Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New Mural NEEDED at Maritime Museum & More

 Updated May 18 2017  See Update at the bottom

As someone who has lived in Kitsilano off and on the last 20 years I have seen this mural at the Vancouver Maritime Museum countless time and I mostly ignored it. I never found it always bothered me but I didn't do anything.

But now it really bothers me. Look at it. 
The First Nations are on the outside and look at how they are depicted in comparison to the the Military dudes. Pleasee help I might vomit...

There's not a single woman represented. 

This mural was created in 1986, probably for Expo 86 and it HAS GOT TO GO!!

So I have sent an email and I hope I get a response. This was part of it...

Please for Canada150+  and for Reconciliation change it to reflect the truth. We know so much more now. Please...that whole area ..has a history no one acknowledges..and yet we occupy it. I challenge you to do something about it for Reconciliation. I hope you will consider my suggestion. Thanks

Here is a write up on it.

And then while searching their site I saw this. wth...this is for kids...

OMG...there go my cookies...woof....ralph...Somebody help me please....

Today I saw they were trying to raise money for this 

and I suggested on the Facebook page a new mural instead.
 Here is part of the letter I wrote to them, let's see if the respond.
 I was wondering if you are planning on a new mural. I mentioned on Instagram a while back but heard nothing. The mural should represent Indigenous people bigger or as big as the colonialists and should feature women too!. That mural is 1986 and it is a very visual and I think (negative )influence on all who pass.

Please for Canada150+  and for Reconciliation change it to reflect the truth. We know so much more now. Please...that whole area ..has a history no one acknowledges..and yet we occupy it. I challenge you to do something about it for Reconciliation. I hope you will consider my suggestion. Thanks

I know some people who do murals, create beautiful Coast Salish designs and I have reached out to a few. I did a lot of research on Coast Salish designs as well.

Sharifah is working on a mural and I know she did one for the NEC
Maynard Johnny Jr creates beautiful Coast Salish Designs
Kim is an excellent artist and she went through the Reconciliation Carving with me.

Audrey Siegl 

Justine Wallace is an excellent artist and she went through the Reconciliation Carving with me.

I hope to hear back from everyone, most especially you, very soon.
Sincerely, Tina Winterlik
Oh and I shared this on there facebook page

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Update May 18 2017: So Vancouver Maritime Museum Responded.
Here is what they said.

So I am going to put a proposal together...I imagine anyone can. So if you have  great idea go for it or maybe we can all work together. Let's see what happens.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Challenge for Truth, Tourism, Canada150 & Salmon

I actually started this post a while back. But put it aside. Now that all this talk of Cultural Appropriation has started the conversation and I still see that Yale's main attraction is about the Settlers and Gold Rush and that upsets me to no end. 

So I am going to stir the pot and I may piss a few people off, and I am really sorry if I make things difficult for you but we are going to have to go through a little (or maybe a lot) of sh*t to make things right....or at least better.

So I am going to challenge the people of Hope , Yale ( ) & Spuzzum ( Nlaka'pamux)  and all the people in between to take rise to this difficult but what will be a rewarding, enlightening and socially justifying moment in the history of this area. This challenge is for everyone living in that area but also for those who love to visit and travel through

Tales from Yale by Everyone

Travel The Canyon

Historical Yale & Tea house

Yale First Nation

Spuzzum First Nation

History & Memories of Hope and the Fraser Canyon

A lot of stuff happened right here in Yale and the surrounding area, it was a beginning according to all the settlers but that is a lie, it is not the truth. Beautiful people lived and cared for the area for time and memorial before the gold miners arrived the did horrible things to the First Nations living there but also to the land. Using mercury, stealing young Sto'lo youth, stealing land  and murders of entire villages, atrocities were committed by the settlers on the Indigenous people living there and that must be acknowledged and education of all that visit the area is required. The truth must be known if healing can proceed.

Imagine some men showing up to your yard, pitching tents and setting up camp. Digging and putting strange things in the water, bringing strange things to the area,  poisoning the land & the  people, The Gold Rush- Thing is it is still happening.

The true gold of the time and still is, is the salmon. Imagine the effects on the people where they put mercury and all other poisonous things into the water and land. What was pristine and harmonious with nature was destroyed.

