Monday, May 29, 2017

Can you believe it! GreenDP? AMAZING

Well, well, weeellll!
I heard it a little while ago and then I went off and did something and it's still sinking in but

No one thought this would happen. I prayed and meditated and asked all my ancestors for help and for miracles and it happened.

I don't want to sigh with relief yet but I do have high hopes that things ARE going to get better.

But we are going to have to be firm and make sure they know what we want.

Housing, Food - Basic Needs, ...anyways.. how exciting.. we shall celebrate!
Hurray for #SocialJustice but remember Greens stay strong..

 Andrew- "I'm watching you!"

and I am watching you too John

And this better not turn into some old boys club. Please make your grandkids and their grandkids proud. Build a truly more social justice sustainable world to live in. Help us have a future! A beautiful Green future. Imagine...Imagine if the U.S. had followed through and voted Jill Stien, can you imagine what kind of world we would have had. So sad. But WE DID IT! We stuck to our beliefs and #SocialJustice made a HUGE VICTORY TODAY!! and do not ever under estimate or forget that and you make sure you hold these gentlemen to their platforms.

Come on now, Andrew and John, I challenge you, show Justin how to follow through on what you him how to keep a promise!

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♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ Greeeen, eeen, eeen, Green, Green, Green  ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬


this plays like 6x's gets old...just like someone else.. time to go...hurry.

Sending out love and light to John and Andrew that they have a calm and peaceful relationship and make these next 4 years an AMAZING  time for
Hurray for #HumanRights
#Greenroofs #Solar #SolarPanels #FoodForests #ArtTherapy #Art #Education
#TheChangerz #Cobhouses #Tinyhouses #Community #Medicines #Herbs #Holistic
#NoBigPharma #BigPharmaGetOut #NoMonsanto #IndigenousRights #HumanRights
#Respect #MotherEarth #SaveOurOceans #WaterIsLife #WaterIsSacred

Please, please,
Don't let my kid
Puke brown goo
like what ALREADY happened 
in Kalamazoo!!

Art & Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

#SaveMyCoast Art & Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017
Art by Isaac Murdoch

 #Peace #PeaceRose

After the hell we've been through the last 16 years it time for truth, justice and peace!!!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Stop Kinder Morgan- #Walk4theSalishSea

Art & Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Art & Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017
I don't want my kid 
to puke brown goo,
like what happened
In Kalamazoo!


World Oceans Day- Pull Together & #StopKM

June 8th is World Oceans Day.
Let's Pull Together and stop Kinder Morgan!
Donate, fundraise online & organize events in your community to raise the $500k we need for Indigenous legal challenges. We can stop a pipeline but we need to pull hard! Take action at


Pull Together- Walk for the Salish Sea- #StopKM

"On the contrary side, B.C. Green Party leader Andrew Weaver argued in The Globe and Mail that reconsidering Trans Mountain, which would increase the number of oil tankers plying B.C.’s waters seven-fold, would be a “triumph of democracy.”

“If we care about the integrity of democracy, we are honour-bound to reconsider the Trans Mountain decision,” he wrote. “Federalism doesn’t mean that one province gets to tread on the rights and threaten the environment of another.”

Three Ways B.C. Could Stop Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline Plan

This is the FINALE of the 4-day Walk 4 the Salish Sea!  May 25-28, from Victoria BC to Burnaby!

 For more info about joining the walk, go to the website:

RSVP & share on Facebook:

Day 4- SUNDAY MAY 28th
9 am - Meet Grandview Park (1657 Charles St, @ Commercial, Vancouver) 
Ceremony, drumming, short speeches, welcoming of Walkers. 
Music by Solidarity Notes Choir & others. 
Large performance art piece by the 100-200 member group: Orca Soundings, highlighting the endangered southern resident orcas.

