Sunday, April 23, 2023

Muralist Available

 Have brushes, Will Travel!πŸ§œπŸŒπŸŒŽπŸŒπŸŒžπŸŒπŸ’•πŸ˜ŽπŸŒˆπŸ–️🏝️🏞️πŸŒ΄πŸ¦‹πŸžπŸπŸŽ¨πŸ–Ό️πŸ–Œ️

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Puppy Portraits Available

 Puppy Portraits Available

Must Love Dogs Paintings 

Would you like a painting of your dog. 

I am going to offer this service. The cost will be $50 cdn for a 7"x9" painting. 

Shipping is not incl. 

I will let you know shortly the price. 

You will need to send me a few photos of your pup, preferably in good light. And I will paint it and then ship you the painting. 

Stay tuned. 




I may offer to photograph your dog for an extra fee. Maybe we can have a meet and greet at a doggy park and I will photograph a bunch at once. We will see. Just working it out. Dm if you are interested. Shipping will only be in Canada for now.

















Sunday, April 2, 2023

Give Me Back My Tax Refund Now!

WHY IS THE CRA CLOSED at night. They are so useless. Rob from poor, give to Rich. This HAS to STOP!!! YOU can never get through

Justin Trudeau

 United Nations Human Rights 

Diana Day - Indigenous Advocate for the People 

BC Nurses' Union 

UN Women 

They took my tax refund. All the money I have. They said I double dipped

I didn't 

Justin you said you would be there for us

I was a nanny. No one would hire me... because I am 60. They didn't want to kill the nanny. I wasn't supposed to be around kids. I have a responsibility to LIVE. I have a daughter. I am her only closest family and Covid forced apart because I am 40 years older than here

IE was not working in the beginning. I have news stories and my own  of people freaking because the offices were FLOODED with calls. 

I couldn't contact the CRA because I have no money

I cost me under $3000 to live the 6 months in Mexico (without tix) the tickets wiped me out. 

I HAD money SAVED before Covid.

I had $5000

I had dreams

I raised my daughter ALONE

I contributed to the this country in many many ways and basically now I think because I don't own land and don't  pull in the big bucks now you would rather I die. 


And this IS Canada's problem. It does not LOVE it's LIFEGIVERS

It treats us horribly ESPECIALLY if we chose to go it ALONE


We should have the love and support of our family and friends and neighbors but people abandon you because they don't want your problems. They have there own

I should be able to forage and build shelter and care for myself. That knowledge has be stolen from me

People in Mexico don't abandon you. They help you. They check in on you. And they love their families

I am lost here..lost among all the other souls you and everyone have abandoned because we don't make $30,000 a year or more.

So many people like me suffering because $2700 for an apt a month and I can live in Mexico 6 months on that.

That apt was $630 in 1995 when I lived there.

And you are complaining about people crossing the border

 It was you brought in 25,000 Syrians, I know I supported you because I didn't want them to live in a war

But don't you see it's flipping, really bad things ARE happening here because YOU ARE ONLY CATERING TO RICH, and abandoning Mothers and children, especially the ones with out husband

Society is sick. Mothers and children are what this life is about but Patriarchy would rather use us, abuse and abandon us. 

I worked my whole life out of highschool, I got tendonitis, wCB would not retrain me. I had to borrow 24,000 in student loans and later $11,000 for fraudulent courses, who did not teach what they promised

You pushed me into poverty and then at 39 I get my chance to have a baby and hopefully a family, you treat me horribly and force me into poverty again

So sick of the #Patriachy 


I want #SocialJusticeNow

I want me TAX REFUND BACK because I have no money and I would rather die than be abused by the welfare system AGAIN. 

I get $243 CPP a month

That's all. 

I can't even eat here on that. 

Men make way more because they contributed all their lives but I worked but never made what many men made and I went to school and had a child and homeschooled her

The only time I made good money $45000 a year 1995, YOU took $10,000 in taxes

And the male owned and dominated mapping company I worked for  DOWNSIZED Me and hired 2 kids they could pay have what I made

I am tired

So tired of being abandoned and abused.

This is Canada

Not some beautiful loving place that they tell you. If you are thinking of immigrating I understand the terrible things you face in your country but they treat people terrible here

But here's the gist

Immigrants come here and get more money to live on than many born and raised here

Things will change

The choice is everyones

I am so sick of Canada. If I could move to Mexico I would but all cost money and I didn't marry my kids father because technically he still was married and because if I did, when I went to MΓ©xico, he could have kept her, and if I tried to take her, it would be considered kidnapping

You and the ridiculous rules force us into poverty

We are women I AM AN INDIGENOUS WOMAN Metis, and that was all buried and hidden BECAUSE it was and STILL IS DANAGEROUS to be Metis. Google it..research it..they called us "Halfbreeds, and the Europeans and others came and stole our lands and forced to leave our homes, 

What happened to the land my Gr. Gr grandfather had. I am so sad when I think what might of happened. I am only learning now one of my gr uncles went to war. I knew someone called uncle Jimmy did because my mom gave me his Rosary. She said he had it in the trenches..but I was missing a bunch of info

My family contributed to your so called Canada but his land was stole by the Hudson Bay and others

It's taken years to find this info

And I did it so my kid could know who she was

And in the end I had to tell her the TRUTH. She already knew

She heard it her whole life because she is half Mexican and we know how the US treats Mexicans..and all the horrible children in cages stories

Wake up. Please wake up. You are on the wrong path. Many Canadian women don't have babies BECAUSE they know there is NO SUPPORT. So they wait and wait , some it's TOO late,  some like me are blessed at 40 to have a baby but forced in poverty BECAUSE I WANTED TO RAISE HER and not a nanny

World sperm count is going down, you know that right

Mother Earth done with us

I was a nanny, in the end the little girl started calling me mommyπŸ€”πŸ€¨πŸ˜’

And how many Filipino women come here as nannies because their life in the Philippines is horrible

And why is that .. because they have been invaded and warred on and  rich white men go there and abuse vulnerable women

So women come here and raise our babies to send money home to help their families

Society is breaking down because women are forced in into submission by our current Patriarchal society

We are supposed to work together, help each other, support each other, to raise healthy living kids

Take a look around

The kids are NOT ok and people OD or take their lives daily.

Give me my money NOW. 

AND help people who ACTUALLY need it and stop catering to the Oligarchy, force the billionaires to give back the money..and stop destroying other countries and our own digging , mining , damming and polluting Mother Earth

It's only a matter of time now, either we change or she will do it for us.

Climate Change is real. The kids were rising but that's when the  higher ups shut it down with Covid. See the bigger picture. Remember the Boeing plane crashes, we lost a lot of activists

But everyone forget..

They know that

Just like my whole INDIGENOUS family history was buried

But I dug it up.

I am here to tell you















. But forcing me to quarantine really damaged my mental and made impossible to live with any family as they all have health issues and EVERYONE was so paranoid