Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm having an Art Show- April 3-30 - Kitsilano

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**Oops! April only has 30 days, not 31. Guess I April Fooled myself! Have to fix my flyer!!

When: April 3-30
A Study in Black & White
Artworks by Zipolita

Where:  Bean Around the World
 1945 Cornwall  St.
Kitsilano, Vancouver B.C. 
It's so exciting. I've been working so hard on learning how to paint oils and now I get to show you all my hard work. In the last few days my painting has really improved and I was telling my sister that I feel like singing "By George, I think she's got it!" from "My Fair Lady" as things seem to be falling into place.

It's super cool because I don't know if you remember but this has all come above fairly suddenly and it's really a miracle or a bunch of them. Obviously I believe in angels, I have named my child Angel and well I ask for their help often and I see a lot of signs of confirmation too.

That may sound silly to some but for me, I believe.

Anyways in my Facebook there was a little saying like this, I really didn't think about the repost part, it was more the message and the timing. ;)

Now it was so cool because I had been planning to comfirm my display yesterday, and had not got around to calling when the manager called me to confirm. This made me so happy. I hadn't wanted to get my hopes up too high as I was supposed to have my display last month but it got pushed back a month. Which is fine, it gave me more time. Anyways the other cool thing was that before I went to bed I got an email from Kelowna, where I had answered a Call for Artists, and the lady there say my work was beautiful and was asking me how many pieces I had to see how much space I could fill. Isn't that absolutely fabulous.

So it's all happening, I just have to go with the flow. I also need more canvas and paints. I feel the need to paint bigger.

Please see more details and a map here.

Okay, have to run, my cherub wants a snack! 
I hope you will go down for a coffee and check it out! Thanks!

A Study of Black & White- Art Show at Bean Around the World in Kitsilano by Artist Zipolita aka Tina Winterlik
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