Walk leaves 9:30am along E. Hastings to Kinder Morgan Westridge Terminal -səlil̓wətaʔɬ /Tsleil-Waututh and xʷməθkʷəy̓əm /Musqeaum First Nations territory, (10 km/4 hr. walk) for drumming, decoration of the gates and symbolic blockade

Join spots:
11:30am: East Hastings St. @ Ingleton Ave. (3802 Hastings St, Burnaby)
12:45pm: East Hastings St. @ Holdom Ave, Burnaby (Capitol Hill Elementary School, 5697-5801 Hastings St, Burnaby)
1:30pm: Westridge Park (320 Cliff Ave, Burnaby)

1:30 - 2:30pm: The Walk will proceed to the gates of the Kinder Morgan Westridge Marine Terminal for drumming, decoration of the gates and symbolic blockade

Celebrate Resistance!! Westridge Park (320 Cliff Ave, Burnaby)
includes infotables, music/dancing, kid's activities, Indigenous rights, climate justice, Kinder Morgan pipeline and mass non-violent direct action teach-in. Volunteers needed!
Please email:

Speakers / Music to include:
- co-MC's: Audrey Siegl & Stephen Collis
- Coast Salish welcome - Cedar George-Parker, Tsleil-Waututh FN
- Grand Chief Stewart & Joan Phillip, UBCIC
- Slam Poets
- Brandon Gabriel & Kachina Bige, Kwantlan First Nation
- Music by Luke Wallace, Emily Kelsall, Buckman Coe, The Racket & other awesome people!
- Kanahus Manuel, Secwepemc First Nation
- Chief Lee Spahan, Coldwater First Nation
- Elizabeth May MP Saanich-Gulf Islands
- Briony Penn (Orca Soundings)
- Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan
- Kennedy Stewart MP-Burnaby South 

Route and Program Information People of all ages and abilities, are welcomed to join The Walk 4 the Salish Sea! for whatever duration and distance best matches your fitness level and plans for the weekend of Thursday May 25-28th. This mass mobilization against tar sands and Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion for decarbonzation and decolonization and an urgently needed transition from dangerous fossil fuel dependency begins at Mile “0” at the beginning of the Trans Canada Highway in Victoria to the Kinder Morgan terminal in Burnaby. Here is the outline of our route.


May 26th

May 27th

May 28th: The Finale of #Walk4SalishSea

May 28th: 
Please find a detailed description of the route with proximate meet up times below.

NOTE: All times approximate. Walk may travel swifter or slower due to numbers, traffic and weather.

If you want to meet up with the walkers along the way, you can call 250-516-8029 to check where we are.


 #WaterIsSacred   #NoPipelines
Art by Isaac Murdoch

Sending out LOTS OF LOVE to all the Water Walkers tomorrow. So much work and effort and I am so very very grateful to everyone for doing this! #SaveMyCoast #Love #Green #SocialJustice #EnvironmentalJustice #Rights #HumanRights #IndigenousRights #NaturesRights #MotherEarth

Mother Earth is ALIVE! Stop trying to kill her.

 Love to everyone that cares about our big beautiful coast and will do whatever then can to care and protect it and all it's inhabitants from foreign interests that do not care about us, our environment or our interests. Thank you! I hold my hands up to you!

Go away Kinder Morgan. No Pipelines! No Tankers.

Green is the way!! You are history! Like the Dinosaurs.


RAVEN raises legal defence funds to assist First Nations who enforce their rights & title to protect their traditional territories.

I don't want my kid to puke brown goo, like what happened in Kalamazoo, do YOU?

Friday, May 26, 2017

What if the Mount Polley Disaster happened to Stanley Park?

My friend from San Francisco visited last week and he just loved Vancouver. He  thought it was paradise. So clean and GREEN!

We are blessed. I haven't actually ridden around  STANLEY PARK  yet this year...need to get my bike fixed but I do love it there. As well as the millions of others that have visited.

