Thursday, May 14, 2015

Vote for Constance Barnes!

Last night I was fortunate to meet Constance Barnes. She was so lovely and friendly and I am so happy that she is challenging Liberal Hedy Fry! I didn't know! Hurray there is hope!! Constance is my hero!

Now normally I am Green but for this I am voting NDP! Constance is for the people. Last night my friend asked who she was, I was like, that's Constance Barnes, she's like a celebrity! She really cares about the people and fights for them.

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I first became aware of her when I was following Jagrup's Welfare Challenge. She is a fine lady who has experienced hard times herself and has been on welfare. She knows the unfairness of the system and she can relate to others who have suffered the same challenges. Her dad Emery Barnes went on welfare many years ago to make a point about the unfairness of it. Sadly nothing has changed. This video is four years old and still nothing is changed, it's time for change!! I believe that Constance is one of  The Changerzz-

Please vote for her. Defeat Hedy Fry and let's get someone in here who will really make a difference and move forward in the positive ways that we need. 

Constance is a popular municipal leader and tourism professional with the experience and determination to deliver results as Vancouver Centre’s next MP.
She’s ready to get to work with Tom Mulcair’s NDP team to:
  • take back our coast by stopping environmentally-hazardous oil pipeline development projects;
  • tackle household debt with plans for affordable childcare and housing; and
  • defend public health care and reverse Harper’s $36-billion funding cut.
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Mom,Vancouver Centre NDP candidate. Partnership Director Classical Chinese Garden.Advocate $10 day Child Care Plan. Avid cyclist, lover of all things chocolate!

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