Tuesday, June 30, 2015

We Know You Want to Be Canadian!!!


Did you quit your job? Need a new one?

Maybe you can find one here at Granville Island.  

I just updated the I Heart Granville Island Job Board. 

Good Luck and may you find something better!! :D
May it pay a fair wage and give you respect and great appreciation.
Sending love and light! 


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Greek Days on Broadway 2015


So much fun, the highlight was Medusa!!
What made it so special was Angel was shy and did not want to butt into line and I was telling her to get in there but all these people kept going and Angel was backing up...Medusa was fabulous though.
With out speaking she used her arms and body language to make the people stop and wait and waved for Angel to come and we got a great photo. THANK YOU!!

You made my day!! This was really special because it made me remember the great times we had in Mexico on Dia del Los Muertos when people in the Zocalo dress as statues and you can have you photo taken with them. So MUCH FUN!! And it really captures the moment and memories.

Here is a video of the day! It started out so hot but then became overcast which was fine because it meant we could stay longer, otherwise it was too much with all the people and heat.

Great Day!! Thanks to Everyone for all there hard work. It was fantastic. Now I just want to chill out and watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding!! :D

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2015

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2015

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2015

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2015

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2015

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2015

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2015

Saturday, June 27, 2015

"This isn't Dances with Salmon you know!!"

What does it mean to be young and aboriginal Indigneous in 2015?


"There are a lot of stereotypes out there - something host Lisa Charleyboy has experienced first hand. A self-described 'urban native girl' living in Vancouver, Lisa is often asked to prove just how 'native' she is... by both indigenous and non-indigenous peoples.  "

"This isn't Dances with Salmon you know!!"

Wow, been years since I have seen this movie, I am going to watch it tonight!! This is so sad here...but I love it! Having been raised being told I was a French Canadian Indian, I said to my mom one day, when I was trying to understand my heritage because I wanted to explain it to my child.

I said "Mom, who's the French, who's the Canadian, and who's the Indian?" she laughed. No, no, no, my dear, they are all one. She was speaking about my Metis heritage. But it had something to do with the census or something and they weren't allowed to write...something and that's how it was written down. That's what I remember. My mom has passed and I don't have too much info.

But I do know my Great Great Grandma was Songhee and then I believe it was my Great Grandpa that was Metis or it was my Grandma- it's confusing as the archives are hard to figure out and my aunt said it was the Grandpa but I think the archives show it was my grandma...anyways it's in there.

So what will it be like for my daughter to grow up with First Nations heritage in 2015.
Well one thing is, she was honored in a lovely ceremony for Graduating Grade 7. It was called a Moving On Ceremony and it was very thoughtful and meaningful and I felt very blessed we went to it.

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2015

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2015

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2015

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2015

I have taken Angel to the Pipeline Rally and The Coast is Toast so she has a good understanding of how everything is playing out in this world. We followed Burnaby Mountain closely, she's heard of the Highway of Tears and about the trauma caused by the horrific crimes against children in the Residential schools.

I explained about Paige and we both were very heartbroken and sad that a child was treated this way.

What part my child will play in it all this only the future knows.

What I do know is she loves nature and cares deeply about it and people. I just pray that we get it together and change things so that she can grow up in a healthier place with no GMO, no more Global Warming, a greener world..that she will be one of The Changerz http://thechangerz.blogspot.ca/

That's what I hope for her. And not one where you need to prove your First Nations or Aboriginal which one person at the Moving on Ceremony said is a misnomer because was are ALL Indigenous!! We need to all work together to save mankind and the inhabitants of the Earth, because we need the Earth, she doesn't need us.


One thing I know, she'd definitely turn down any blood money from Kinder Morgan in the form of a scholarship. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/kinder-morgan-donation-scholarships-refused-by-kwantlen-students-1.3129523 #StopKinderMorgan #StopThePipeline #NoTankers #SaveOurCoast
Update: Friday June 26, 2015

I felt that this article is super important and so I wanted to add it here.
Note: Be sure to listen to the podcast!

'Miss Indian, what?'

