Monday, January 30, 2012

In Memory of Macarldie

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Wow, I am still trying to come to grips with the loss of my friend Macarldie Nibbs. He's gone.

He was the most Incredible Talented Bright Shining Soul.

He was really beautiful. A beautiful soul that I will really miss. 

Even though we hadn't actually spoke in years, we'd communicated in emails and I'd created his website. How I wish I had Skyped you Macarldie. 

Life is like that we get so busy and then something happens. BAM!  Just like that life slaps you in the face and says "Wake up!"

I didn't even know anything, just noticed the website was down and then emailed and it came back and then I went to the Facebook page and found out that my dear friend Macarldie was gravely ill. Shocked I muddled about wondering what could have happened. Today  I learned of his passing and how and I'll just say he passed away in peace. He was deeply loved. I will miss you! I will post more wonderful things about you later.

You can see Macarldie performing in these video on his Youtube Channel

Macarldie- 1995- Loving Life- St. Thomas- Photo by Tina Winterlik ©

Macarldie and the Carving- Jamaica

Macarldie - Jamaica - 1995

St. Thomas

The Westerdam

Tina (Me) on the Westerdam- 1995- Jamaica

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Pachamama Alliance-WATCH THIS!!

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This is a great video, if you haven't seen it before please watch, it's even been a while since I have watched and it's very good to watch again.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Love this Video- Mrrockitman's A Message of Hope 2012

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Lately when I feel blue or unnerved by something, I like to watch this video.  Have nice friday night!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Press, Pause, Play- A Must See Film for any Artist

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This is a MUST SEE film for any artist. It really covers a lot of interesting material pertaining to how art and the world of creation is changing.

"Everybody is a filmmaker, photographer, songwriter...."

It's very inspiring, sad, scary and exciting look at where we've been and where we are heading. If you've ever wanted to be a filmmaker, there's never been a better time as far at equipment and materials go. We have access to so many tools that enable so much, but can truly artistic talents really emerge in the creatively flooded arena.  PressPausePlay discusses all this. It's almost an 1.5 hr. but I highly recommend you watch it.

From Film Buff

"The digital revolution of the last decade has unleashed creativity and talent of people in an unprecedented way, unleashing unlimited creative opportunities. But does democratized culture mean better art, film, music and literature or is true talent instead flooded and drowned in the vast digital ocean of mass culture? Is it cultural democracy or mediocrity? This is the question addressed by PressPausePlay, a documentary film containing interviews with some of the world's most influential creators of the digital era. "

Friday, January 20, 2012

R.I. P. Sarah

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Rest in Peace, my dear. Wow, her husband, I feel so bad, and so bad for the family. What a gorgeous person. I love that she was advancing women in sports. What a tragedy. This video really touched me and made me cry. So sad, no words can express it right now....

** Just a little update, the donation goal has been met. Sarah medical bills were a big concern but this link will clarify that it's be taken care of and foundation will be created with any extra funds.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


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In the city, you can't ignore the homeless because they are everywhere. Someone recently said that in the 70's there wasn't homelessness like this? I don't know, but homelessness is a VERY SERIOUS issue and it's all around us. Poverty is all around us. People need to get the government to help change this. Raising the welfare rates and the minimum wage would help this. This is a CRISIS!

Something has got to give. People will only be held down for so long. Like Marie Antoinette you can not say "Let them eat cake!" 

Politicians, Corporations and Banks need to be held accountable. To amass fortunes or aid others to do this when there is such obvious need and such obvious injustice.

These are crimes against humanity to treat people this way and allow these things to happen.

Let's all do our part to Raise Awareness and Raise the Welfare Rates and help stop homelessness and child poverty here in BC.

Very Chilly Day in Vancouver

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Brrr!! I Want To Go Back To Mexico

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Brrr!! I Want To Go Back To Mexico :)

I Sure Wouldn't Want To Be Out There

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Well Jagrup is halfway thru his challenge. I'm very proud of his efforts. I'm not very proud of the people of BC. I haven't really seen people saying to much. I have been making an effort to try and share his experiences. But I'm WORRIED! I don't think much is going to change. I am TRYING  to stay POSITIVE!  but based on history, not much will change with out YOU!!