Sadly or however you may view, it but I view it sad that he was part of it,  my Great Great Grandparent- Joao Ignacio d'Almada (John Enos) who married Theresa Eliza Enos (Songhees) he traveled to Yale 1859 and nearly drowned on the Fraser river. 

I do not know to much about him. M. Azevedo had done a lot of research though. When I found his info I started my own research

Ya! ya! so what is the challenge.
Well it is the 150+ years ----from time and memorial - documented 13,000 years back and I do not like the way it is playing out in Tourism and Facebook and 150. You see what I am seeing is very settler oriented and the challenge is Reconciliation.

I know I missed some but you get my point. You take the challenge and then challenge someone else.

What? What is Reconciliation? How do we do it? What do you know? Why should we do this?

I hear you. But I was thinking that this could be a great way to boost Cultural Understanding, Help with the local economy, build the community, heal people.

So I have no idea where those Spirit Caves are... but I remember when I was a kid, 2 friends and someone else went for a hike up there. I didn't make it the whole way...they did though.

Anyways, wouldn't it be cool if you could have a tour...or part of a little bit of the path..if it's bad and have like a traditional home or cedar boards and maybe have some cedar clothing and just like something that would have been normal 200 years ago and back 13,000 years. Be authentic but keep it real. I haven't been to Squamish/Whistler but maybe something like that. Maybe a living museum...

Maybe have picnics or even Potlatchs with salmon, camas root (not sure that grows there), berries and have a truly authentic meal that the Coast Salish and the Sto'lo and Spuzzum (forgive me for not knowing the correct names)

So it's a shout out to the youth to research their history and it's a challenge for the parents to really research and it is a challenge for everyone to really do some research find out about your history. You will be surprised(not in a good way), I am sure, there's been so much that was hidden from us. It is the truth we seek and need!!

Hopefully you understand my point. Let's be real. I can't support settlers style tourism unless you truly portray the Indigenous way of life as well. Perhaps you could have carvers come and maybe even ask -  some Elder/knowledgekeepers  if they could graciously come share their time with you and if they can teach you these valuable skills such as language, weaving, how to gather food, cook salmon, dry salmon, who knows how to fish traditionally, who could share would graciously share their experience and wisdom.

There must be lots of funding for this from the 150 thing but I am sure people can be wise and figure out how to keep simple and beautiful.

Right now the salmon are in trouble and so our the youth, the earth, everything is hurting. We must protect the Fraser River and the salmon. In turn the salmon- the life givers will save the people.

Woodcut Print Carving, Print & Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Here's some links. It's up to you to do the research and reach out to each other.

I can imagine your thinking what the heck is she doing. Well I just finished my Reconciliation Carving Program at Langara, I have contacted my daughter's school and I have been asked to speak about my creativity by her Social's teacher (not sure I am up to large groups) and I am going to speak with her principal as well. I was asked if I gave carving workshops and I am looking into that.

The great thing about doing an activity together, be it carving, beading, sewing, painting, what ever the project, it gives you a chance to talk about certain difficult issues and then work through them, hopefully, artistically as a group and individually using it as a form of art therapy.

Okay so that's my crazy idea. I'm throwing it out there...who knows what will happen. Maybe it's all happening and I didn't even know...

So here is a video to help people understand the Cultural Appropriation or Cultural Appreciation: Exploring the Fine Line

So that's it, I hope it makes sense, I hope it sparks ideas and creativity and helps give people a voice.

Poor little Yale. Look what happened to it. People became very very rich from the land that belong to the Indigenous people living there. It is time to make retribution. I think that is the word. Terrible crime of cultural appropriation happened there long ago. It's hard to me to put it into words but basically they ripped off Mother Earth and her inhabitants and made a whole wack of money and did not share it with the people who lived there. They had no right. Maybe my grandpa did that. I don't know but they say he was a savy business man and that he nearly drowned there..I don't know much else.

I do know I will help. What ever you guys come up with I am here for you. I will help promote it and please help me try to help out in this way. I know I have stirred the pot. I hope it's a positive

And please I hope you know I respect and honor the time and effort trying to make that Gold Rush setup authentic and interesting and fun. I get that and it is appreciated but let's be really honest here. 

You can do both and you can really rise to the challenge to make things right. Tell the truth. Educate people on the past so that people can learn, understand, heal and help heal and enlighten others. 

