Sunday, January 23, 2011

Let's Get This Party Started!! Happy Birthday!!

Whoo hoo!Let's get this party started. With the Beatles Happy Birthday to you, what could be more appropriate than that eh!! To Kevin today( my long lost twin ;)), and Lauri yesterday and to me!! Wowee! we're almost half way there eh!! If we are justing aiming for 100 that is, but me I'm going for 108, don't know about you guys!!

Today though I'm limping around like an old woman. Hurt my leg trying to lift a TV by myself, silly me. Reminding me I'm not the spring chicken I was...but I still doing fine.

Up so early, I was supposed to finish all my organizing this week, but was tired Friday, and opened the Birthday wine early, Lauri gave me, and had a glass, while nibbled olives, hummus and crackers and then repeated all this Saturday night while watching Harry Potter with Angel last night as I started celebrating early.

Needless to say I'm up at the crack of dawn, already had a long hot bath, my coffee and now plan to put away all the rest of the boxes before company arrives today to take me out to lunch.

I'm so excited. So this is my birthday, Jan23/2011. Happy Birthday to me!! Dada, Dada, da da dada!! Do Do, Do do, do, do, do. I LOVE THE BEATLES!!

Thank you God, and the Universe and all the positive powers that be for all the blessing given to me. It's a beautiful life!! Gracias!!

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