Friday, January 28, 2011

Hurry Sign the Petition to Stop the Meter!!

Social Media Super Hero

Stop the Meter on Our Internet Usage

This is so important, please read and sign this really important petition and help protect our access to creativity and knowledge, freedom and power!!

The more I think about this it's really frightening, because it's all about the people with money controlling it all and having access to it all. It's expensive now for the internet and now less people will have access, poorer people will have less or no access and so people are less empowered.

Please Please really think about the implications of this and watch my Social Media Super Hero video because it talks about the power of Social Media. We can unite and try to solve so many of the worlds issues, but if we can't talk or make videos or put up photos because it cost too much, well the thought is too sad and overwhelming for me to dwell on at this moment. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION AND GET ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO SIGN IT TOO!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Fonts on Blogger!!

I`m having so much fun with the new fonts on blogger. Changing all my backgrounds and fonts on about 7 of my blogs today! Lots of fun. Check my blog roll at the bottom of this page to see my other blogs. Oh and I made a new video today to promote myself for Social Media Super Hero. I`m quite proud of it, I wanted to let people know about the social media services that I offer. Busy day! :)

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I recorded a video today that will explain everything. Please check it out!
Thanks, Tina :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Let's Get This Party Started!! Happy Birthday!!

Whoo hoo!Let's get this party started. With the Beatles Happy Birthday to you, what could be more appropriate than that eh!! To Kevin today( my long lost twin ;)), and Lauri yesterday and to me!! Wowee! we're almost half way there eh!! If we are justing aiming for 100 that is, but me I'm going for 108, don't know about you guys!!

Today though I'm limping around like an old woman. Hurt my leg trying to lift a TV by myself, silly me. Reminding me I'm not the spring chicken I was...but I still doing fine.

Up so early, I was supposed to finish all my organizing this week, but was tired Friday, and opened the Birthday wine early, Lauri gave me, and had a glass, while nibbled olives, hummus and crackers and then repeated all this Saturday night while watching Harry Potter with Angel last night as I started celebrating early.

Needless to say I'm up at the crack of dawn, already had a long hot bath, my coffee and now plan to put away all the rest of the boxes before company arrives today to take me out to lunch.

I'm so excited. So this is my birthday, Jan23/2011. Happy Birthday to me!! Dada, Dada, da da dada!! Do Do, Do do, do, do, do. I LOVE THE BEATLES!!

Thank you God, and the Universe and all the positive powers that be for all the blessing given to me. It's a beautiful life!! Gracias!!

"Don't ever say I didn't throw you a party!!"

So it was my best friend's birthday yesterday. Her birthday is the day before mine and we've known each other since high school (over 30 years!)

She had been planning to go to the valley to see some friends but the plans we canceled because someone was ill so she said she was coming to town!! Panic, I have been so busy unpacking and re-organizing that I hadn't got out to get her present. I was planning to do it later that day.

Instead I had a BRILLIANT IDEA!! I went to the freshly organized birthday box and found a thing that pops confette and stuff everywhere...and a goody bag and a couple of balloons, and 2 fancy straws that have little umbrellas attached, and some candles.

I quickly put them together and wrapped it with a ribbon, and made a card.

When she came in I wished her a "Happy Birthday" and after she'd taken her coat off, I told her," I'm going to throw something to you and you have to catch it!!"

She smiled and said "Okay", with puzzled look!

I tossed her the bag and she caught it.

"There now", I said..."Don't ever say I didn't throw you a party!!"
Ha! Ha! and we both laughed. Then she went through it all and we laughed, oh ya I had even put in a couple streamers and a little silver Happy Birthday banner. I turned out really good. I may package my idea!! :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Video's Pressing for Social Housing

I can't embed these videos but you can see them on Youtube and on the Nelson Post. Since I used to live in a Co-op I can tell you that this is a very important issue.
Housing everywhere is a serious crisis and well I just love the way she addresses it in the videos. It's very inspiring and I'm going to think about ways that I could try to create something similar.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King- "I have a dream"

I honor of Martin Luther King Day I am posting his "I have a dream" speech.
I hope you all listen carefully. This was made in 1963, I was one.

Download Dub FX videos and mp3 from
Filmed by

Isn't is that so true, that when someone knows and loves you, that just their voice can soothe your pain. Really love the talent this man has.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Check out my link for Zententions,
and be sure to check out Zententions on Facebook and at their website

Really great visualization video on facebook.


This is a great video to pump you up!! I felt so great after watching this. I also felt inspired to create a personal video like this and one for Angel.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Music Rewards the Brain!!

This is a great article, I was just having a conversation about this very subject this morning. Here is a bit of what the article says:

"The brain substance (dopamine) is involved both in anticipating a particularly thrilling musical moment and in feeling the rush from it, researchers found."

"The study used only instrumental music, showing that voices aren't necessary to produce the dopamine response, Salimpoor said. It will take further work to study how voices might contribute to the pleasure effect, she said."

"Music isn't the only cultural experience that affects the brain's reward circuitry. Other researchers recently showed a link when people studied artwork."

Read the whole article "Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll: Music rewards brain like sex or illegal drugs, researchers find" By Malcolm Ritter, The Associated Press | The Canadian Press here

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Blackberry is not Working!!

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011

This sooooooooooo funny!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Life or Something Like It! - Satisfaction!!

I just Love this movie- Life or Something Like It!! It's so cool, now that we got our stuff out of storage, I have all these videos...and we are just watching this tonight. Love this song and I LOVE it in this movie!

Thanks to the Rolling Stones for this song and to Angelina for her version.