Feeling Stressed? Chill out with Jin Shin Jyutsu!!

Feeling stressed, worried, upset- Try This!!

My dear friend and former co-worker shared this wonderful simple video  featured above on her Facebook page - it demonstrates how to easily calm yourself. Check out her website here.

Suzy offers a variety of therapy treatments to help you feel better
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Friday, June 26, 2015

Who's a Sociopath? and How to Protect Yourself!

We've all met sociopaths. Unfortunately sometimes they hold a place of power in your life, whether they are your employer, your teacher, a spouse or someone you thought was your friend. Sociopaths are people that you need to be aware of so you can protect yourself from their toxic energy.


"Very little of what they say actually checks out in terms of facts or reality, but they're extremely skillful at making the things they say sound believable,"

Taken from the fascinating book, The Sociopath Next Door, which says that 4% of the population are sociopaths.

10 signs for spotting a sociopath

#1) Sociopaths are charming.

#2) Sociopaths are more spontaneous and intense than other people

#3) Sociopaths are incapable of feeling shame, guilt or remorse.

#4) Sociopaths invent outrageous lies about their experiences.

#5) Sociopaths seek to dominate others and "win" at all costs.

#6) Sociopaths tend to be highly intelligent

#7) Sociopaths are incapable of love 

#8) Sociopaths speak poetically

#9) Sociopaths never apologize.

#10) Sociopaths are delusional and literally believe that what they say becomes truth

That's how sociopaths operate. As they're speaking, they capture your imagination and sound reasonable, even authoritative. But in the clear light of day, what they are actually saying is absurd... even dangerous.

How To Survive a Sociopath Boss


Trust your instincts. Martha Stout’s research shows that statistically, the odds you are dealing with a sociopath are higher than you may think. When a boss starts to publicly castigate you (or others) for mistakes you didn’t actually make, take note. When joking becomes sarcastic, one or two individuals are perpetually targeted, or a boss maliciously plays team members against each other, there may be a deeper issue at play. Take notes, and proceed with caution.

Keep Records. A true sociopath generally operates one on one, and thrives on situations they can turn into a “he said/she said” scenario after the fact. To the extent you can document instructions and commitments in email (or even through recordings, if you are careful) you will be further ahead.

Call the person out and defend yourself (carefully). If you can do so calmly and without losing your temper, stop the meeting, stop the discussion, set a one on one appointment with the individual in question, and do whatever else is necessary to hold your ground and avoid becoming a pawn. This will send the message that you’re not a victim to be played or walked over. Proceed with care—the effort to defend yourself could backfire if it makes you an even bigger target, or allows a mean-spirited boss to view you (or paint you) as disrespectful or uncooperative—but ultimately, you will be better off for having carefully defended the boundary that you are not willing to be treated unfairly or “played”.

Never, ever trust that person again. Sociopaths are a breed of leopards that will not (and cannot) change their spots. They may be smooth and persuasive; they may promise you anything—but once a person like this has been unveiled, avoid at all costs any scenario that forces you to work with them again.

Leave. If the organization is unable or unwilling to deal with the situation, your only hope is to leave. This is a scenario that occurs with surprising frequency—it is hard for an organization to fathom that a single individual could be at the core of so much harm, or the company may fear the repercussions of firing a person whose propensity for sabotage is known to be strong. In any case, if you are unable to move or transfer and the company is unwilling to deal with the individual directly, your most productive choice will likely be to move on.

Provide help and support for others. If you’ve survived a situation like this, you are in a uniquely beneficial position to help and support others. This, too, will be a favorable outcome of the hard won experience you’ve gained.

So if you’ve met or experienced a full-on sociopath in the workplace (and statistically the odds are high there’ve been several) treat the situation with care. Move yourself as speedily as possible to the point you can remember what you learned—and perhaps even laugh about the memory—as you put it as quickly as possible into the far distant past.