Tired now...going to post this. If there are mistakes I will try to come back later to fix. I just don't want to not publish because it's important to get it out

Homeless & the children are mad at her

Can we get this story to go viral?

I can relate to this so well. We moved 9 times since I had Angel...the rents just got higher...until I just couldn't do it. I could never really do it ...not while she was little and then when she was wasn't any easier.

There was supposed to be a subsidy and I thought I could do that but they had a rule you had to have been in the county the last year...and we had been in Mexico for 5 months. (Because I packed up everything and put it in storage when the decided to jackhammer off the outside of the building...)

Anyways, read this story. Walk in this woman's shoes.


We can fix it.
Basic Income to start...Fairness so that everyone can have a home, food, medical...

There is enough for all but some are greedy. Some of the most greedy are the politicians and CEO's. CC she had ALL the power and the time to turn things around but she didn't. She just put her kid in private school and jetted all over...she reminds me very much of the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland. I bet you right now if she would read this she'd be yelling...

Lack of affordable rentals on the Coast: working mom with three kids homeless soon

(by Margot Grant)

"The family was now homeless. Karen put her stuff in storage. The cat went to a foster home.
A friend of a friend offered her the use of a trailer for $650 a month. It has no bathroom and nothing works. It is dirty and it stinks, she says. The children do not want to be there. The two oldest stay at friends’ houses while the youngest can stay with his father. The children are mad at her, Karen says. “They ask me why other people have a place and we don’t.”

A friend with a small cabin offered Karen the occasional use of his only bedroom, which has bunk beds, so the children can visit with their mother. On the nights they are in his house, he sleeps on a shelf above the fridge because there is no other place for a bed. Full story here

Will you help us immerse ourselves in culture?

My daughter was 4.5 when my mom passed and we were in Nelson.
We moved during Kindergarten. We had 4 teachers in that one year. 2 in Nelson because the first teacher needed a knee operation and so another teacher took over. But in Vancouver, the same thing happened. The first teacher got sick and so another came.

On the first day of grade one some really funky things happened and it was the catalyst that pushed me to buy the tickets...and because I had managed to scrape together enough money and off we went to Mexico, so she could learn about her Mexican culture, language and landscapes.
Here's a little post about it.
on my blog Zipolita'z & Angelita'z Adventurez in Mexico

This is a great video and it explains so simply what is wrong with the way people learn these days and what is considered "normal everyday life" and what is school and how it got there.

And this doesn't even mention the TRUTH... about the evilness of Residential Schools and how that was the horrendous way of assimilating all the Indigenous people for 125 years and it's legacy lives with so many children taken away (stolen) and put in the welfare system and the parents put in is still happening, just a different format but there has been good and Shane Pointe talks about it here...but we have so much work to do.

And do you SEE how evil corporate greed and selfish politicians hurt so many children, teachers, families, so bad that they had to go to court. Angel had 16 teachers/subs in grade 7. It was truly insane.

Teachers Federation of BC Wins in Supreme Court!!!

So my kid's been brainwashed by the system. She's convinced she needs to stay in school. I am like what the "f" are you learning there that we can't learn from the environment (Mother Earth) and the internet (Google God).

Traveling is huge.
 Learning another language and culture and it is her culture. Her father is Mexican and she has half siblings, nephews, nieces, cousins and they all speak Spanish and live in Mexico and we have not been there for 5 years. It is too long.

When I made my first trip with her it took my 7 years from the time she was conceived to the time she actually met her father.

She has forgotten SO MUCH! and she doesn't even know or realize it. Time is like that.

So I am putting it out there. I want to take her on a big trip. Maybe just to go to Mexico. Maybe bigger... like a train across so called "Canada" and fly to Portugal, go to Sweden, (Prague-Bohemia) and then to Mexico and up to Vancouver Island (Nanoose Bay) ...

See that would be tracing my roots and hers. Maybe I could make a documentary about it all. That's the dream.

And I am not asking for freebies, I want to sell my art to pay for it. So that's why I was thinking of doing an auction or something. Maybe use Facebook Live or something because I want to donate some of the money raised to help the environmental causes that need help fighting the stupid government/pipelines/fishfarms/dams/Lng ...I don't know yet.

