Thursday, October 17, 2013

Gone 40 years but never Forgotten!!

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2013!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

It's that date again. It comes every year. Sometimes it sneaks up or sometimes I'm very aware.

Tomorrow my dad will have be gone 40 years! :( Is that right? My gosh it's such a long time. Then it reminds me of my age. I was thinking that can't be right, I was 11 when he passed, not 10, then I remember I'm 51 not 50 and think WOW! where did the year go? Where have the years gone?

I miss my dad. I think of my mom more but only because I had her much longer. I miss them both a lot.  I really wish they were both here for Angel's sake. But life is what it is.

I am grateful for many of the things my dad did do for me. One great thing is he left me a lot of memories. He did it with his home movies.

And so to commemorate this day I am sharing this video.

I love you daddy! Thanks for the memories! 

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