How to Deal With a Sociopath


Recognize the signs that someone is sociopathic. Sociopaths have a personality disorder that prevents them from feeling empathy for others. Although they often seem friendly and likable, they use their charm to get people to do things for them. The following traits are common among sociopaths:[1]
  • Superficial charm; everyone seems to like them.
  • Lack of remorse; they don't feel guilty when they've done something wrong.
  • Lack of empathy; they don't seem to care when someone else is hurt.
  • Propensity to lie; they do it casually, like it's nothing.
  • Incapacity for love; those closest to them realize something is missing.
  • Egocentricity; they light up when they're the center of attention.
  • Delusions of grandeur; they often perceive themselves as superior to others.

Understand what drives a sociopath.
Realize that sociopaths are expert manipulators. 
Don't expect a sociopath to care about your feelings.
To deal with a sociopath, think like one.
Consider avoiding the person completely.
Put up your guard.
Be skeptical about anything the person tells you.
Carry on a neutral conversation. 
Never share personal information.
Avoid talking about what makes you happy or upset. 
  • Avoid complaining, since any information about your weaknesses, things that cause you mental, emotional or psychological pain, or anything that annoys, bothers or hurts you they will use as arsenal to terrorize you.
  • Don't let the person know when your feelings are hurt. The sociopath will be more likely to repeat the behavior so you'll get hurt again. 
Keep your cards close to your chest
Show the sociopath that you're on to him or her. 

Do not become indebted to a sociopath.
Document harassment if it takes place.

If you feel the person is trying to undermine you, it's important to start collecting evidence. Since sociopaths are often quite popular, you might find yourself in a situation where no one believes you unless you have proof that you're being wronged. Save emails and other correspondence so you can share it with the other parties involved if need be   


Why We Get Depressed by Shi! I needed this!

Very Powerful and Wise Words spoken so eloquently.  So grateful for this as I needed reminding. It's been a rough week. I quit my job. I had to but will not explain here, let's just say it was an unhealthy situation and I had to remove myself. That said, to be unemployed, even temporarily is scary. But when I put on my "happy face" I am not unemployed, I am just self employed again.

I feel the need to paint. I have lots of great ideas that I haven't been able to focus on because of work and life issues but now I am going to make time. 

Depression exists for a reason.
Many of the great thinkers and artists of our time created light because they knew dark.
Posted by Shi on Thursday, June 25, 2015

This is a wonderful video especially because we just saw Inside Out and that's a GREAT movie.

Really beautiful and the short Lava was also very moving.

I don't know if it was the solar flare /storm or the solstice but there is sure a lot of energy out there and trying to harness it and embrace it can be a challenge. If you are struggling as I am, I send you love and light and many prayers that we shall rise to our challenges and enlighten others...as Shi says "It's our job!!"  So now I have a new job...I was employed by the Universe/God/Life all along...I just didn't really recognize it. I had inklings of it but so nice to have someone describe it so clearly. Thank you Shi!!

Stay tuned to see more creative things coming from me soon!! :D It's going to be the BEST SUMMER EVER!! Right?  ;)

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pacific Rim Kite Festival- Vanier Park-Kitsilano June 13-14

Don't miss the Pacific Rim Kite Festival- June 13-14
We had a blast today!! Be sure to go down and check it out tomorrow!


\Ilea- Looking Glass -http://www.lookingglasspainting.com
Wow, so blessed to get Angel's face painted by such a talented makeup artist.
\Ilea- Looking Glass -http://www.lookingglasspainting.com


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Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2015

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Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2015

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2015

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2015

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2015

Toast the Coast Before the Coast is Toast!!!

 We were very privileged to attend the  

"Toast the Coast Before the Coast is Toast!!!"

 Beautiful how things fall into place. We couldn't stay long but we were very fortunate speak briefly with Takaiya Blaney  http://www.takaiyablaney.com/

She was just sitting on the bridge as we arrived. 

I got all shy, she looked so beautiful, her and her friend in their regalia, I should have asked for a photo but I failed. :(

Here is the one I took. Ta'kaiya is sitting with back to us, with long braid. She is so wise. You can hear her speak here.