I just know I have to do something soon. I would like to de-phone ourselves. I bought her a phone for safety but her and I are on it way to much...I want us to spend time on the beach, in the woods, outside enjoying life, learning new things, customs, culture.

My Spanish sucks right now, my French is basically non-existent. She on the other hand is finishing up a year of French and Spanish. So impressed she could do both at the same time. Now she needs immersion.

Will you help us immerse ourselves in culture?

See I made this paintings to raise awareness for the causes I love but also to hopefully fund a big trip or a big move. I need a tiny house and a garden...all my stuff is in storage, I want to get it out. 

So can I be honest here. I can't really fundraise because I have a history of old student loans/ debt...and well while I paid off more than half it all fell apart just before I had Angel, when I got downsized and well what ever... I haven't had a credit card in all that time. 15+ years.

Could you do that? Live with out a credit card. So not sure how all that funding stuff works(haven't looked into it in years) but I don't think I can collect it. It will have to go into a friends name and then they will have to give it to me. So if you are wondering that is why I have never done it. I hope I don't regret being honest here. Okay, I will keep you posted as I figure out the details.

oh ps. I tried something on Kickstarter many years travel with Angel and they denied it. That was before all the big craze of crowdfunding. And for the longest time I felt guilty to ask because it seems so many others have such valid causes.

**Before I took the first trip with Angel, I tried to fund it myself and encourage people to help fund each one person pays the bus tix, one pays the plane, one the hotel...but then someone in my family made me sad as they laughed at me and said "no one is going to pay for your vacation"

So then I gave up...and then all things funding things happened. 

Well it will be up to everyone to decide but the way those things work is you have to get 30% from friends and family and then people will consider my social media family, would you be willing to help me? We will see. 


Thursday, May 11, 2017

Green Party Big Winner with ONLY 3 SEATS!!!!

Some may claim this was alternative or fake news but it's not.
I heard it announced on the tv that Andrew Weaver is the most powerful man in BC last night.

There's been some wonderful articles with great charts and info, check it out!!

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy Greens!!

 Great Article!! This is great news, I had no idea!! Did you?

Clark Is Done; NDP and Greens Now Need to Deliver the Change BC Voted For

"Even if absentee ballots and recounts were to unfortunately give Clark a bare majority, there is no way the BC Liberals can continue for long.

Why? Because it only takes one BC Liberal MLA crossing the floor to the NDP or Greens or to sit as an independent or quitting or, god forbid, passing away, and the B.C. legislature is no longer controlled by Christy Clark.

Or it could be one or two BC Liberal MLAs calling in sick or missing a confidence vote for the government to be defeated. That means either NDP leader John Horgan would be asked to form a new government, with Green Party support, or a new election be called."

Greeeen, eeen, eeen, Green, Green, Green

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ Greeeen, eeen, eeen, Green, Green, Green  ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

oopsies...little mistake..

B.C. election results leave Alberta feeling green about the gills

"And the winner is …

Andrew Weaver, leader of British Columbia’s Green Party.

And the loser is …

Rachel Notley, premier of Alberta.

Even though we won’t know for another few weeks the official results of British Columbia’s squeaker election, we can draw a few conclusions already.

It’s fair to say the Green Party was a big winner even though it captured just three seats out of 87."





This is why CC must go! How can you let this happen and think you are doing a good job for the people. Remember Families First. Yah right!

Greeeen, eeen, eeen, Green, Green, Green

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ Greeeen, eeen, eeen, Green, Green, Green  ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

Read this article it's very interesting.

Did the Greens split the vote with the NDP? Or did they cost the Liberals a majority? We crunched the numbers

Here's what I have to say.....

Just change the word "dream " to "Green" in the last line of each verse

dream dream dream dream-
dream dream dream dream

when i want you in my arms
when i want you and all your charms
whenever i want you
all i have to do is dream
dream dream dream dream

when i feel blue in the night
and i need you to hold me tight
whenever i want you
all i have to do is dream
dream dream dream dream

i can make you mine
taste your lips of wine
anytime night or day
only trouble is geewhiz
i'm dreaming my life away

i need you so that i could die
i love you so and that is why
whenever i want you
all i have to do is dream
dream dream dream dream--

What a Wonderful World
Louis Armstrong

I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself what a wonderful world

I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself what a wonderful world

The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people going by
I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do
They're really saying I love you

I hear babies crying, I watch them grow
They'll learn much more than I'll never know
And I think to myself what a wonderful world
Yes I think to myself what a wonderful world
Written by George David Weiss, Robert Thiele • Copyright © Carlin America Inc, BMG Rights Management US, LLC, Imagem Music Inc

And for ALL OF YOU...that gave us a hard time for voting green and telling us we were throwing away our vote...we SAVED this election!!!! It's not easy being green, but I don't want to puke brown goo, like what happened in KALAMAZOO when the pipeline burst and split bitumen into the river.
I want my child and you and your children...all our children to grow up in a environmentally sustainable social just world... don't you?