YOU! YES, YOU!  We have to make this government stop punishing people because they encounter hardship. It's like debtors prison. We don't actually send people to prison for being poor but we label them and demoralize them and beat them down until they can't stand on there own and then when they reach out someone kicks them.

Sorry for my rant, but it's how I feel. I am not the only one who feels this way. Anyone who has experienced the welfare system in this province will tell you it's not a nice experience.

Anyways unless people starting writing, talking and tweeting about it more, nothing will change. Please can you BE A CHANGEMAKER. Let's change the system. Let's help people stand on there feet, not kick their feet out from under them.


Read more about Jagrup Brar Efforts here

BRRRRR! It's cold out there, it would be so awful to be homeless. Good Luck Jagrup, and Keep Safe!! I'm saying prayers for you and all the homeless and everyone who has suffered at the hands of this unjust welfare system.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Have You Ever Had to Go to the Food Bank?

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Food banks should not be necessary in such a rich province.

Justice so we don't need Charity!

Food banks were established 30 years ago as a temporary measure and it's become part of culture.

I sure hope the Jagrup Brar and these videos can open peoples minds and show what it's like out there. Come On People Please Share this. Be a Changemaker! Let's help the Children of BC and their families rise out of poverty, Raises the Rates and Minimum wage. Write to Christy Clark, write to anyone that may be able to make a change. Do something...PLEASE!

 We've had to go to the food bank when we lived in Nelson and it was very humbling (more like demoralizing) and not a nice experience and nobody would want to go and do this.  The people were very nice but it's not a nice experience to "prove your poor" so that you and your child can wait in a line for someone to give you some old food. :( What's weirder still, is you run into someone on the street and you know them from the food bank.

My kid has fond memories of the food bank, they gave her muffins or some kind of bread treat while we waited. I hated it. I was always scared we'd get sick from something. Sometimes I went without rather than get sick. Lots of people do. Feed our kids and go without...that's certainly not healthy for anyone but it's a reality for many.

If you've never experienced it I hope this video will open your mind.

Laughing at Myself!!

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Oh my God, you know they say you have to "laugh at yourself." Well I was laughing so hard at this I was crying. (I do say some of these, but I have heard this all in Kitsilano or Nelson at one time or another. ) Too Funny and True Too!! Enjoy!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

R.I.P. Milo :(

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R.I.P. Milo :( Ah, such sad news. I loved this video of him holding hands with his partner Nyac (who has also passed away), it's so sweet and I know I won't even be able to tell my little cherub about this as she'll  be so sad. You'll be dearly missed you adorable little thing. You brought so much happiness to so many. You can read more here

What is Play? Seriously?- Video

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OMG! We need to move to Finland. They have it figured out. Do you play enough? Listen how important play! This video made me smile, laugh out loud & cry! Watch It and Then GO PLAY!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


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Hey Do you want to learn to paint or draw. Check out Bernadine's classes. She's a lovely, funny, charming person and fantastic artist and I'm positive you will enjoy yourself.

Bernadine Fox

Bernadine Fox BFA
cell: (778) 869-0733
online portfolio & website: 


This course is suitable for anyone who wants to shake up their artistic practice, throw yourself into different styles of painting, or push yourself to paint quickly.  Expose your work to new ideas and new ways of working.  Get back into your painting groove while trying on different techniques and styles of painting.

You can use whatever medium you feel most comfortable with and/or want to experiment with. Painting occurs outside of class time. Classes are structured to include an instructional lecture on upcoming exercise and handouts. Participants will be expected to produce one painting a week and bring it to class to take part constructive feedback in a group setting. The latter is designed to be empowering and positive.

