Wednesday, February 29, 2012


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Yes, bullying is alive and thriving.  Recently I put my child into the public school system and we have been shocked at some of the children's behaviour. Yesterday, my child was poked in the eye with an eraser....what if it had been the pencil end. It was not an accident either.  What are we going to do? When is it going to stop? I have done a lot of research on this before, here is a link.

Pink Shirt Day 2012 - February 29 - Warning!

Other links
Wonder how the media event went in the snow?

Monday, February 27, 2012

OCCUPY BABY!! How Beautiful!!!

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How Cool is this! Occupy Baby!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Miss Representation at the Oscars

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Wow, this explains alot! One of the reasons I usually don't watch much of  the Oscars is all big fuss they make about the Red Carpet and the dresses and all that kind of thing. I recieved an email from Miss Representation today and it had some eye opening views.

  • In 2011, only 5% of the top grossing films in Hollywood were directed by Women.  The number has decreased since 1998.
  • In 84 years only 4 women -- Lina Wertmuller, Jane Campion, Sofia Coppola and Kathryn Bigelow -- have been nominated for best director.  One 1 has won.

Read More Here

For Your Consideration: Women Directors Missing From the Oscars

Also Miss Representation would like you to join in on twitter tonight. Here's how!

As part of their SexyorSexism? campaign we will be partnering with Women's Media Center (@womensmediacntr) to live-tweet the event using #femTV.

We'll be tracking the following questions: 
1. How are women being spoken to on the red carpet? 
2. How are they being represented by the TV media? 
3. Is the attention they are receiving based on their achievements and talent? Or is it based on their appearance? 

Join the discussion on Twitter Sunday at 5pm PT or e-mail us your observations throughout the night!

Together we can change the conversation around the Oscars and make a difference for future broadcasts of the event. Warmest, The team

Also if you haven't seen this video. Please Watch and Share!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

So Very Proud of my Lil' Animator-WATCH VIDEO! :)

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I'm SO PROUD of my daughter. I gave her an old digital camera a while ago and she's been making little films and animations. This one is really fabulous. Considering she is just 9 I can only imagine what she will create as an adult. It's very exciting.

So with out further adieu, may I present to you,

The Weebles Restaurant- *Produced and Directed by Angel Winterlik

* Seriously Angel created almost the entire short film by herself. Setting up the characters, all the photography, video, slight direction on uploading the files, and naming the file. Then all the editing, which I'll tell you she's way ahead of where I was when I started. Of course I taught her well, but she caught on very quickly. I helped find the song on CCmixter and downloaded and she uploaded, edited. She created all the voice overs by herself.  I helped her upload it to my Youtube account and I'm sharing it here.

I hope lots of children view it. It's funny and I think they will enjoy it. It's also 11 minutes long so it may occupy them for a bit, if you need a little break.

Please comment and let us know what you think.

Thank You!!

Wow, 40,002 pageviews on my as of today -since Aug 5/2010. I know many get that in a day, but still it's very flattering that people are interested in what I write and share. THANKS EVERYONE!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Amazon Watch- U'wa leader- Bogotá 2012

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Help Save the Amazon. Watch this Video
From the blogpost on EYE ON THE AMAZON

 "Claudia outlines a number of issues the U'wa are confronting related to oil and gas extraction. She raises specific concerns about gas flaring, which is damaging to both the environment and the health of people in the vicinity. Related are the gas pipeline being built from the Gibraltar wells and a large oil pipeline, called "Bicentenario" (reflecting Colombia's 200th anniversary), planned for construction immediately north of the U'wa reserve though well within their ancestral territory."

 Read the whole article here

For more info please check out the website AMAZON WATCH and give support!!

Domestic Violence- Patrick Stewart-Amnesty Int.

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Have you seen this? So sad that it is so true!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

See You On The Moon!

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We love Kids' CBC- And

Great Lake Swimmers

Thinking about a Career Change!! See you on the Moon! :) Have a happy day!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Heritage Week- BC-2012

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Hey Everyone, how you doing tonight? I'm tired, why does time fly so fast some weekends.

Anyways, just wanted to share that it is HERITAGE WEEK in BC . So to celebrate my love for my love for some of  Vancouver's Beautiful Heritage Buildings let me present my video of "The Silent Mentors"
Vancouver Art Gallery-Tina Winterlik © 1999!/zipolita

 You can find out more about Heritage Week Here.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines

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Yay! I painted today. I'll show you later.  Here's a few songs for Valentines Day! Have a good one. Hope you got a treat from someone special. Mine was a lovely Jasmine Wreath plant. Gorgeous little flowers that give off a delicious scent. Hope you enjoyed your day! I gave my cherub a gingerbread man and a valentine brownie. Got them at Uprising Breads on Venables/Commercial. They were delicious.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jagrup is Home!

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From Raise the Rates Website "Jagrup Brar ended his month of living on the welfare rate of $610. He lost 26 pounds in weight, ended up $7 in debt and had to sell his backpack to have enough money to take the Skytrain back to Surrey."

