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Vancouver Children's Festival 2013

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We made it to the Vancouver's Children's Festival today!! It's something we always look forward to and we have made it almost every year for 10 years except the 1st year and once we were living in Nelson.

We loved it when it was over in Vanier Park and we were sad to see it move. But they told us it was too expensive to put on the shows over there and it would be more affordable for all if they moved it to Granville Market.

But sadly that hasn't been true. With BC having the highest child poverty rate I hardly see who can afford to go except the privileged.  That said I don't know enough about the stats to really comment but I'll tell that we have never been ever able to afford to go to a show.

I remember hearing that they were going to lower the prices so that it was affordable to everyone. Granted the school children get in for a lower rate and don't have to pay themselves as the school pays, but since we have homeschooled most of the time we miss out there.

Last year when Angel did go to school the teacher chose a different time to take them to a play so they didn't get to go....but luckily I took her.

And I was so pleased that it was only $5 for her. I didn't have to pay. But this year something very different happened.

I should have known the day was going to start out as a bit of a stinker when we came upon this leaving home. LOL!

They raised the $8. Now I was sure that it was just for the child's activity wrist band but apparently it was adults too. I was really upset. Luckily I had the money but just the week before we wouldn't have been able to go and I know it would have really disappointed Angel.

When I commented on the Facebook page they said that "some people slipped past the volunteer last year" well that's not true. I paid at the main booth and if it was true then why did everyone in the activity tents let me in and not say anything. I don't like it. I must say I am really disappointed by the high prices. $16 for the two of us...and it was fun, granted but it's changed alot.

We could do our own facepainting if we wanted, which was always a big highlight. People could pay for professional to paint or do their own. Unfortunately the person that did it this year could not paint. Since Angel and I are both very artistic it was frustrating when we asked for a simple rainbow and clouds the girl did not even know the colours of the rainbow and well the clouds she did..Angel said a " 2 year old could have done better!"  They should just let us do our the old days.. much more fun.  Angel was gracious and thanked her..but...

That said we had fun. We loved the sock puppet but I heard they may not have it next year. I found there was much less to do this year and less people on stilts or jugglers wandering about...a few people dressed up but it's seems to have lost some of it's surprise and awe.

I guess it's all in the theatre performances...the ones we never make it too.

Well maybe next year we will try to save up for one at these prices
Featured Performances
Adult:  $25
Child:  $15

Variety Show
Adult:  $25
Child:  $22

Adult:  $25
Child:  $5

Pyjama Nights
Adult: $22
Child: $12

 well that's a lot of groceries that we  could use and since the price of food has gone way understand.

I guess my main beef is that they said that they were going to make it so everyone could afford it, this is certainly not true.

At $5 for the activity band I thought that was really fair because a mom with a few kids could do this...but at $8 a wristband and she or dad has to pay adds up.

With the new festivals being announced and all the beer gardens and stuff...where's the funding for the kids. If Vancouver wants to be known as a fun city then give the families a break and make it affordable....for all.  And to be truthful with so many very wealthy people any of them care about the kids..the future generation.

I just feel with us having to pay such high fees for the wristband we were help paying for some of those shows that other people get to see ...the ones we can't afford.

And here's a question if the Sponsors help out and put out all that cash where does it go.  The activity area can't be that expensive to run...a lot of it must be donated or that means they are paying for the shows... the ones that are supposed to be paid for by the expensive theatre tickets.

Power Smart was nice, they gave pencil crayons so kudos for that. And the sock puppet tent...I guess those socks add up...I'm just trying to figure out where the money goes for the activity area...

Anyways I guess we are lucky it was even on this year. For me it's sort of lost it's edge..Angel she still likes it...

There was one performer at the end, she made the day for us.."THE SMILEY FROGTOGRAPHER".if she hadn't been there well I don't think we really would have had such a great time. Thank you!!! :D

The Froggy Photographer- she really made our funny!

Here's the videos I made of this years event, please see the ones I created from previous years.

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(not sure why I left this unlisted- I think I wanted to chop it up and redo it but never got around to it)

These are from a few years back I think I may have had more but might have deleted some. This is when I would create a blog for every event we went to. Obviously my skills and equipment have improved so I wish I had more photos from years past to show you.
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