Monday, October 31, 2016

Stand with #StandingRock or YOU and YOUR CHILDREN are next...

From the article "How to Talk about #NoDAPL - a Native Perspective"
"...when you talk about Standing Rock, please begin by acknowledging that this pipeline was redirected from an area where it was most likely to impact the residents of Bismarck, North Dakota. When Bismarck's population -- which is over 90 percent white -- objected to the risks the pipeline posed to their drinking water, their concerns were accommodated, and the pipeline route was shifted into treaty lands.

Please inform people of these facts, and remind them that our people are still struggling to survive the violence of colonization on many fronts. People should not simply engage with stories related to our struggles when they see a concrete connection to their own issues -- or a jumping off point to discuss their own issues. Our friends, allies and accomplices should be fighting alongside us because they value our humanity and right to live, in addition to whatever else they believe in.

Every Native at Standing Rock -- every Native on this continent -- has survived the genocide of 100 million of our people.

That means that every Indigenous child born is a victory against colonialism, but we are all also born into a fight for our very existence. We need that to be named and centered..."

Come on Vancouver, We NEED to Stand Together in SOLIDARITY WITH STANDING ROCK because we are next, look what happened in Bella Bella.


#WaterIsLife You can't drink oil
#NoPipelines #NoTankers #EndFossilFuels #KeepItInTheGround

If you think you can just sit back and go for a hike and sip your latte and drive in you car, then you can Kiss Super Natural BC Good-bye. I am not kidding, READ, WATCH & SHARE THESE VIDEOS!!!

Are you ready for this???

Children vomiting brown goo? Burning eyes, never being able to put your hand in the water because it's losing money...millions being spent to (not completely ) clean up the deadly toxic dilbit. Listen to this video and the excellent points made in the videos below from the KinderMorgan hearing. Notice how it's KinderMorgan, before it was's all so sneaky, in the Amazon it was Texaco then it was Chevron..they will always pass the buck and it is the children, our children that will suffer. This is the BIG POINT I want to make, the Oil Companies make money cleaning up the spill. That was demonstrated at that Exxon Valdez spill. Let’s not forget how much it cost to (not completely) clean the Kalamazoo. The current price tag is $1.21 billion (and rising), making it the most expensive onshore oil spill in U.S. history.  

This is NO JOKE!!
I don't want to puke brown goo and I don't want you too!

Look in this crazy world we live in, things have not been well thought out. Things get designed poorly and things get invented in a classroom or lab and then they try to apply it to real life with OUT ethics or truly seeing the big picture or the CONSEQUENCES when Mother Earth gets involved.  YOU CAN NOT CONTROL everything...there's funding shortages, human error, climate change, the list is endless. We must stop the insanity, our children's lives depend on this. Our lives depend on this. Time is running out....I truly believe that if this generation doesn't turn things around it will be THE END OF HUMANITY!!! 

And start praying and projecting today that it's a beautiful day because we need EVERYONE to come, from FAR AND WIDE to let JUSTIN TRUDEAU and CATHERINE MCKENNA and CHRISTY CLARK and KINDER MORGAN and all the other FOSSIL FUEL companies, that this is it!! IT'S OVER, we need and are DEMANDING alternatives. #Solar #Wind #GreenEnergy NOW!!

I want to end this post in a positive way, as noted horrific things   have been happening in Standing Rock with protestors being put in dog kennels and numbers written on their arms- something right out of Hilter's Regime and the Holocaust, I don't want to give in to Fear Mongering and I want to follow in the example that the beautiful souls in Standing Rock are leading with. They have asked for prayers and so here is my #PeacePrayerFlagProject. 

Just spreading #Peace around the world. We need more #Peace

Feel free to share the #PeacePrayerFlags and spread #Peace amoungst your friends!

For a little more inspiration check this out. And this is a big part of it people...if we don't stop fossil fuels, climate change will wipe us out...IT'S OUR CHOICE! NOW IS THE TIME FOR ACTION!!

Saturday, October 29, 2016



@UN  Where is the UNITED NATIONS

United Nations Foundation United Nations Human Rights 


@JustinTrudeau  how can you stand by and watch. It's #Canada's dirty oil that will be pumped through there...
What took them so long? They were asked for a long time ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Sept 2016 when is this going to end.