From his blog
Sharing a bathroom in any situation is an easy way to transmit viruses and bugs. In our SRO, sharing a bathroom with 11 others offers its own health challenges. I’ve often thought about all the people I’ve met with who are living in poverty and suffering health issues. How do individuals with immune-compromised illnesses protect themselves while living in poverty? The answer is easy: they don’t have that choice. Something as simple as a clean bathroom is a luxury not afforded in an SRO.   

I met a man from another SRO who showed me his building which has seven floors. There was only one shower for approximately 120 people – It’s simply unimaginable.  
I am told that there are 5,000 people living in SRO’s inVancouver. A majority of them have no cooking facilities. As a result, these individuals have to line up for free food, sometimes for two to three meals a day, spending over four hours in line ups.

Life in an SRO can be quick to break your spirit and your body. It becomes very hard to focus on finding your way when each day is an uphill battle to survive.

Binning- Binners

I was surprised to learn that there are people who spend about 8 hours a day binning to make a meagre $35 – that’s if they’re lucky. This works out to around $4.50 an hour. Binning is really dirty and you put your health at risk. Some of the bins are full of garbage or materials from the SRO’s as they are being cleaned out. Items with cockroaches, bedbugs, etc are tossed into the dumpsters. It’s not uncommon to contract a health issue through binning. I am now fully aware at this point that for those people who are on welfare, under the expected to work category – that if they try to earn extra monies to help supplement their incomes, such as selling bottles or other items that can be salvaged, whatever money is made will be deducted from their welfare cheque – dollar for dollar. If this amount is not declared to welfare – it is considered to be welfare fraud.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Does Your Kid ONLY get 15 min. for lunch. What the Frig???

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Okay, sorry for my rant here but isn't 15 minutes for kids to eat lunch just ridiculous. Sorry, but I am so upset about this and I'm trying to vent it a bit here. My kid hates it when I swear so please know these are harsh words to come from me.

What's Up? I'll tell you. Recently due to my lack of finances, and because I am a single parent with 24/7 responsibility for my child, I have been forced stop homeschooling to put my child into the system. And what a terribly broken system it is.

And I don't see it getting any  better and I keep promising my little girl as soon as I get enough cash together I'm going to bust her out! LOL! Seriously though, I will!

So I have a lot of issues with the system but my BIGGEST is the only 15 minutes for lunch. Isn't that CRAZY! Doesn't it go against everything we are teaching about healthy development. Don't dieticians and doctors and nutritionist and everyone say to eat slowly and let your body digest. I don't understand it. I keep banging my head against the wall on this one. WHY??

Why they say is that the grade ones are next and they have to leave. It's so stupid and it makes me angry. HOW DO YOU FEEL?

What can I do? Nothing right now. I feel so helpless. And I know it's not just my child's school as a friend of mine who lives in the U.S. says it's the same for her grandson in Seattle.

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Here in B.C. this teacher's are on strike. So we know the system is really a mess. When I was a kid we ate in the class til we were done and then we went outside, no stupid bell ringing to make the kids stop eating and get out. WHAT'S HAPPENING TO OUR KIDS?

Where is the logic? Why? Why? is this being allowed and tolerated.

I think all of you know I am big supporter of an EDIBLE SCHOOLYARD. Why in this day and age we are concentrating so much on Math and Reading when the kids are so detached from food. Everyone agrees that when children are involved in making the food they like it more. IF you involve them in the growing and harvesting and preparing of food they will be so much healthier. With diabetes such a huge concern, when is everyone going to stop and give their head a shake and wake up.

We have all the technology, info, knowledge but we are not passing it on to our kids. WHAT IF? What if tomorrow the electricity went out. Say a solar flare or something crazy happened. Could we survive? Would your kids be okay? Could they provide for themselves. I know that my dad could have. Can I? I'm not sure? Can my daughter? I am trying. I have been trying to give her these tools and this knowledge since she was little but why is it just me. Why isn't it part of our system? 

With B.C. having the highest child poverty rate in Canada....why isn't a healthy lunch program part of every school. Why don't we have gardens and green houses and farmer's markets and kitchens preparing lunch for the children. WHY?

Do you think I have a point? Does your child face the same issues mine does? If your school ROCKS and you have an Edible Schoolyard or awesome lunch program can you share it. Can you let me know please. And can we work together to force those in control to change things.

We have the power but we have to unite on this.

Maybe it's not that important to you. Maybe it's just me ranting. Maybe with luck I'll be able to bring in more income so I don't have to put my child in a very broken system. I'm praying for the best but I want the best for every child, not just my child. Creating healthy happy children is all about creating a better future for all of us.

For more info on Edible Schoolyards and awesome Lunch programs check these links.

AHAH Lunch Program

The company that set up the AHAHS lunch program:

What is lunch like for your child? At the school my daughter goes to they don't even wash their hands before lunch???  What's it like at your child's school! Are we going to stand for this? Is this acceptable for Canadian children? Is this acceptable for any child? 

SHARE IT WITH YOUR PAC, YOUR DOCTOR, YOUR FAMILY!! People are not aware and they need to be.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Tribute to Macarldie

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This is a small video tribute that I created for my dear friend and client Macardie who left us recently. He will be greatly missed. He was an incredibly talented man and was loved by many.  Rest In Peace my friend.