Friday, July 21, 2017

Been Busy...might take a break!

Hello Everyone,
I have been busy... and haven't had enough time to post everything I wanted to. That said it might be time for a break.

Everyone is out having fun or not...depending where you live. The fires up north, oh so awful, so sad. Fire triggers me after having been through the fire in Zipolite and my cabana burned.

I went to a Site C protest, I have video but never got it edited to where I was happy and then we had the Gathering of Canoes... here are a few videos but they don't do the event justice and I want to re-do these.

We were blessed and got free tix to Folk Fest so that was a lot of fun.

And some friends graciously invited us to Parksville and I got to go to Enos Lake and while we didn't actually get to where my great great grandfather and great great grandmother lived we could imagine they walk on that land. We also visited Parkville and Qualicum and Coombs were lots of fun and we went to the Cathedral forest so I have so much to show... but not enough time. I will post videos for that hopefully soon. I made one but it was just for family.

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Oh, and I cut my hair, if you know me that was a really big deal but it was very long, hot and heavy and I was overheated(I thought I was going to have a stroke or something...I was just so hot) and just finally did it and I am happy. Now I will grow it again.

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

I will make a bunch of videos later when I have a chance to catch my breath. Just been going and going it seems. July is always a busy month.

And the most recent is I made cards of my paintings and I will be selling them to raise funds so we can get down to Mexico.

So please for give me for not blogging more. There has been so many exciting changes with John Horgan getting in (I voted Green but happy Christy Clark is history. And today the CEO of BC hydro got fired so I pray Site C will be stopped. Praying lots of good changes are coming. John raised the welfare and disability a bit but it's not going to help the housing crisis or child poverty...has to go a lot higher with rents $1000 a month but we can hope...

I loved the swearing in ceremony, it was really beautiful with the dancing, drumming and singing.  We need #Reconcilaction was the message and I hope everyone was listening.

I will be going down there when I can and you should too!! Don't miss it!!

 I just want to ask everyone to make a donation to the RED CROSS as there are 43,000 people evacuated and 43 homes lost to fires. 

Tonight we have a little rain and I am very grateful as the smog from the fires has been bugging me and giving me itchy eyes and throat and it isn't even that bad compared to up north. Please say prayers that the fires go out and things calm and people can go home. 

Okay take care, hope your summer is going well. 
Sending love and light out to you all. 
Cheers, Tina

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