe sort of like headlines... where you would just read them but not have to act on them.

What if you worked somewhere high security or high finance you may feel you would be responsible if you didn't act on the "secret thoughts you may hear"

In Safeway it would be like "I'm so hungry, I can't wait to cook this steak!" or "Man, the price of cereal has gone up" or "Gee, I hope I have enough to pay, I have that extra $5 I put away..."

That's why I think she reads, hears, feels, senses and acts as she does.  

It may not be a special gift- maybe she's just ultra sensitive and has just  fine-tuned her skill, after hearing that thought over and over, in the minds of single moms, in the province of British Columbia, as they approach her till attempting to pay for the  groceries to feed her kid.

Maybe she has ...what's that word...OH YA!! Empathy...something our city/province/government/community lacks...or how else is it explained?? Who knows maybe she's a single mom too!

Makes you go hmmmmmmmm ??? doesn't it!

On a Note of Gratitude, I just completed my program at Emily Carr in Interaction Design Essentials and hope to be designing and developing website and apps for clients shortly. 

In the mean time, I've been blessed with a "sweet-scented"  gig working in retail at the "delicious" Granville Island Soap Gallery and so things are looking up and coming together but it took a ton of hard work and it shouldn't be this way. 

We live in this great country, this great province, in a great city, my mom was born in Vancouver, and I was born near by...I have a right to live here..
For our children's sake and for a healthy next generation things have got to change and quickly... before so much more damage is done to our beautiful youth.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Lana Wachowski-Matrix- bravely shares her story! THANK YOU!!

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2014!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

This is so wonderful, beautiful and moving. I love, love, love the part about mom! It's so beautifully written, so enlightening and presented in such a moving way.. So happy that Lana shared this -and sacrificed her private civic life  so that kids and everyone can grow up and know they can do anything they want, and they are not alone!!  WAY TO GO!!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Menstrual Man- YOU ROCK!!

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2014!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

I have always personally felt that one of the big reasons woman are living in poverty or have less wealth is because of their periods. Why you may ask...because it costs about $10 a month or $100 or more a year to deal with our periods and there are host of other related issues that people do not discuss or even consider.


A documentary film on an unlikely hero whose machines are empowering rural women across India.
You can watch the whole movie for $3.99, just click at the top of the screen n this video. (Unfortunately it doesn't stream on Android and Window's a Vimeo thing )

This AMAZING MAN Arunachalam Muruganantham has done something incredible. He invented a machine...his story is incredible, sad and happy and he watching him you realize what and incredibly wise soul his is. I just loved hearing this Tedtalks. Check out more about him at the links provided and SHARE!! SHARE THIS EVERYWHERE!! Let's get EVERYONE talking about this because periods are apart of EVERYONES life whether you are a man or a woman, you are affected in one way or another and do not even realize the complexity of the situation.

Read this article here, it's lovely.

Here are two excerpts

"After spending years developing a simple machine to make inexpensive sanitary pads, Arunachalam Muruganantham has become the unlikely leader of a menstrual health revolution in rural India. Over sixteen years, Muruganantham's machine has spread to 1,300 villages in 23 states and since most of his clients are NGOs and women's self-help groups who produce and sell the pads directly in a "by the women, for the women, and to the women" model, the average machine also provides employment for ten women. "

"Finding volunteers was nearly impossible: women were embarrassed, or afraid of myths about sanitary pads that say that women who use them will go blind or never marry. Muruganantham came up with an ingenious solution: “I became the man who wore a sanitary pad,” he says. He made an artificial uterus, filled it with goat’s blood, and wore it throughout the day. But his determination had severe consequences: his village concluded he was a pervert with a sexual disease, his mother left his household in shame and his wife left him. As he remarks in the documentary "Menstrual Man" about his experience, "So you see God's sense of humour. I'd started the research for my wife and after 18 months she left me!"

Also see these great links!! Thanks for sharing Mighty Girl

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To learn more about the 2013 documentary Menstrual Man about Muruganantham, visit

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A documentary film on an unlikely hero whose machines are empowering rural women across India.