Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What doesn't kill you makes you STRONGER!

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I can't help but cry and get the shivers when I watch it and yet it makes me smile. AMAZING VIDEO!!

I have a lot of questions about life lately, about my future and my child's--my possible future grandchildren...

 I've experienced some really dark things in my life and sometimes things could be quite dark even now, but I "feel the angels and spirits of my loved ones" holding me up and by "thinking positive thoughts" I get through tough times. God's LOVE protects me.  Choosing love creates love. Focusing on love helps love grow. I am so GRATEFUL for this knowledge and all the lessons in life I have learned. And some were very hard lessons. I am GRATEFUL for this beautiful life and my child and I THANK God and the Universe and all things positive, good and beautiful that I am here to share life's experiences with my child. I am so GRATEFUL for all my gifts and for the greatest gift of all ---my life.

This video is so AWESOME as it totally puts things in perspective and helps one realize how GREAT our lives are and how truly BLESSED we are. Have WONDERFUL DAY!

Be Sure to send out lots of love to all the BEAUTIFUL  people you meet today!

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