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Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017 


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Quick Pre-BC election post- How are you?

How are you? Grab a coffee, come sit with me for a bit.

Seriously, stop and think, how are you doing?
Do you have a place to live? 
Do you have food to eat?
Do you have money in the bank?
Do you have a car or a bus pass?
Are you healthy? Can you afford prescriptions?
Are your kids and family healthy?
How is your neighbourhood, is it environmentally healthy or is it in danger from toxins?
Is your air clean?
Is your water safe to drink?
Are you working yourself to death or kicking back watching someone else do it all?
Do you have time to spend with your family and kids?
Have you actually seen your kids grow up? or were you working...or something else?
Can you and do you visit your loved ones often?

Are you happy? or stressed?
Is this election bothering you?

I know it's bothering me. 

This year I don't want to go into a mild or deep depression and have to stay in bed all day and mope and yaul and cry...WHY? WHY? WHY?

When it could be so simple. It's not though. And the weird thing is this is playing out so much like the US election, I have to hold back the bile.

I am trying to not put to much energy into it but I know EVERYTHING is riding on it.

People go soooooooooooooo sucked in by J.T and well we are going to get pummelled. We need an expert on Climate Change...we need a level headed calm person...we need good policies....

Andrew Weaver has been a prof at UBC studying this for long time. He is calm when he speaks. John Horgan, I am sorry is too emotional. (I am emotional...don't take offense)...

David Suzuki just endorsed the Green Party.

What ever, what ever you do...Vote anyone but Christy!!

And then how can we go wrong...we will be on a much brighter path.

Okay that's all I'll say for we go...counting down...counting down to something good.
Please let it be good. For my children and my children's children.

I don't want my kid to put brown you? It actually happened in Kalamazoo and you can Kiss Super Natural BC goodbye if the Christy's gets in again. We will become the Trumpville of the North. I don't even want to imagine it...quick quick...get a bucket...I am going to be sick....bllllllllaaaakkk!!

Breathe! I must remember to breathe! Spring is here,...beautiful pinks and greens fill the trees and the trees create our beautiful air. Breathe that beautiful clean air and remember it. It may not always be this way...don't take it for granted. Don't take anything for granted. Because we saw what happened south of the border. Are we going to just give up and let corporate greed run amuck. 8 men own more money than half the people on the planet or something like that... hoarding money is an illness and too many are dying from this rich people's disease.

 Anyways, what's ever going to happen is going to happen.
I am just one person. I have been voting green for quite awhile now and if I give in to fearmongering

I feel I am being challenged in a way...I followed Bernie so close and I saw all the corruption in the voting and well remember robocalls and there's just so much money at stake and people are scared.

Can we be positive?
Can we project love and light?
Can we believe there are better ways of solar, wind, green housses, green walls, cobs houses, gardens, roof top gardens?


When all is said and done, can we face our children when they grow up and say "wtf, what we're they thinking?"

The evidence will be all over the internet, if there still is one...if we don't get hit with a solar flare or earthquake and have nothing to save us because there will be no electricity, no water, no food. Are YOU ready for that?

So we can turn this puppy around right now or kiss it all good bye.

Sometimes I think that I am just part of a computer game...someone up above is going to decide my fate, I pray it's a green life full of health and love and wealth of good food, clean water, shelter, medicine, knowledge, community.

We can have it, really we can but we NEED GREAT CHANGE!


So this voting day get out and vote. Take your neighbours, friends, parents, co-workers and vote. Buy a coffee and go vote together...and pray for a better greener healthier happier future.