Now for a second, let's think the UNIMAGINABLE!
That someone poured TOXIC SOUP all over our precious gem.
What would happen? OUTRAGE right?

So that already happened for real. 

It is called the MT. POLLEY DISASTER as YET nothing is happening. People are too busy with their own lives and because it's out of sight out of mind, we don't think about it and of course it is so HORRIBLE we don't want to think about.

This is reality folks. This could REALLY HAPPEN TO YOUR HOME!! 

How would you feel?

 How would you feel? Think, how would you feel if this happened to your home and no one did anything, one listened...the government and the politicians and police....the law...did nothing...

Because that is how corporations works. They are protected by the government, by corrupt greedy politicians and CEO and they force the police to protect them because of laws invented and put forth by the corporations. The best example of this is what happened at Clayoquot Sound. You must watch this video to UNDERSTAND the true SCOPE of the warped laws that have been created by the corporations and carried out by the law. IT IS SO WRONG. It makes the good guys bad and the bad guys good. THIS MUST CHANGE if there is any hope for our children and children's children.


This is how high the TOXIC MUD was when it came through. NOW imagine this was our beloved STANLEY PARK, what would you do? what wouldn't you do.

REALITY CHECK FOLKS. Why is STANLEY PARK more important that this paradise lost?
(printscreen from video below)

So I get it, there's a bunch of old dudes with lots of money and they think they are entitled to everything because sadly that was the bs that they have been fed, taught and raised with. They are the old unenlightened ones...but it is time for them to move on...they will die off soon but their evil toxic legacy will live on for centuries...millenium because you CAN NOT CLEAN THIS UP!!!

The damage done to MOTHER EARTH  in the last 200 years is EPIC in scale to a meteor destroying the dinosaurs.

Soon we will be the dinosaurs.

Think about that ....think long and hard...because it's the truth. UNLESS we change our ways...

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

VIMAF Nə́c̓aʔmat ct 2017 Festival Opening Ceremony- MAY 25

VIMAF is located on beautiful Coast Salish territory of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh in Vancouver BC. VIMAF’s 2017 Festival 2017 has been named nə́c̓aʔmat ct (/Naat-sah-maat/) meaning, “We Are One” in the Musqueam language of hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓ provided by Musqueam Knowledge Keeper Shane Point. nə́c̓aʔmat ct recognizes the tradition of gathering Indigenous artists and communities together in a modern context to share in the richness of Indigenous media arts. VIMAF’s 2017 Festival is redistributing the wealth in providing an experiential feast sharing, gifting, witnessing, and celebrating the media art works of our powerfully talented community as one people

VIMAF Nə́c̓aʔmat ct 2017 Festival Opening Ceremony
Studio 1398 | 1398 Cartwright Street, Vancouver BC | Granville Island
Doors @ 6pm | Sliding Scale $2-$20 Pay What You Can | Includes Light Food
Cultural Ceremony led by Shane Point | Musqueam
Performance by Christie Lee Charles | Musqueam
Music by DJ O Show | Squamish Nation
#VIMAF2017 #IndigenousFilm #OpeningCeremony #Nə́c̓aʔmat_ct

Thu, 25 May 2017
6:00 PM – 10:00 PM PDT


Studio 1398 | Granville Island
1398 Cartwright Street
Vancouver, BC
View Map

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New Mural NEEDED at Maritime Museum & More

 Updated May 18 2017  See Update at the bottom

As someone who has lived in Kitsilano off and on the last 20 years I have seen this mural at the Vancouver Maritime Museum countless time and I mostly ignored it. I never found it always bothered me but I didn't do anything.

But now it really bothers me. Look at it. 
The First Nations are on the outside and look at how they are depicted in comparison to the the Military dudes. Pleasee help I might vomit...

There's not a single woman represented. 

This mural was created in 1986, probably for Expo 86 and it HAS GOT TO GO!!

So I have sent an email and I hope I get a response. This was part of it...