How do we wake people up, how do we enlighten them, how do we achieve peace...with songs, prayers, what will it take for #SocialJustice #EnvironmentalJustice
What kind of world do you want to live in? Your actions today will shape the next 7 generations...
Please act responsibly, think of the life you want for your children...#WATERISLIFE

Standing Rock Prayer Vigil Oct 30 2016

It's Prayer Time.
International Vigil for Standing Rock this Sunday, October 30th. They may have broken our bones but they could not break our spirits. Short notice, but our warriors need lots of healing prayers asap. We love you all!

Facebook event page here:
Record your prayer event here:
See what's happening in your area here:

Wherever you are, pray on this day for all water protectors who have been injured or imprisoned, and for the horse that was killed by police. The world joins in prayer for HEALING for those at Standing Rock who experienced such intense trauama on October 27th. We also join in prayer for the men and women police who brutally harmed the water protectors. We also pray for the pipeline workers and those who finance them. May they all be blessed and healed and reconnected with the earth. We pray for everyone as we know that in the end we are one, inseparable human family. In forgiveness, hard truth, courage and faith, we will arise from this hardship.

Donde quiera que esté, orar en este día para todos los protectores de agua que han sido heridos o encarcelados, y para el caballo que fue muerto por la policía. El mundo se une en oración para la curación de los que están en la roca derecha que experimentaron tales trauama intensa el 27 de octubre. También nos unimos en oración por los hombres y mujeres de la policía que brutalmente perjudicados los protectores de agua. También oramos por los trabajadores del oleoducto y quienes los financian. Que todos sean bendecidos y sanados y vuelven a conectar con la tierra. Oramos por todo el mundo como sabemos que al final somos uno, inseparables familia humana. En el perdón, la dura verdad, el coraje y la fe, vamos a surgir de esta dificultad.

Bete an diesem Tag für alle verletzten oder inhaftierten Wasserschützer und für das Pferd, das von der Polizei getötet wurde. Die Welt schließt sich im Gebet für HEALING für diejenigen an Standing Rock, die solch intensive trauama am 27. Oktober erlebt haben. Wir schließen uns auch dem Gebet für die Polizei der Männer und Frauen an, die den Wasserschutz brutal schädigt. Wir beten auch für die Pipeline Arbeiter und diejenigen, die sie finanzieren. Mögen sie alle gesegnet und geheilt und mit der Erde wieder verbunden werden. Wir beten für alle, wie wir wissen, dass wir am Ende eine untrennbare menschliche Familie sind. In Vergebung, harter Wahrheit, Mut und Glauben werden wir aus dieser Härte entstehen.

Везде, где вы находитесь, молитесь в этот день для всех водных протекторов, которые были ранены или заключен в тюрьму, и для лошади, который был убит полицией. Мир вступает в молитве за исцелением для тех, кто в Постоянном Рок, кто испытал такое интенсивное trauama 27 октября. Мы также присоединяемся в молитве для мужчин и женщин полицейских, которые жестоко вредил воды покровителей. Мы также молимся за рабочих трубопроводов и тех, кто их финансирует. Пусть все они будут благословлены и исцелял и Reconnected с землей. Мы молимся за всех, как мы знаем, что в конце концов мы одно, неразделимы человеческой семьи. В прощении, твердой правды, мужества и веры, мы встанем из этих трудностей.

Où que vous soyez, prier ce jour-là pour tous les protecteurs de l'eau qui ont été blessés ou emprisonnés, et pour le cheval qui a été tué par la police. Le monde se joint à la prière pour la guérison pour les personnes à Standing Rock qui ont vécu cette trauama intense le 27 Octobre. Nous nous joignons aussi dans la prière pour les hommes et les femmes policiers qui brutalement lésés les protecteurs de l'eau. Nous prions aussi pour les travailleurs de pipelines et ceux qui les financent. Que tous soient bénis et guéris et reconnectés avec la terre. Nous prions pour tout le monde comme nous le savons qu'à la fin nous sommes un, famille humaine inséparables. Dans le pardon, la dure vérité, le courage et la foi, nous lèverons de ces difficultés.

Ovunque ci si trovi, prega in questo giorno per tutti i protettori d'acqua che sono stati feriti o imprigionati, e per il cavallo che è stato ucciso dalla polizia. Il mondo si unisce in preghiera per la guarigione per i soggetti a Standing Rock che hanno sperimentato tale trauama intensa il 27 ottobre. Ci uniamo anche nella preghiera per gli uomini e le donne della polizia che ha brutalmente danneggiati i protettori d'acqua. Preghiamo anche per i lavoratori della pipeline e coloro che li finanziano. Perché tutti siano benedetti e guariti e ricollegato con la terra. Noi preghiamo per tutti, come sappiamo che alla fine siamo uno, inseparabili famiglia umana. Nel perdono, dura verità, il coraggio e la fede, noi derivare da questo disagio.