Course Details
Cost: $185.000   $100.00
Pre-registration is required. 
Time:  Sat 1 pm to 3 pm
Dates:  Jan 25th to Feb 29th 2012
Number of sessions:  six     Class Size Limit:  six
Location:  William Clark Studios, 
                 #7, 1310 Williams, Vancouver BC         
Payment can be by cash, cheque, VISA, MasterCard, Paypal, or installments.
Cancellations:  A $45 administration fee will be charged on all cancellations.  No refunds when cancellation is received within 48 hours of the first day of class.  Class may be cancelled due to low enrollment.

for the Mature Student (45+)

Drawing is the foundation of all art forms and strengthens our hand/eye coordination.  This drawing course focuses on training your eyes to see, your brain to interpret, and your hands to create.  The objective is to introduce (or reintroduce) you to a variety of drawing exercises designed to improve your skills through an analysis of what is being seen and how that is interpreted on paper.  By employing these drawing exercises, you will see a dramatic improvement in your drawing ability within a short period of time.
This class is geared towards both experienced and inexperienced individuals (over 45) who are looking for a supportive environment to practice, rediscover, and/or engage their creative drawing ability. 
Course Details
Cost: $185.000.  Pre-registration is required. 
Time:  Saturdays  10 am to noon
Dates:  Feb 4th to Mar 10th 2012
Number of sessions:  six            Class Size Limit: six
Location:  William Clark Studios, 
                 #7, 1310 Williams, Vancouver BC         
Payment can be by cash, cheque, VISA, MasterCard, Paypal, or installments.
Cancellations:  A $45 administration fee will be charged on all cancellations.  No refunds when cancellation is received within 48 hours of the first day of class.  Class may be cancelled due to low enrollment.

Bernadine Fox BFA
cell: (778) 869-0733
online portfolio & website: 
twitter: @bernadinefox
facebook: Bernadine Fox
YouTube: foxbernadine

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Keep Toxins out of Make Up

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Keep Toxins Out of Makeup. This video is trying to drive the message home.

Nick's Samba Drum Lessons at Shadbolt Center

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Brazilian Samba Drumming
Instructor Nick Apivor

January 25- February 29 
$108.99, 6 sessions 
16 years + 
8:00- 9:30 pm 
Barcode 261198

You don't need to be a drummer or even play an instrument to take part in this fun high energy class. Play various instruments and learn basic arrangements and simple movements used at the Carnaval in Rio. Instruments provided in class time.

Brazilian Samba Lessons with Nick Apivor

 Discover us at:
Shadbolt Centre for the Arts

6450 Deer Lake Avenue
Burnaby, BC  V5G 2J3

Monday, January 9, 2012

Lovely Full Moon Meditation

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Check out this lovely Full Moon Meditation. It' really nice.


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Families and children were hit very hard by the welfare cuts of 2002 - almost 1 in 4 children in BC live in poverty, a third of food bank users are children, and single parents are more than 60% likely to live in poverty. The 2007 provincial budget welfare increase did little to change this. More information on the effects of welfare policies on families and children can be found here.

Would You or Your Loved Ones Like To Live Like This?

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Would you want to live like this? Check out this video and get in touch with what is the Real World Out there for many British Columbians.  Please Watch this video then please STOP and think if this were you, or your sister, mother, someone you loved. Do you want them to suffer like this? Do you think they deserve to be treated in such a terrible way. STOP and think about the children. What damage is being done...they are raised with anxiety of always wondering where the food, walking everywhere because you can afford buses, no treats or fun because there is just nothing in the budget for that.

Why? Why and how did the system get so cruel. Originally it was meant just for women and children. There is no reason that people should be treated this way in a country so rich and proud. The BC government has created really cruel policies that wear people down and prevent them from getting welfare or demoralize them so badly they refuse to take welfare. Those that must take it in order to care for a child are only allowed until the child is 3, then there must be extenuating circumstances. With very low rates there are no decent places to rent, one must use all the money and have barely any for food.

None of this can lead to healthy outcomes. Since the changes to the Welfare system in the last 10 years the damage is becoming more obvious. It's the child who really suffer. With constantly stressed out parents, no one can be healthy. That all takes it's toll in the long run on the health care system, on the whole system. An heavily burdened stressed child will carry that psychology their whole life.

Think about the Great Depression, did your parents/grandparent ever forget that moment when there was no bread in the house or whatever catalyst was of the memory that imprinted them and they told you your whole life.

It's CRUEL & INHUMANE, we NEED people from EVERYWHERE to READ this and SPEAK UP!

OTHERWISE nothing will change. NOTHING!!.

Historic Welfare rates since 1980
In 1986 Emery Barnes, MLA for Vancouver Centre, spent a month on welfare. At the end he said the welfare for a single person should be $700. Today that would be $1,290 a month. After he had lived on welfare, the rates were modestly increased from $375, which it had been since 1981, to $384.