Ta'Kaiya - Unify- June 17-No Pipelines Rally


Why Enbridge is afraid of Ta'Kaiya Blaney


Ta'Kaiya Blaney - Intervention @ UN Full Address May 16



Today's event was called Toast the Coast Before the Coast is Toast and it runs from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. It's being held to raise awareness about the ecological danger of new pipelines and the sharp increase in tanker traffic that will occur if they're ever built.

"Shell is right now moving its Arctic fleet into position to begin drilling for oil in Alaska's ice-covered waters—oil they want to eventually ship in super-tankers South along the coast," the Toast the Coast web page states.

One of the speakers will be Oscar-winning actor Jane Fonda, who's been a vociferous critic of Shell's plans.

Toast the Coast will also showcase First Nations artist Roy Henry Vickers' large piece of art depicting a salmon. It's a reflection of the important role that indigenous people are playing in the fight to save the planet.

First Nations artist Roy Henry Vickers

First Nations artist Roy Henry Vickers
 Here are a few photos of the Jane Fonda- I couldn't believe she was actually here and I was videoing.

Her speech was passionate and totally right on. We need everyone we can to speak out and I so grateful she has joined the cause. Save Our Coast- or as they have stated  Toast the Coast Before the Coast is Toast!!! 

Jane Fonda- speaking at Toast the Coast- Jericho Beach, Vancouver BC - June 13/2015

Jane Fonda- speaking at Toast the Coast- Jericho Beach, Vancouver BC - June 13/2015

Jane Fonda- speaking at Toast the Coast- Jericho Beach, Vancouver BC - June 13/2015
 Toast the Coast celebration at Jericho Beach reflects Greenpeace's grassroots approach

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Toast the Coast

When: June 13
Time: 4 p.m. to twilight
Where: Jericho Beach, 875 Point Grey Road
Cost: Free
For more information, visit the Facebook page.

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Looking for Work on Granville Island?

Hey if you need a job and live near Granville Island- you might want to take at look at the new job board I just made on I Heart Granville Island blog/website


Here is the link to the job board that I created. With a busy summer ahead of us there is definitely a need for good workers.

Check it out!

Granville Island Jobs-Vancouver BC Canada

Good Luck! I wish you prosperity!!
#jobs #careers #employment #summerjobs #work

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Residential Schools- Cultural Genocide and Assimilation

Here is the acknowledgement about the horrible evil things that happened in the Residential schools in Canada.  Makes me sick, sad and angry. How could people treat them like that? How could they treat children like that? It's so hard to believe that is why people denied it but now it's out and people must acknowledge this disgusting dark truth about Canada.

Sadly many people still deny this sad history. I pray there will be healing but it will take many many generations and we will have to all work together. It can happen, if we all work together for the environment and for the greater good of all people but Mother Earth comes first and that's in the soul of every indigenous soul.

If we can all love each other and treat each other with love and respect and educate each other, have deep empathy for each other. Hopefully the healing can start and continue but I haven't seen much healing...not on the DTES or on the Highway of Tears... it's not like this isn't all related and many other sad, dreadful events that I won't mention at the moment. 

It's going to take a lot of love, education, healing and time.

Think on this please
From Facebook - Meanwhile in Canada

"Imagine being taken from your parents at five years old and being beaten for speaking the only language you know. Imagine being subjected to terrible abuse and made to feel ashamed because your culture was different. Imagine being a parent and being threatened with jail if you didn't hand over your children to the system. Imagine being cut off from your children for ten years. What would that do to your heart and soul? How would that affect your family?"


"As Canadians, we need to come together in the spirit of human understanding and friendship and work side by side to heal the suffering caused and to create opportunities for real hope and a fair, equal chance at a healthy, prosperous future that respects cultural differences.

Let us all collectively commit to genuine change in our relations with the first peoples of this country. If we do this with the spirit of justice, respectful dialogue and a commitment to meaningful action then reconciliation and healing is absolutely possible."

Canadian Indian residential school system


Read the 94 recommendations here

Legacy of residential schools hits Twitter with #MyReconciliationIncludes


Here's two videos that may be of  help.