Please for Canada150+  and for Reconciliation change it to reflect the truth. We know so much more now. Please...that whole area ..has a history no one acknowledges..and yet we occupy it. I challenge you to do something about it for Reconciliation. I hope you will consider my suggestion. Thanks

Here is a write up on it.

And then while searching their site I saw this. wth...this is for kids...

OMG...there go my cookies...woof....ralph...Somebody help me please....

Today I saw they were trying to raise money for this 

and I suggested on the Facebook page a new mural instead.
 Here is part of the letter I wrote to them, let's see if the respond.
 I was wondering if you are planning on a new mural. I mentioned on Instagram a while back but heard nothing. The mural should represent Indigenous people bigger or as big as the colonialists and should feature women too!. That mural is 1986 and it is a very visual and I think (negative )influence on all who pass.

Please for Canada150+  and for Reconciliation change it to reflect the truth. We know so much more now. Please...that whole area ..has a history no one acknowledges..and yet we occupy it. I challenge you to do something about it for Reconciliation. I hope you will consider my suggestion. Thanks

I know some people who do murals, create beautiful Coast Salish designs and I have reached out to a few. I did a lot of research on Coast Salish designs as well.

Sharifah is working on a mural and I know she did one for the NEC
Maynard Johnny Jr creates beautiful Coast Salish Designs
Kim is an excellent artist and she went through the Reconciliation Carving with me.

Audrey Siegl 

Justine Wallace is an excellent artist and she went through the Reconciliation Carving with me.

I hope to hear back from everyone, most especially you, very soon.
Sincerely, Tina Winterlik
Oh and I shared this on there facebook page

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Update May 18 2017: So Vancouver Maritime Museum Responded.
Here is what they said.

So I am going to put a proposal together...I imagine anyone can. So if you have  great idea go for it or maybe we can all work together. Let's see what happens.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Challenge for Truth, Tourism, Canada150 & Salmon

I actually started this post a while back. But put it aside. Now that all this talk of Cultural Appropriation has started the conversation and I still see that Yale's main attraction is about the Settlers and Gold Rush and that upsets me to no end. 

So I am going to stir the pot and I may piss a few people off, and I am really sorry if I make things difficult for you but we are going to have to go through a little (or maybe a lot) of sh*t to make things right....or at least better.

So I am going to challenge the people of Hope , Yale ( ) & Spuzzum ( Nlaka'pamux)  and all the people in between to take rise to this difficult but what will be a rewarding, enlightening and socially justifying moment in the history of this area. This challenge is for everyone living in that area but also for those who love to visit and travel through

Tales from Yale by Everyone

Travel The Canyon

Historical Yale & Tea house

Yale First Nation

Spuzzum First Nation

History & Memories of Hope and the Fraser Canyon

A lot of stuff happened right here in Yale and the surrounding area, it was a beginning according to all the settlers but that is a lie, it is not the truth. Beautiful people lived and cared for the area for time and memorial before the gold miners arrived the did horrible things to the First Nations living there but also to the land. Using mercury, stealing young Sto'lo youth, stealing land  and murders of entire villages, atrocities were committed by the settlers on the Indigenous people living there and that must be acknowledged and education of all that visit the area is required. The truth must be known if healing can proceed.

Imagine some men showing up to your yard, pitching tents and setting up camp. Digging and putting strange things in the water, bringing strange things to the area,  poisoning the land & the  people, The Gold Rush- Thing is it is still happening.

The true gold of the time and still is, is the salmon. Imagine the effects on the people where they put mercury and all other poisonous things into the water and land. What was pristine and harmonious with nature was destroyed.

Sadly or however you may view, it but I view it sad that he was part of it,  my Great Great Grandparent- Joao Ignacio d'Almada (John Enos) who married Theresa Eliza Enos (Songhees) he traveled to Yale 1859 and nearly drowned on the Fraser river. 