PLEAAAASSSEEE PEOPLE, DON'T TURN YOUR BACK, START SHARING, TALKING, DEMANDING THAT THERE IS CHANGE!! otherwise we (you and I, ALL OF US) will the price and we will pay dearly I can assure you.

Listen Carefully at .51 "Your all businessman here, Don't Make them Better Citizens,Doesn't it Make them Better Customers"

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Welfare Fact Sheet-Ever Wonder How Much People Get On Welfare?

 UPDATE- SORRY- I had to deletE some links below, as they were old
These are the most recent.


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Ever wonder what a person on Welfare gets! Think it's easy to get Welfare or to live on Welfare...Think again. You may have heard about the MLA taking the Welfare Challenge

Check this out to get a better understanding of what it's really like.
Sorry had to remove old link

Many people are quick to judge or simply say "they made their choice" or "it's not my problem" but it is. It's everyone's problem. The children living in poverty are going to grow up with issues...the consequences of people living in poverty are obvious to many but many are obliviously to it. Please, PLEASE read this. EDUCATE and get informed about what the government has done and how things need to be changed. So many people are suffering unnecessarily.

We help people around the World, yet in our own backyard we deny people food and shelter. IT'S INSANE!! IT'S CRUEL! IT'S INHUMANE! Think about that. Please!

Here are a few Stats from the Welfare Fact Sheet

*The Average Rent in Vancouver for a 1 bedroom apartment is $1,045 which is nearly 3 times the $375 the government allows for shelter.

*Even the rent for most Single Room Occupancy shelter in the Downtown Eastside is $425 a month.

*Support Payments are No Support
The single person’s welfare payment for ‘Support’ is only $235. This is for everything apart from housing. So out of this money a person on welfare has to buy food, household supplies, personal care items, clothing, and the other costs of daily living. In addition they have to pay the costs of looking for work such as a phone or pay phone and transit. Of course totally out of the question is even a few dollars for some entertainment.

In reality, the typical rent for even the grim SROs, is more than the $375 a month the government allows, an extra $50 comes out of the $235. This only leaves $185 a month for all support costs.

*A Single Person on Welfare Cannot afford a Healthy Diet
If all of a man’s welfare went on food (so no clothes, no soap toothpaste or haircuts, no travel, not one cup of coffee or a glass of beer, no culture or entertainment) he’d still not have a healthy diet. A woman would have a few dollars left after eating.

*Single Parent Families cannot afford to Live or raise Healthy Children
A single parent family with a child receives $570 a month for shelter and $376 a month for support. In addition they, like almost all parents, receive child benefit payments from the Federal government including:
• Canada Child Tax Benefit which is made up of a Basic Benefit and National Child Benefit Supplement
• Universal Child Care Benefit

And from the BC government:
• Basic Family Bonus
The Canada Child Tax Basic Benefit is a non-taxable benefit of $113.92 per month for each child under 18 years of age. The National Child Benefit Supplement amounts are:
• $176.50 per month for the first child;
• $156.00 per month for the second child; and
• $148.50 per month for each additional child.
However there are conditions to these monies.

 Punishing Children
Children of a parent in receipt of welfare do get extended medical coverage but the development of a healthy child is about much more than covering the costs when they are ill. There is child care subsidy but it does not cover the real costs of childcare so a single parent actively looking for work – which they are required to do – has to subsidize good child care out of their meagre support money, such as spending even less on food. Once the child is 3 years old the parent faces having their welfare cut if they do not find a job or follow the government’s instructions to seek work.

For more info please check the  and Follow Jagrup's Blog - blog is gone sadly

The MLA Welfare Challenge
Can you Live on $610 a month?
Raise the Rates:

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fabulously Excellent-Burning Man - Dr. Suess-Video

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OH WOW!!! YOU JUST HAVE TO CHECK THIS OUT!! Super Cool! If you have a safety on your Youtube (I did for Angel) you'll have to take it off as there's the tiniest bit of bare bottom, otherwise, .... It's really FABULOUSLy EXCELLENT! It's Dr. Suess and it's really AMAZING. Check It Out!