无论你在哪里,在这一天祈祷所有受伤或监禁的水保护者,以及被警察杀死的马。 世界加入为健康的祈祷为那些在10月27日经历这样强烈的trauama的常设岩石。 我们也参加为男女警察的残酷伤害水保护者的祈祷。 我们还为管道工人和资助他们的人祷告。 愿他们都得到祝福和医治,并与地球重新连接。 我们为每个人祷告,因为我们知道,到底我们是一个不可分割的人类大家庭。 在宽恕,艰苦的真理,勇气和信心,我们将从这种艰难中产生。

"Where ever you are, pray on this day for all water protectors who have been injured or imprisoned and for the horse that was killed by the police. "

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Call Out - Stand with WATER PROTECTORS NOW- Sacred Stone Camp- #NoDAPL

This video has a 1,269,712 Views as I am watching this....

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Monday, October 24, 2016

This is Canada World Class Spill Response!!!


Climate #101- Tell Justin - Climate Leaders don't build pipelines

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Kiss Super Natural British Columbia Good-bye

Cry, scream in anguish, kiss the Indigenous people good-bye, it's been Canada's plan all along. When will people wake up, learn what is truly happening here. I get so overwhelmed I can't cope sometimes. I know and see the big picture, CAN YOU?

Justin Trudeau, Catherine Mckenna and Christy Clark WAKE UP!!
PEOPLE of Canada/Turtle Island- WAKE UP!!!

STOP lying to yourself, STOP lying to everyone. 
You know the truth, SPILLS CAN NOT BE CONTAINED!!

Do YOU want your child to PUKE brown goo- like in KALAMAZOO!!

JUSTIN, IT'S REAL! This isn't a joke, don't LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT is your REAL agenda?

Seriously, one has to ask?? The thought is to awful to think but I know I am not the first to consider it. Is the the GENOCIDE of Indigenous people being played out. WAS THIS SPILL ON PURPOSE??? Wipe out the salmon, the clam beds, take away all their resources...I FEEL SICK TO MY STOMACH!!! STOP THIS! 


Do the right thing or you will go down in history for the ugliest legacy, I PROMISE THAT!!

Why are you sacrificing children?? 

Are you ready for this???

Children vomiting brown goo? Burning eyes, never being able to put your hand in the water because it's losing money...millions being spent to (not completely ) clean up the deadly toxic dilbit. Listen to this video and the excellent points made in the videos below from the KinderMorgan hearing. Notice how it's KinderMorgan, before it was's all so sneaky, in the Amazon it was Texaco then it was Chevron..they will always pass the buck and it is the children, our children that will suffer. This is the BIG POINT I want to make, the Oil Companies make money cleaning up the spill. That was demonstrated at that Exxon Valdez spill. Let’s not forget how much it cost to (not completely) clean the Kalamazoo. The current price tag is $1.21 billion (and rising), making it the most expensive onshore oil spill in U.S. history.

The point of this blogpost is that Oil Companies MAKE MONEY off cleaning up their own spills.

Related links: 

What WILL it take to Wake you up? MANY people including YOU, JUSTIN, love Tofino, imagine it covered in TOXIC DIESEL or even worse DILBIT!! IMAGINE it's your beautiful little children that will suffer, their food, fun, life, POISONED, imagine them PUKING BROWN GOO!! It's not a joke, it's a matter of time. YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY!! YOU PROMISED!!!

I BEG OF THE WORLD MAKE A STAND!! DO SOMETHING TO #SaveMyCoast, to save Super Natural British Columbia, to save the Indigenous Way of life and help us return to it. HELP US SAVE MOTHER EARTH. IT'S NOW OR NEVER...


Photo Sea Forth Channel

See photos and videos here
Today pictures from Seaforth Channel

Saturday, October 22, 2016

CALL TO ACTION- Stop Pacific Trails Pipeline

Message from  Unist'ot'en Yintah Community

"The Pacific Trails Pipeline and Coastal Gas Link are both intending to force their way onto unceded Unist'ot'en Yintah. They have spent the Fall of 2016 preparing numerous sites along their proposed route.

