Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Christmas Bureau Experience

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

It's been a tough year, tough for too many people. The world really is messed up lately and we see and hear more everyday. Especially with Social Media...we can help get an earful.

It's been a tough year for us. I was just thinking how glad I'm going to be to say good bye to 2011. While nice things did happen, we really struggled this year, harder that so many others in the past.

We dealt with so many issues. We had bedbugs. HOW ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! what a nightmare. They are gone now but there was endless sleepless nights of paranoia and exhaustion from fighting them and the fear that we would have to be sprayed with some terrible toxic chemical. We did it with steam and essential oils but it was hell all the same.

I got sick 2x with bad sinus and lymph gland infections that made me have earaches where I couldn't move my head, let alone stand up.

I couldn't get my Online Social Media Workshops off the ground because of these...and then I just burned out when I saw how flooded the market is with people learning Social Media.

We lost 2 loved ones in our extended family.

Anyways, this year pretty much sucked but I MUST count my blessings that yes, I had a roof over my head, and enough money to pay the bills but the very little for groceries- usually less than $200 a month...which makes it really hard and you have to be pretty creative.

That said some people have been super generous with their time and support and other things for us. So I am grateful, I'm just ready to say goodbye 2011.

Anyways, yesterday I made my way to the Christmas Bureau at 205 Victoria st, Vancouver, where I had to stand over an hour in the freezing cold. Why is that? 

Obviously people down on their luck are here, and then they are forced to stand outside in the cold for an hour. That's cruel isn't it. 

I almost left, but I wasn't there so much for the toys, I was there for the $50 gift certificate for groceries. Groceries have gone up so much...I would say almost double or at least a 1/3. (so if I had to stand there for an hour in the freezing cold to earn my $50 I was doing it)

When I spend $60 on groceries these days, I ask myself, "That's all!" and it was $60.

Anyways, I will tell you something else, it's slim pickings at the Christmas Bureau. Nothing for parents, and just a few gifts for the kid. Thank God we have family that will pick up the slack there. I really feel sorry for the kids that don't.

What I wanted to say was though, sure would be nice if they could set it up somewhere so the people could wait inside. I heard if you live in Burnaby, you get to go in Metrotown. So what gives?

At the very least can they set up a propane heater to keep the people warm...Could somebody donate that??  

Well I'm going to end this post, they are grinding the outside cement off my building...for 3 months now, ...I'M GOING CRAZY!!

I'm praying and projecting that next year will be the best ever.
I'll post my projections later. Until then I pray we all have a better next year, especially those of us that need it most.

Wishing you stress free HOLIDAY SEASON! and praying that all the Grinchy people that are hoarding all the money SHARE!

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