Happy 2012 From Tina Winterlik

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Hi Everyone, I thought it was time for an update. I haven't created a Self-Promo Video for a while and since my direction was changing quite a bit this year, it was a little tricky. Looking back at the year I realized I really learned a lot last year. Watch the video and I will explain more. Happy 2012 to all my loyal friends and readers. I really appreciate YOU!!  

Liberty Walk- Video- Check it Out!

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Wow, this gave me goosebumps all the way thru. It's powerful. Everytime I see that cop pepper spray everyone I freak out!  It's a LIBERTY WALK!! Check this out!!

Let Us Unite- Video

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Hey here is a great video to start your day!! Children LET US UNITE!!!

Created and Directed by Jonas De Ro Co-production Jan Baelus

Friday, January 6, 2012

Tina Winterlik-Art Portfolio-1999-2011

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Here's a little sample of my art.  I went to an interview to be a blogger yesterday and to possibly be a part of this really cool event that will be happening again this summer.

Last year there were a number of events in Vancouver and they were all part of the

We Love Vancouver Festival

 Facebook-We Love Vancouver
Twitter-We Love Vancouver

The organizers on working on putting on the festival again and this years sounds bigger and better than ever. Anyways they asked me to submit a sample of my work so I quickly thru together this video. I hope you like it and that they do too!

Around the World Time Lapse

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Check out this amazing timelapse. How I would LOVE TO TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD and see all this. One day!!
17 Countries. 343 Days. 6237 Photographs. One incredible journey.

To follow the journey and learn more about each scene visit and

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

HURRAY! They Found Toffee-Dog lost in Accident

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Hurray! HURRAY! Hurray! They found Toffee!  I've been praying for Toffee. Every since I read about the tragic accident in which a mom and 2 children passed away and it mentioned Toffee was not found, I have been saying little prayers.

It's a miracle. Poor dog! I kept thinking it would be like one of those Homeward Bound movies and the poor dog travels miles to go home. Thankfully they found him near the crash 5 days after.

What a terrible sad thing,

My daughter whimpers as I read the story, we were so saddened by this horrible event and I'm in tears, as I have mentioned the story to her and we are both thrilled the dog is okay.

I am so sorry and heartbroken for everyone involved. My heart goes out to all of you and please receive this virtual hug I extend to you my prayers and condolences. I am so sorry.

Here is a little angel to watch over you all.

Please see this link for more info

Video-Poverty Journey by MLA Jagrup

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

Nobody wants to think about poverty. We don't like to see homeless people begging outside the stores. Even worse when you think that could happen to you or has happened to you.

Finally someone is showing how really serious the situation is. People have been talking about this from when it first started almost 10 years ago when the changes implemented

Now Jarup Brar is trying to shine some light on the situation by being homeless for a month.

Quoted from his blog

“I spent the morning standing in line at the welfare office, doing a 68 page on-line welfare application, and getting interviewed by a welfare worker,” Brar said at a news conference at the Surrey Urban Mission today.  “I learned that, unless you are homeless and in an immediate need for shelter, food or medical attention, in most cases it takes three weeks to get welfare.  You also have to look for work and ask friends and relatives for money in those three weeks.”

“This is how some people become homeless,” said Bill Hopwood of Raise the Rates.

“The welfare office can tell them they have to look for work for three weeks before they can get a cheque, so without money you have nowhere to live.”

“Getting welfare is not easy,” added Brar.  “You need to have good ID, a resume, proof of a job search, records of employment, pay stubs, EI stubs, ICBC stubs, WCB stubs, income tax documents, bank statements, all financial records, information on RESPs, RRSPs, vehicle registrations and sometimes more.”

and look what's happened Quoted from here

In June 2011, 183,814 people in BC lived on welfare. This is 1 in 25 people in BC. There were 90,227 people on Temporary Assistance Welfare and a further 93,587 people on Disability Assistance in June 2011. This is an increase of 48,000 since 2007. (from Ministry of Social Development, BC Employment and Assistance

Be sure to read about Clawbacks & Barriers.
Clawbacks are awful. You must report every single cent you earn or are given by anyone -including ex partners/child's parent and they take it off your next cheque. So you can never ever get ahead.

