Thursday, November 3, 2016

Survivors Totem Pole Raising -Pigeon Park-Nov 5 2016

Taking place on the unceded lands of the Musqueam, Squamish & Tsleil-Waututh peoples.

11:30pm: Gather at 401 Main Street, Carnegie Community Centre

12:00-5:00pm: Procession to Pigeon Park -- Potlach, Witnessing Ceremony & Intercommunity Storytelling; Refreshments and Entertainment


Come Celebrate With Us!

We humbly invite you to the raising of this historic:

Date: Saturday, November 5th, 2016
Please bring drums, regalia and banners
11:30am Gather at 401 Main Street, Carnegie Community Centre

12:00-5:00pm Procession to Pigeon Park, Potlach, Witnessing Ceremony & Intercommunity Storytelling; Fish Stes and Entertainment (Sawagi Taiko, Tzo'kam!, Sean Gunn, Sound Tribe, Red Circle, Linda Lojan, DJ Rex, Dani and Lizzy)

Accessibility information: Wheelchair accessibility, Chinese Translation, Elders and Disability Drop off area at North end of Carrall Street.

For more information: email

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From the Georgia Straight
Bernie Williams's Survivors' Totem Pole will be a symbol of hope for residents of the Downtown Eastside

This pole is for everybody: it represents the resilience of everyone who has faced racism, colonialism, sexism, LGBTQ-bashing, gentrification, and more,” Williams says. “These things have really affected this whole community. We want to let people that are moving into this area know that this is a great community, that we are still part of it, and we’re not going away.

“He taught me that I could always do better, and I strive to do better all the time,” she says. “This pole is bigger than anything I’ve done, but it’s not about accolades; it’s a huge testament of the people, of how they’ve all come together. This is not my project, this is all of ours. I was gifted with this ability, and when I was asked to do it, we did it together. I worked with nine indigenous women from across Canada and three indigenous men to carve the Survivors’ Pole. This is their first time carving a pole and they are excited.”

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