Tuesday, January 17, 2017

“Water is life,” said Coldwater Chief Lee Spahan

“Water is life,” said Coldwater Chief Lee Spahan in the press release. “My band’s situation is just like what the Standing Rock Sioux were facing — our primary source of drinking water is under threat and there is no need for it.”

“The existing Kinder Morgan pipeline was built through our reserve, and above our aquifer, at a time when it was illegal for us to vote or hire a lawyer,” Spahan stated in an email on Jan. 17. “Due to its location the expansion poses even greater risk to our drinking water.”

Here's a little poem I wrote for you.

What would you do if someone threatened your water supply.
If your kid's puked brown goo?
Like what happened in Kalamazoo.
Could happen to any of you...
Sadly it's very true.

So I ask of you
On this very day,
help donate and support
the cause in any way.

Do it for your kids,
and grandkids too,
I never want anyone to
puke brown goo
Do you?

Kiss Super Natural BC Good-bye

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