Thursday, December 2, 2010

Very Interesting Video, gives one a lot to think about.

Wow, the video about Leonard Da Vinci is so interesting. I have read about him in college in my art history courses and saw his exhibit when it was in Victoria, B.C. but what I loved about this is the re-enactment of his childhood, that he was just playing, experimenting in the countryside.

This is such a strong argument for homeschooling/unschooling.

Other points I liked were that if you have the will and drive to learn that you can and will at any stage of the game.

I love the part, and this is not the way to word it, but the fact that he was an "bastard" child...what a horrible nasty word, illegitimate but it sort of has the same connotations today as so many people look down on single moms/dads, and place some sort of blame. And that as a child, it is beyond their control, they had nothing to do with this.

And don't think that people don't use this word, as I have had that word thrown at my child, so I know first hand it is.

What I mean is that he overcame this stigma and produced such incredible and beautiful art as well as some many other amazing things.

Anyways when I get a chance I will watch the rest of the 9 episodes. I hope you will to.

**Update just noticed that this got a lot of views this week but the actual video wasn't there. I looked really hard for the video I watched and I believe it was this one. 

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