Dream of a future that embraces and helps Indigenous peoples and help save the children in care.
End this opiate  crisis and provide the necessary care required.
Educate our children about the truth of these stolen lands & the real history and take steps to correct wrongs by actually creating programs in schools and everywhere. Only once we acknowledge the truth can we end the stigmas and move on together.

Truth is the Green Party can't do it all. It's just a handful of people in the big scheme of things. It's up to us the people. That's why we have to vote. It's why we have to march and us art to SHOUT OUT TO THE POLITICIANS #SAVEMYCOAST 

It's why we have to keep talking and pushing for better greener ways, education and all that stuff. We have lead and our kids will follow. We need to ground ourselves and connect to the Earth so we can truly relate and understand her. So we can save ourselves, because Mother Earth does not need us and if we don't...if we DON'T ...she's going to start or continue to drown, starve, burn and destroy us as we pick, scrape, poke and pollute her. Pretty soon she will have absolutely enough...and that will be it.

So we have a big choice ahead. Think wisely. There's a better way. A Green Way!!

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I had a vision long long time ago in about 1992 and I wrote it down
Finally a couple of years ago when I was at Emily Carr I made these blogs and a little animation.
I plan to remake it ..hopefully soon. Maybe with wood cut that I can carve

Check Out these Red Hot Chili Politcs!! #ChristyDontCare

Red Hot Chili Politics from Thomas Warden on Vimeo.
I was inspired to write a #BCpoli parody of the classic song 'Under the Bridge' by RHCP hoping for it to go viral, raise awareness, and increase voter turnout.

[Verse 1]
Sometimes I feel like I don't have a premier
Sometimes I feel hate for my goverment
In the province I live in, province of hells angels
Funny thing is that, they care more than her

Food drives on her streets cause we can't afford groceries
Got piles of bills cause she's raised all the rates
Site C subsidys and she flooded the valley
We should be worried, food security

Do you think I should have to hear, my mothers care will pay
Unable to be right there, living paycheck to pay
I don't ever wanna feel, my government don't care
It's too little and it's too late, empty promises on voting day yeah, yeah, yeah
[Verse 2]
It's hard to believe, that there's​ still support there
It's hard to believe, her speech from the throne
At the least she should be gone, under investigations
Illegal donations, crim'nal activity

Do you think I should have to hear, my mothers care will pay
Unable to be right there, living paycheck to pay
I don't ever wanna feel, my government don't care
It's too little and it's too late, empty promises on voting day yeah, yeah, yeah

Oh, no, no, no, yeah yeah
Love me, I say, yeah yeah

One time

[Verse 3]
Under the bridge downtown, the oil tankers went
Under the bridge downtown, they're filled with bitumin

Under the bridge downtown, I hope they do not spill
Under the bridge downtown, resident orcas killed


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Ryan McMahon - Dear Canada- Podcast & More

"There are MASSIVE, fundamental gaps in knowledge, understanding & commitment to making this place better than it is. Fundamentally, most people do not have a grasp of basic Canadian history. Hell. Who wrote the text books you learned about Confederation and the settling of Canada? Likely, dead White Dudes."

Wow, I can totally relate to the first speaker. Please listen to the podcast. Powerful words.

*The second speaker is so ignorant on the truth, these opinions are so hurtful, they make me want scream and cry and vomit.... I wish she would read the Survivor's Speak

*That awful guilty paralysis of wondering "what can we do?"

*I love what the caller said about a "broken heart" and the empathy is needed and a deep look at yourself.

 *Inside the circle and Outside the circle conversations.. crooked Chiefs"

"No Drinking Water" how is the possible in this day and age in so called "Canada"

Look at the root of the problem-
"Important point about what happens when youth must leave their communities that makes them vulnerable  to gangs. "

"Poverty breeds poverty. "

How do you break out a bad situation?
How do you escape /survivor the intergenerational abuses.

One practical thing we can do is to follow the TRC and look at the 94 calls of action
The TRC was paid for by Residential School Survivors.

Side Note: After I read some of Survivor's Speak..which was also the week honoring the Missing and Murdered Indigenous women I painted a painting called "Tail of Tears" I painted it to help vent some of the pain that I felt for the Residential School Survivor's and all Indigenous peoples, for all the INJUSTICES they have suffered...for the 125 year war on children and so much more.

I totally relate to the caller "asking what we can do? "
I believe our Carving for Reconciliation program 
this program as difficult as it was, has helped me a lot and but truthfully we have so much work to do and we must educate everyone....because so many still don't know and there are so many unhealthy people.