The above is very interesting, note how it says $108 for groceries, well just try buying a container of laundry detergent $8 and then do your laundry $3 wash & dry per load, there goes a big chunk right there and you haven't even bought toilet paper another $8. So that's $20 and you haven't even eaten. What about soap, toothpaste, anything to help you to clean up and find a job, and then there's transportation that's $2.50 to go someplace for 90 minutes...IT'S VERY VERY HARD TO LIVE IN POVERTY.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Poverty Journey-MLA Jagrup Brar

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

I am so proud of MLA Jagrup Brar for attempting to bring AWARENESS front and center to the heartbreaking HOMELESS problem we have in Vancouver and BC in general.

For one month Jagrup Brar will attempt to find shelter and feed himself on $610. First he is starting out completely homeless and then will apply for welfare. I'm curious how fast he can get into the system. I believe it's normally about 3 weeks even to see a worker...if you have a home, so let's see what happens when you have no home.

From the sounds it, it's starting out awful. Sleep deprivation is a huge part, people waiting for long times to register and then lots of noise and things when you try to sleep.

I am so glad that he is attempting this "Poverty Journey" so he can let people really know how bad it is out there and hopefully by documenting it all he can actually get the government to change it's cruel ways.

I have heard people say "that welfare is not supposed to be a livable that one must want to get off it" well that is a bunch of rubbish if you ask me. I mean if you can't be dry and warm and have sleep a decent sleep, well your in for a bunch of health problems right there. Just sleep deprivation can cause real issues in any normal healthy persons life...what's it's like to be out there all alone...and then you try to get help and you don't even get enough to rent an apt.

I do know that in 2001 that a pregnant woman that managed to sublet a friends apt for $400 could only get $520 a month MAX and she was supposed to feed herself and her unborn child on you know there's something broken badly somewhere. Speaking to that, how would that woman get herself off welfare, when no one will hire a pregnant woman. Not to even mention the problems she encounters after the birth of her child, when the wonderful (NOT) Campbell government kicked all the moms with kids 3 years old off the system and forced them into the work force and put the kids into childcare for avg. $10-$15 an hour or daycares for $650 + per month. Anyways, let's not go there right now.

Well I could go on, but let's just see what happens on this "Poverty Journey" and hear it from the streets. I sure hope a lot of people take note. Please do your part and share this story. It's very important and educating and enlightening everyone will only create solutions and good. Please follow and share this story.

Here are some links. 
Read about it at the above links.

Here is an article I wrote about the Dignity Project a while ago, you may find it interesting.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Awesome Tiny House- Created by 16 yr old!

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Check out Austin Hay's Tiny House. How brilliant and innovative. What a wonderful idea. Listen carefully what he says at the end about the regulations and policies. That is something that sounds like an area to be worked on. People need to be able to create smaller movable homes. We all need to think smaller. This is so cool.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lulu & her Green House!

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Lulu you are so BRILLIANT! I wish you all the luck in the world and I LOVE YOUR SPIRIT AND DREAMS!!  Check out this awesome container house and use of space.

Not sure how it works in cold climates but I'm sure it could be adapted, just a matter of lots of insulation. I love that your just living out on the land, and your kid has that opportunity to enjoy her environment. So Beautiful! I envy you. Thanks for inspiring me.

Wow so many opportunities for gardens and green living. Congrats Girl for being so ingenious!

It's beautiful is that Lulu recognizes how important it is to spend with your family. A latinamerica theme that is lost on many people...that kids -family are more important than things.

Kids may not have the latest gadgets and a big room with tv and computer and all (or as Lulu says the big pink room and pink everything )but they get quality time with their parents and time exploring and learning from their environment which is so much more valuable.

I love how she took advantage of the window and made it so they can study the stars. That's so beautiful.

P.s.  Lulu, my girl has a loft bed and she can barely sit up in it...somethimes she loves it, sometimes she complains, so we are not alone...and your living in a bigger space than us and I know many others. Your reality is my dream. Your definitely Elegant & Green! You Rock!

Now if I can get a little piece of land in the Kootenays and one in Mexico and a container in each...Hmmm...the wheels are churning! :) Dream Dream Dream ♫♫♫