Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm having an Art Show- April 3-30 - Kitsilano

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**Oops! April only has 30 days, not 31. Guess I April Fooled myself! Have to fix my flyer!!

When: April 3-30
A Study in Black & White
Artworks by Zipolita

Where:  Bean Around the World
 1945 Cornwall  St.
Kitsilano, Vancouver B.C. 
It's so exciting. I've been working so hard on learning how to paint oils and now I get to show you all my hard work. In the last few days my painting has really improved and I was telling my sister that I feel like singing "By George, I think she's got it!" from "My Fair Lady" as things seem to be falling into place.

It's super cool because I don't know if you remember but this has all come above fairly suddenly and it's really a miracle or a bunch of them. Obviously I believe in angels, I have named my child Angel and well I ask for their help often and I see a lot of signs of confirmation too.

That may sound silly to some but for me, I believe.

Anyways in my Facebook there was a little saying like this, I really didn't think about the repost part, it was more the message and the timing. ;)

Now it was so cool because I had been planning to comfirm my display yesterday, and had not got around to calling when the manager called me to confirm. This made me so happy. I hadn't wanted to get my hopes up too high as I was supposed to have my display last month but it got pushed back a month. Which is fine, it gave me more time. Anyways the other cool thing was that before I went to bed I got an email from Kelowna, where I had answered a Call for Artists, and the lady there say my work was beautiful and was asking me how many pieces I had to see how much space I could fill. Isn't that absolutely fabulous.

So it's all happening, I just have to go with the flow. I also need more canvas and paints. I feel the need to paint bigger.

Please see more details and a map here.

Okay, have to run, my cherub wants a snack! 
I hope you will go down for a coffee and check it out! Thanks!

A Study of Black & White- Art Show at Bean Around the World in Kitsilano by Artist Zipolita aka Tina Winterlik
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

2 yr old Rocks Out to Elvis!!

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Check out this little guy as he Rocks Out to Elvis! Absolutely Awesome! So cute!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Abdul Sattar Edhi -"No religion is higher than humanity"

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Helpful Herb Information

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Helpful Herb Information- One day I will have my apothecary and I'll be making all sorts of infusions, salves, balms, lotions and potions ;) I can't wait! :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Dancing his way thru College

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Wow! I was in tears listening to Joshua, especially when he said his mom is in the shelter and he actually starting tapping because he was hungry. It's so cool that Ellen has helped him out this way!! Hurray!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Parade-Vancouver 2012

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We had alot of fun this morning. We got up early and went down to watch the St. Patrick's Day Parade. We were there about  9:45 and went looking for the facepainting. We were approached by a Leprachaun who asked us if we would like to be in the parade.

Well what kid wouldn't, so of course we had to do it. I was hestitant at first because of the cold and the length but it wasn't as far as I though and luckily it didn't rain.

We carried flags for which we were richly rewarded by our Leprechaun Templeton with 4 leaf clovers! Very Cool! When we reached the end we quickly found a place along the route to take photos of the rest of the parade. I took alot of video.

Here is just the highlights and it is 7 minutes. I'll put up the entire thing later, it's 15 minutes.

We had a great time. My daughter was thrilled. I just loved the Black Sheep. All the dancers were fabulous. I surprised at all the entrants. It was really well done. We were blessed with good weather too! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm Elmo and know it- "I MAKE ART" -Awesome Video!

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Too Funny!!--- Kids Look At these Crayons! I  MAKE ART!!  My girl and I had a hoot watching this yesterday. We love Sesame Street. We miss Mr. Noodle. He was Awesome. Great video - my favorite line is I MAKE ART.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Deepak Chopra- GMO & Toxic Chemicals on our food

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Please Watch this video and get informed about the toxic chemicals that are being sprayed on our food and in our environment. We Can Stop it but we must voice our opinions and make our governments ACT. For the sake of our children, please Do Not Ignore this serious life and death issue.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Need a laugh! Watch this Video

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Ron Hedrick-Exhibition and Sale Saturday 12-5pm, March 24th, 2012

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My dear friend and fabulous painting instructor Ron Hedrick is having an Exhibition at the Gainsborough Galleries in Calgary. Be sure to check it out! He paints beautiful oil paintings. I just love the paintings below.

Contact Info 

See More here
Paintings for Sale on at Gainsborough Galleries

Hedrick, Ron

Exhibition and Sale 
Saturday 12-5pm, 
March 24th, 2012

Gainsborough Galleries 441-5th Ave SW
 Calgary, AB T2P 2V1
 Canada Phone: 403-262-3715
 Fax: 403-262-3743
Toll Free: 1-866-425-5373

Thursday, March 8, 2012

He's Challenged!

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Having worked with people who have brain- damage and other severe challenges, I had my eyes opened long ago about some of the derogatory words people use and how they have no clue how hurtful they are.

This was especially important as I started to raise my daughter and was learning how to teach her to have great understanding and empathy for all people. This video is awesome. It's so well done and really drives the point home. I believe it will help.

 Let's share it and teach people a better way. When I speak of anyone dealing with anything, I say "s/he's challenged!" And the truth is we are all challenged in some way. Aren't we?

Take a Media Break!!

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I have been talking about this alot in my home lately. Too much time on the computer, TV, Ds. I am to blame as I use the computer alot in Social Media and creating videos which my daughter emulates.

She's getting really good. Watching this though is REALLY eye opening and is pushing me that much harder to stop this pattern.

When we were in Mexico, we rarely watched TV. We did use the computer a bit, but not much compared to here. We really need to go. What about you? Ever think about escaping the whole rat race and just taking your kids to some rural area and letting them see how people fend for themselves when they are off the grid.

Have you ever heard of WWOOF.  
WWOOF is a world wide network of organisations. I read this great story about 2 guys that travelled across Canada. They stayed at ten places. Wouldn't that be a cool thing to teach your kid. Stay at different Organic Farms that were off the grid and really see how it's done.

The reason I am thinking alot about this today is not only is it International Woman's Day,  there is also a big Solar Storm happening.

From the Huffington Post
Two huge solar flares erupted from the sun late Tuesday (March 6), triggering one of the most powerful solar storms in more than five years. The solar tempest is expected to intensify aurora displays (also known as the northern and southern lights) on Earth, according to space weather scientist Joseph Kunches, of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

From Toronto Star
Solar Storm could causes disruptions
North American utilities are monitoring for abnormalities on their grids and have contingency plans, said Kimberly Mielcarek, spokeswoman for the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, a consortium of electricity grid operators.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I am Woman, Hear me Roar

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I thought that I would post this video as it's very fitting for International Woman's Day!!
You Go Girls!!!

I am Woman, Hear me Roarrrrrr!!! 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Art for Sale- Online

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Hi All, hope your having a good day. I found this website "Fine Art America" and I am going to be selling my art from here. Please click this link to find out more. Thanks.

Art Prints

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Oh, Would I LOVE to own a Village in France :)

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This is so cool!!  I've dreamed about having a farm for a long time, and sometimes I've sat around with friends and dreamed of one day owning a bunch of little houses, like a commune...and someone is already thinking about doing that here. Wouldn't that be fabulous. It's really sad for the people who originally owned it. The story doesn't mention them. Wonder what happened to them?

The bank is getting all famous and some family has lost their home. That's sad. If I won the lottery and was moving there, I would invite them back to live there if they wanted.

I would have huge lavender gardens, and sage and thyme ...and create a organic soap store with lots of holistic, organic and alternative salves and things. Hmmmm! Delicious. That's my dream.

Each day I would paint pretty oil paintings in the garden of all the beautiful buildings and countryside. How wonderful that would be. Well that's what I would do. What would you do?