I do not know to much about him. M. Azevedo had done a lot of research though. When I found his info I started my own research

Ya! ya! so what is the challenge.
Well it is the 150+ years ----from time and memorial - documented 13,000 years back and I do not like the way it is playing out in Tourism and Facebook and 150. You see what I am seeing is very settler oriented and the challenge is Reconciliation.

I know I missed some but you get my point. You take the challenge and then challenge someone else.

What? What is Reconciliation? How do we do it? What do you know? Why should we do this?

I hear you. But I was thinking that this could be a great way to boost Cultural Understanding, Help with the local economy, build the community, heal people.

So I have no idea where those Spirit Caves are... but I remember when I was a kid, 2 friends and someone else went for a hike up there. I didn't make it the whole way...they did though.

Anyways, wouldn't it be cool if you could have a tour...or part of a little bit of the path..if it's bad and have like a traditional home or cedar boards and maybe have some cedar clothing and just like something that would have been normal 200 years ago and back 13,000 years. Be authentic but keep it real. I haven't been to Squamish/Whistler but maybe something like that. Maybe a living museum...

Maybe have picnics or even Potlatchs with salmon, camas root (not sure that grows there), berries and have a truly authentic meal that the Coast Salish and the Sto'lo and Spuzzum (forgive me for not knowing the correct names)

So it's a shout out to the youth to research their history and it's a challenge for the parents to really research and it is a challenge for everyone to really do some research find out about your history. You will be surprised(not in a good way), I am sure, there's been so much that was hidden from us. It is the truth we seek and need!!

Hopefully you understand my point. Let's be real. I can't support settlers style tourism unless you truly portray the Indigenous way of life as well. Perhaps you could have carvers come and maybe even ask -  some Elder/knowledgekeepers  if they could graciously come share their time with you and if they can teach you these valuable skills such as language, weaving, how to gather food, cook salmon, dry salmon, who knows how to fish traditionally, who could share would graciously share their experience and wisdom.

There must be lots of funding for this from the 150 thing but I am sure people can be wise and figure out how to keep simple and beautiful.

Right now the salmon are in trouble and so our the youth, the earth, everything is hurting. We must protect the Fraser River and the salmon. In turn the salmon- the life givers will save the people.

Woodcut Print Carving, Print & Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Here's some links. It's up to you to do the research and reach out to each other.

I can imagine your thinking what the heck is she doing. Well I just finished my Reconciliation Carving Program at Langara, I have contacted my daughter's school and I have been asked to speak about my creativity by her Social's teacher (not sure I am up to large groups) and I am going to speak with her principal as well. I was asked if I gave carving workshops and I am looking into that.

The great thing about doing an activity together, be it carving, beading, sewing, painting, what ever the project, it gives you a chance to talk about certain difficult issues and then work through them, hopefully, artistically as a group and individually using it as a form of art therapy.

Okay so that's my crazy idea. I'm throwing it out there...who knows what will happen. Maybe it's all happening and I didn't even know...

So here is a video to help people understand the Cultural Appropriation or Cultural Appreciation: Exploring the Fine Line

So that's it, I hope it makes sense, I hope it sparks ideas and creativity and helps give people a voice.

Poor little Yale. Look what happened to it. People became very very rich from the land that belong to the Indigenous people living there. It is time to make retribution. I think that is the word. Terrible crime of cultural appropriation happened there long ago. It's hard to me to put it into words but basically they ripped off Mother Earth and her inhabitants and made a whole wack of money and did not share it with the people who lived there. They had no right. Maybe my grandpa did that. I don't know but they say he was a savy business man and that he nearly drowned there..I don't know much else.

I do know I will help. What ever you guys come up with I am here for you. I will help promote it and please help me try to help out in this way. I know I have stirred the pot. I hope it's a positive

And please I hope you know I respect and honor the time and effort trying to make that Gold Rush setup authentic and interesting and fun. I get that and it is appreciated but let's be really honest here. 