We need courageous, loving, and determined People to join us on the frontline to help us stop the company from doing any illegal, unconstitutional, and unsanctioned work on our territories.

We also need People to become organizers for their areas and create localized events to uncertainty amongst the investors for this project. #Chevron #WoodsideEnergyInternational #TransCanada #CanadianGovernment #BCgovernment #RBC #GetemdoneContracting

We are also looking for solid researchers to help assemble a more comprehensive list of investors, contractors, subcontractors, and government agencies who are attempting to enable these #GlobalCriminals. This comprehensive list will be used as major campaign points for rallues between now and the Spring if 2017.

We've been fighting many proposed pipelines for the past 7 years and the dirtiest of the petroleum companies (Chevron & TransCanada) are who is left of our foes on the battlefield."

"Despite the destructive criticism of the weak remember that it has always been the constructive criticism of the strong who helped you get this far. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are unbeatable."



Thursday, October 20, 2016

Anonymous is Pissed at Corrupted Media- LET THE TRUTH UNITE!!

#Anonymous is Pissed at #Corrupted #Media- LET THE #TRUTH #UNITE!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Climate Warriors- Start MAKING your SIGNS and Get Ready to MARCH!!

Posters and leaflets are available for pick up from the Wilderness Committee office at 46 East 6th Avenue (near Main and Kingsway). We will do our best to ensure a steady supply but it's probably a good idea to call ahead (604-683-8220) and make sure there are some available.

WC has very generously contributed almost 2000 posters and 2000 leaflets but they won't be able to print any more so kindly refrain from asking them. If your group or organization wants to print their own. please message us directly through the Climate Convergence FB page and we will be happy to email you the pdfs.

We'll also have them at our next Organizing Meeting, Wednesday Oct 19th @Langara College room B144 from 7:00 to 9:00pm and every subsequent meeting.

Copied and Shared from
Prime Minister Trudeau’s decision on Kinder Morgan is fast approaching. Now more than ever we need a show of force to show that – no matter his choice – this region will do whatever it takes to stop this pipeline. We need to bring the spirit of Standing Rock, where Indigenous-led grassroots opposition stopped a pipeline, to the West Coast.

We will start with a brief rally at City Hall followed by a march across the Cambie Street Bridge and end at Library Square with speakers and music. This will be a family friendly event with The Peace Bearers marshalling the march. Further details addressing accessibility are coming soon.

We’re launching a “Take the Pledge” campaign to prepare for escalating actions in the event Trudeau's cabinet approves the Kinder Morgan pipeline at the end of December. People will be able to sign the pledge and commit to supporting whatever action is necessary to stop the pipeline including peaceful civil disobedience. On November 19th we will conduct a mass public pledge to demonstrate to cabinet the scale of opposition they are facing if they attempt to move forward with Kinder Morgan. If Trudeau wants Clayoquot Sound 2.0 in the middle of Metro Vancouver – he’ll get it.

This event takes place on the traditional, unceded, occupied territories of the səlil̓wətaʔɬ (Tsleil-Waututh), Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish), and xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam) Nations.

More details coming soon...

Next Organizing Meeting
Wednesday, October 19th
7:00 to 9:00pm
Room B144 at Langara College

All groups, organizations and individuals who want to contribute to the organizing and building of this mobilization are welcome to attend.

You can also message us directly through the Climate Convergence Facebook page to get more information on how to get involved.

Art Build: Stop Kinder Morgan: No Consent, No Pipeline.

The Kinder Morgan TransMountain pipeline decision is expected on or before December 19th. It is time to organize, mobilize, and show resistance to this tarsands pipeline. We will be building props and banners to show creative resistance and create iconic images demonstrating that this project cannot go through.

More information about the November 19th march here:

Come one, come all! This coast and the climate need you. Now is a crucial time to show up, and get creative.

Art Build will be October 22nd 1-6 PM at 1726 Commercial Drive, buzzer on the lefthand side.

Wear clothes that you feel comfortable getting paint on. Bring banner supplies and paints if you have any, do not fret if you don't.

The space is up a flight of 14 stairs, and has twist knobs. Please post on event page if we can help with accessibility in any way. Currently, childcare is unavailable- however children are welcome. If anyone has experience with childcare please contact the organizers.

This event is happening on the unceded and occupied territories of the Musqueam Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh people.

Please #SaveMyCoast