Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Don't ever say I didn't throw you a party!!"

So it was my best friend's birthday yesterday. Her birthday is the day before mine and we've known each other since high school (over 30 years!)

She had been planning to go to the valley to see some friends but the plans we canceled because someone was ill so she said she was coming to town!! Panic, I have been so busy unpacking and re-organizing that I hadn't got out to get her present. I was planning to do it later that day.

Instead I had a BRILLIANT IDEA!! I went to the freshly organized birthday box and found a thing that pops confette and stuff everywhere...and a goody bag and a couple of balloons, and 2 fancy straws that have little umbrellas attached, and some candles.

I quickly put them together and wrapped it with a ribbon, and made a card.

When she came in I wished her a "Happy Birthday" and after she'd taken her coat off, I told her," I'm going to throw something to you and you have to catch it!!"

She smiled and said "Okay", with puzzled look!

I tossed her the bag and she caught it.

"There now", I said..."Don't ever say I didn't throw you a party!!"
Ha! Ha! and we both laughed. Then she went through it all and we laughed, oh ya I had even put in a couple streamers and a little silver Happy Birthday banner. I turned out really good. I may package my idea!! :)

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