Sunday, June 19, 2022

Update on Zipolite

 Hi Hola

Sorry for no updating earlier. Luckily no one died and even though the devastation was huge the people of Zipolite are incredibly resilent. 

Talked to friends. The river ran through their home😭

They have been told some help may come but need $$ to fix roofs and help with all the mud.

"There's just so much mud!!"

I felt so bad when I heard my friend say this I felt like crying. 

"There is so much work, I don't know how we will do it!"

Another said...😱🤔😭

I shared as much as I could and there are many gofundmes

But slowly they are working hard and the Pochutla President Saymi Pineda has been very active and the actual President of Mexico went to the next town..Mazunte and told them"They are not alone"

So saying prayers that they have strength and help to overcome all the challenges they face because now is rainy season and roofs are more important that ever.

Sending love and light and prayers to everyone ESPECIALLY for Shambhala, Pina Palmera and Playa del Amor