Monday, December 20, 2010

The Great Canadian Polar Bear Adventure!!

Really enjoying our Christmas Videos. We just moved and all our things have been in storage for over 2 years. So it's been quite the week unpacking and trying to get ready for Christmas.

The really cool part is I have all these videos that I collected when Angel was little, I also have lots of shows where I took out the commercials. So this is such a treat to watch these programs.

We are watching one, called the "The Great Canadian Polar Bear Adventure" and you know what I realized. I'm a Polar Bear. Polar Bear moms have to do it all on there own. They mate and then that's it, they have to have those babies and take care of them, feed them, teach them raise them, protect them. And the usually only have one. So that's me.

I'm just a Big White Polar Bear up in Canada...taking care of my little cub.

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