Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Changerz- Who is that?

Well just a quick post as I have to get ready for bed. I was telling Angel about Vanuatu and the terrible cyclone that hit there. I was explaining they had some of the strongest winds ever recorded.

I told her how in BC here we have had the 2 warmest winters in 120 years.

I told her that it's up to her generation to turn things around because they are going to be the most affected.  It's a lot, she is just 12, so I showed her these links and all I can do is hope and pray she will take advantage, that you will all look, learn and share.  That somehow we can all form a community and work on making this place a better world for all living creatures.

If you check out the first few videos, you will get a sense of purpose.

This animation on this page is based on a vision I had in the early 90's

There is tons of great info on the Facebook page I created for this,

And the Pinterest page is really great too!

So please check out and share. If you are teacher I hope you will share this with your students. If you are a parent, I hope you will share it with your kids.

Who are The Changerz? We are! You & Me!

Here's the animation- Sadly- we as a community sucked at Earth Hour, I sure hope this apathy isn't a sign of the times.

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