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Please I implore you to watch this. It's 1:19 minutes long but we need to share and educate each other. If you don't understand what GMO this will answer your questions.

Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMO's - Full Movie

It makes me want to cry, it makes me angry, confused and so frustated.

This year I lost a dear friend to pancreatic cancer. I don't know why! He was a healthy person, he spent so much time outside, exercised and he was so kind and gentle. He was a vegetarian and some how I just know that it was this GMO's that did it.

Monsanto and all the other chemical companies, I believe they are responsible. I think they killed my friend thru their soy products and who know what else. I know he always tried to eat organic but as you can see from this video we can't. Everything we eat is becoming or is genetically modified.

Even my mom, I think about it now, because she changed her diet and as she became more ill she was drinking more soy milk and taking more medicines to fight the illness. It's all connected. I used to blame it on malnutrion that she suffered as a child but it's so much bigger than this.

Please watch this video, the whole thing, and it will make you think so deeply.

We need to stand up and unite together and demand this to STOP!!

We need to demand FOOD FREEDOM.

 It's scary, what can one person do. One, we can share this video, keep talking about it, grow our own seed if you are so fortune to have land. We are in for the battle of our lives but if we don't... will our children survive?  Sadly the answer is "NO". We have to do this for our children and for future generations.

Please don't just leave this to the next person.  I know your busy, we all are but YOU are being called upon now to do what ever you have in your power to fight Monsanto and every other company that is creating GMO and forcing it into our food system.

This isn't a joke, it's not something to just leave to the next guy. We have the power of the internet, we can share this video and empower others. Keep up the pressure. Do what you can.

I feel powerless in so many ways. I have no land, no home, I can not grow my own seed AND I am forced to buy food that I don't know what's in it, or questionable food or food that I am sure has in it because I don't have the money not to. I have to feed my child. This film will scare the sh_t of you. It's the the terrifying truth.

But I can share and I can watch and educate myself and create conversations in the hope that YOU, yes YOU have the power to make the changes that you are capable of .

Together we must try. We MUST try!! It's the ONLY hope for our children. DO IT FOR YOUR KIDS! Do it for your family and friends and pets and all animals. We must try! Please try! Please!

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