Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Huracan Agatha 2022 #4 (It's bad) Zipolite

 Here are a bunch of photos that show the damage. I know how the Zipolitians come together to clean up but I know what a hardship this will cause for many. Keep them in your hearts and prayers and think of ways you can help. I have seen a photo of friends but no word for many yet. Waiting. 

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Mi Vida Aqui #10

Mi Vida Aqu #9

Mi Vida Aqui # 7

Mi Vida Aqui #5


Another video from Mi Vida Series


Change the Energy

 Recently my beloved Zipolite has been getting some very bad press. 

Poor Zipolite. 

It's been hammered the last 20 years + with hurricanes, fires, tons of development, airbnbs invasions and now our beautiful Matriarch Gloria passed and all hell broke loose. Which we knew would happen but it's still sad and needs to be addressed. 

Gloria and I, we tried to add our 2 cents about 5 years ago and well we got shut down real fast. I backed off. I was concerned for my kid. I took her there many times during her life. Here she was 15 and some things we saw were definitely not appropriate....not anything like I heard and read in the New York Times. 

Wow, Zipolite was supposed to be famous for it's openess and beauty but not orgies and who knows what else. Que Triste!! 

So I am going to work on changing the energy and share a bunch of stuff. Try to raise the vibration in the positive direction. I hope you enjoy my posts. 

Here goes Some are old videos that just have not had many views because I did not share them much. Everything changed and I took a year off so that changed a bunch of stuff...

Barely been on here...so we shall see. 

New Video: Mi Vida Aqui y Mas

 Hey heh hey!!

Very cool to be back. 

My gosh. Hard to type. Been a while. I have been on my phone and tablet but never my laptop. Need practice. Well my darlings...here is a treat if you been missing the ole Zipolite that I love and some other places thrown in that you know well or may want to. A trip down memory lane for me. 

I haven't made a video in ages. Need to brush up and my blogging. I always loved Blogger. My sweetie. Always easy for me. Wordpress and I have just never been best buds...even though I tried.

I will post a few more videos. Try to jazz this old blog up...bring it back to life maybe. It's been taking a bit of a nap...but I feel it yawning....

Okay have a nice day!