You can do both and you can really rise to the challenge to make things right. Tell the truth. Educate people on the past so that people can learn, understand, heal and help heal and enlighten others. 

Tired now...going to post this. If there are mistakes I will try to come back later to fix. I just don't want to not publish because it's important to get it out

Homeless & the children are mad at her

Can we get this story to go viral?

I can relate to this so well. We moved 9 times since I had Angel...the rents just got higher...until I just couldn't do it. I could never really do it ...not while she was little and then when she was wasn't any easier.

There was supposed to be a subsidy and I thought I could do that but they had a rule you had to have been in the county the last year...and we had been in Mexico for 5 months. (Because I packed up everything and put it in storage when the decided to jackhammer off the outside of the building...)

Anyways, read this story. Walk in this woman's shoes.


We can fix it.
Basic Income to start...Fairness so that everyone can have a home, food, medical...

There is enough for all but some are greedy. Some of the most greedy are the politicians and CEO's. CC she had ALL the power and the time to turn things around but she didn't. She just put her kid in private school and jetted all over...she reminds me very much of the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland. I bet you right now if she would read this she'd be yelling...

Lack of affordable rentals on the Coast: working mom with three kids homeless soon

(by Margot Grant)

"The family was now homeless. Karen put her stuff in storage. The cat went to a foster home.
A friend of a friend offered her the use of a trailer for $650 a month. It has no bathroom and nothing works. It is dirty and it stinks, she says. The children do not want to be there. The two oldest stay at friends’ houses while the youngest can stay with his father. The children are mad at her, Karen says. “They ask me why other people have a place and we don’t.”

A friend with a small cabin offered Karen the occasional use of his only bedroom, which has bunk beds, so the children can visit with their mother. On the nights they are in his house, he sleeps on a shelf above the fridge because there is no other place for a bed. Full story here

Will you help us immerse ourselves in culture?

My daughter was 4.5 when my mom passed and we were in Nelson.
We moved during Kindergarten. We had 4 teachers in that one year. 2 in Nelson because the first teacher needed a knee operation and so another teacher took over. But in Vancouver, the same thing happened. The first teacher got sick and so another came.

On the first day of grade one some really funky things happened and it was the catalyst that pushed me to buy the tickets...and because I had managed to scrape together enough money and off we went to Mexico, so she could learn about her Mexican culture, language and landscapes.
Here's a little post about it.
on my blog Zipolita'z & Angelita'z Adventurez in Mexico

This is a great video and it explains so simply what is wrong with the way people learn these days and what is considered "normal everyday life" and what is school and how it got there.

And this doesn't even mention the TRUTH... about the evilness of Residential Schools and how that was the horrendous way of assimilating all the Indigenous people for 125 years and it's legacy lives with so many children taken away (stolen) and put in the welfare system and the parents put in is still happening, just a different format but there has been good and Shane Pointe talks about it here...but we have so much work to do.

And do you SEE how evil corporate greed and selfish politicians hurt so many children, teachers, families, so bad that they had to go to court. Angel had 16 teachers/subs in grade 7. It was truly insane.

Teachers Federation of BC Wins in Supreme Court!!!

So my kid's been brainwashed by the system. She's convinced she needs to stay in school. I am like what the "f" are you learning there that we can't learn from the environment (Mother Earth) and the internet (Google God).

Traveling is huge.
 Learning another language and culture and it is her culture. Her father is Mexican and she has half siblings, nephews, nieces, cousins and they all speak Spanish and live in Mexico and we have not been there for 5 years. It is too long.

When I made my first trip with her it took my 7 years from the time she was conceived to the time she actually met her father.

She has forgotten SO MUCH! and she doesn't even know or realize it. Time is like that.

