Sunday, October 23, 2016

Kiss Super Natural British Columbia Good-bye

Cry, scream in anguish, kiss the Indigenous people good-bye, it's been Canada's plan all along. When will people wake up, learn what is truly happening here. I get so overwhelmed I can't cope sometimes. I know and see the big picture, CAN YOU?

Justin Trudeau, Catherine Mckenna and Christy Clark WAKE UP!!
PEOPLE of Canada/Turtle Island- WAKE UP!!!

STOP lying to yourself, STOP lying to everyone. 
You know the truth, SPILLS CAN NOT BE CONTAINED!!

Do YOU want your child to PUKE brown goo- like in KALAMAZOO!!

JUSTIN, IT'S REAL! This isn't a joke, don't LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT is your REAL agenda?

Seriously, one has to ask?? The thought is to awful to think but I know I am not the first to consider it. Is the the GENOCIDE of Indigenous people being played out. WAS THIS SPILL ON PURPOSE??? Wipe out the salmon, the clam beds, take away all their resources...I FEEL SICK TO MY STOMACH!!! STOP THIS! 


Do the right thing or you will go down in history for the ugliest legacy, I PROMISE THAT!!

Why are you sacrificing children?? 

Are you ready for this???

Children vomiting brown goo? Burning eyes, never being able to put your hand in the water because it's losing money...millions being spent to (not completely ) clean up the deadly toxic dilbit. Listen to this video and the excellent points made in the videos below from the KinderMorgan hearing. Notice how it's KinderMorgan, before it was's all so sneaky, in the Amazon it was Texaco then it was Chevron..they will always pass the buck and it is the children, our children that will suffer. This is the BIG POINT I want to make, the Oil Companies make money cleaning up the spill. That was demonstrated at that Exxon Valdez spill. Let’s not forget how much it cost to (not completely) clean the Kalamazoo. The current price tag is $1.21 billion (and rising), making it the most expensive onshore oil spill in U.S. history.

The point of this blogpost is that Oil Companies MAKE MONEY off cleaning up their own spills.

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What WILL it take to Wake you up? MANY people including YOU, JUSTIN, love Tofino, imagine it covered in TOXIC DIESEL or even worse DILBIT!! IMAGINE it's your beautiful little children that will suffer, their food, fun, life, POISONED, imagine them PUKING BROWN GOO!! It's not a joke, it's a matter of time. YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY!! YOU PROMISED!!!

I BEG OF THE WORLD MAKE A STAND!! DO SOMETHING TO #SaveMyCoast, to save Super Natural British Columbia, to save the Indigenous Way of life and help us return to it. HELP US SAVE MOTHER EARTH. IT'S NOW OR NEVER...

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