Oh my gosh, that guy talking about the plan to unite Indigenous & Federal Gov. I hope he reads the links and info here and takes a course like the one  I took.  It wasn't perfect, it didn't have all the answers but I believe it was the start of something very special. I am grateful for all the experiences good and bad. Since I completed my course I reached out to my daughter's school and her Social's teacher was very nice and invited me in to talk about it and soon I hope to meet with the principal who responded that she would like to discuss this in more detail. See links below too. Read this blog

I think that is a big part. Justin Wilson was challenge by another collegue on what were they doing about Reconciliation. So that is what I did. I took the course and I am in a constant state of learning and I challenged my daughter's teacher to do something in regards to Reconciliation. He is willing. That's a great start. It's a starting place, I think we need to challenge take action. 

Photography by Angel Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017
The Chiefs of Ontario- have a plan

This is a side note but look at this in how people were treated in regards to treaties... 

other good info

LAND- STOLEN LANDS!!!! and how that affects EVERYTHING today!

"We Need You to Save Our Lives!" #VoteABC


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Read the Indian Act. Seriously. It's hilarious. It's a good place to start. From there, you'll see the deep seeded racism shine through the text. If it helps, imagine Kevin Spacey, or Sir Ben Kingsley or Keanu Reeves dressed up in pre-confederation garb, close your eyes and imagine them it reading out loud!

You can read the White Paper - a terrible policy paper from 1969 that then Minister of Indian Affairs, Jean Chretien, proposed to eliminate Indian Status (and the rights therein), assimilate Indians into the body politic and complete the wholesale theft of Indigenous lands & territories by adopting fee simple/private land ownership and extinguish lands held in reserve (AKA - extinguish Aboriginal Title).

You can dig into the Red Paper ,  or the Citizens Plus document, the ground breaking document created by a group of great Indigenous thinkers, community leaders, philosophers and political leaders in 1970. The document fundamentally outlines the opposition to colonial rule and the top down Government approach Canada takes with Indigenous Peoples. Here's the summary - it's a quick read.

You can read the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. A ROYAL COMMISSION. This is in reference to your Queen, Canada. It doesn't get much bigger than this - a ROYAL commission. It's 4000 pages long but it essentially gives you the truth behind the country, it gives answers and solutions, it provides a framework on a pathway forward.

Or. Maybe read the Kelowna Accord. Again, it was an exhaustive effort to come to an agreement on a framework in which to move forward with in Canada. It costs millions of dollars and hundreds of hours of negotiations, meetings and best practices to come up with the plan. Ultimately, Harper's Conservative Government squashed it, and opportunity was lost. BUT. It was a plan. It was a plan that Canadian's forget exists when they talk about the impossibility of moving forward in 2016.

Thumb through UNDRIP. Implementation of UNDRIP in Canada would mean constitutional talks (which we need anyway, if we're going to make things right in Canada) and it'd essentially the mean the end of the Big White Daddy attitude the government holds towards Indigenous Peoples.

You could peruse the thousands of pages of documents that the Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Canada has gifted us! Maybe start with the Summary Report for overall context, or read the words of Survivors themselves, or, hit the 94 Calls To Action to understand the work that your children, their children and their children's children will be undertaking in the next 100 years.


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Here's a few photos from the Carving 4 Reconciliation class that I participated at Langara College in Vancouver  from Sept 2016 to April 2017
Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017
Design by Aaron Nelson Moody Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Monday, May 1, 2017

"We Need You to Save Our Lives!" #VoteABC

Powerful Words! Please Listen! SHARE!

When I joined the live feed it was already in progress. I am just re-watching from the beginning and I started's hard to write with blurry eyes but I must share.

"We Need You to Save Our Lives!"

"We need you to Vote because our children are dying!"

We can have a better place to live. There are so many people who ARE loving and care and want to change things. We have to be strong and brave and know the truth and VOTE!!!


Will you help get the word out?

3 ways go all out for May 9th

Forward this email on to others who may want to sign.
Send a tweet supporting the campaign.
Share the campaign on Facebook.

 Please vote and encourage your friends and family to join you in voting!
If you can help us get the #VoteABC campaign in front of more voters in the next week, please chip in

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