So I am putting it out there. I want to take her on a big trip. Maybe just to go to Mexico. Maybe bigger... like a train across so called "Canada" and fly to Portugal, go to Sweden, (Prague-Bohemia) and then to Mexico and up to Vancouver Island (Nanoose Bay) ...

See that would be tracing my roots and hers. Maybe I could make a documentary about it all. That's the dream.

And I am not asking for freebies, I want to sell my art to pay for it. So that's why I was thinking of doing an auction or something. Maybe use Facebook Live or something because I want to donate some of the money raised to help the environmental causes that need help fighting the stupid government/pipelines/fishfarms/dams/Lng ...I don't know yet.

I just know I have to do something soon. I would like to de-phone ourselves. I bought her a phone for safety but her and I are on it way to much...I want us to spend time on the beach, in the woods, outside enjoying life, learning new things, customs, culture.

My Spanish sucks right now, my French is basically non-existent. She on the other hand is finishing up a year of French and Spanish. So impressed she could do both at the same time. Now she needs immersion.

Will you help us immerse ourselves in culture?

See I made this paintings to raise awareness for the causes I love but also to hopefully fund a big trip or a big move. I need a tiny house and a garden...all my stuff is in storage, I want to get it out. 

So can I be honest here. I can't really fundraise because I have a history of old student loans/ debt...and well while I paid off more than half it all fell apart just before I had Angel, when I got downsized and well what ever... I haven't had a credit card in all that time. 15+ years.

Could you do that? Live with out a credit card. So not sure how all that funding stuff works(haven't looked into it in years) but I don't think I can collect it. It will have to go into a friends name and then they will have to give it to me. So if you are wondering that is why I have never done it. I hope I don't regret being honest here. Okay, I will keep you posted as I figure out the details.

oh ps. I tried something on Kickstarter many years travel with Angel and they denied it. That was before all the big craze of crowdfunding. And for the longest time I felt guilty to ask because it seems so many others have such valid causes.

**Before I took the first trip with Angel, I tried to fund it myself and encourage people to help fund each one person pays the bus tix, one pays the plane, one the hotel...but then someone in my family made me sad as they laughed at me and said "no one is going to pay for your vacation"

So then I gave up...and then all things funding things happened. 

Well it will be up to everyone to decide but the way those things work is you have to get 30% from friends and family and then people will consider my social media family, would you be willing to help me? We will see. 


Thursday, May 11, 2017

Green Party Big Winner with ONLY 3 SEATS!!!!

Some may claim this was alternative or fake news but it's not.
I heard it announced on the tv that Andrew Weaver is the most powerful man in BC last night.

There's been some wonderful articles with great charts and info, check it out!!

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy Greens!!

 Great Article!! This is great news, I had no idea!! Did you?

Clark Is Done; NDP and Greens Now Need to Deliver the Change BC Voted For

"Even if absentee ballots and recounts were to unfortunately give Clark a bare majority, there is no way the BC Liberals can continue for long.

Why? Because it only takes one BC Liberal MLA crossing the floor to the NDP or Greens or to sit as an independent or quitting or, god forbid, passing away, and the B.C. legislature is no longer controlled by Christy Clark.

Or it could be one or two BC Liberal MLAs calling in sick or missing a confidence vote for the government to be defeated. That means either NDP leader John Horgan would be asked to form a new government, with Green Party support, or a new election be called."

Greeeen, eeen, eeen, Green, Green, Green

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ Greeeen, eeen, eeen, Green, Green, Green  ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

oopsies...little mistake..

B.C. election results leave Alberta feeling green about the gills

"And the winner is …

Andrew Weaver, leader of British Columbia’s Green Party.

And the loser is …

Rachel Notley, premier of Alberta.

Even though we won’t know for another few weeks the official results of British Columbia’s squeaker election, we can draw a few conclusions already.

It’s fair to say the Green Party was a big winner even though it captured just three seats out of 87."





This is why CC must go! How can you let this happen and think you are doing a good job for the people. Remember Families First. Yah right!