Thursday, November 7, 2013

Have You Been To The Food Bank Lately?

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So shit happens!  To all of us! Through no fault of our own, something comes out of left field and hits you right in the face!

Many people think that the people that are poor or homeless or hungry did something to deserve it. The truth is most just had some unfortunate chain of events mess up all their dreams and plans.

I'm trying really hard. I got into a funded program at Emily Carr and I am busting my buns to do a good job. This course is my ticket to freedom...freedom from poverty. Ever since I have had my child I can't seem to shake it.

We've gone to Mexico for 3 winters because it was cheaper to put everything in storage and try surviving there than it was to survive here.

Anyways back to the food bank. What do you think happens when you go. Do you think they have lots of milk and veggies and fruit and canned food. WRONG! Think again.

There is no milk or cheese. There are carrots, potatos but no greens, there are apples but nothing else.  Some of the food was outdated, but not by too much, a couple of the yams had bad spots and there was one green potato. At least there was some eggs

We had to go tonight. It's the first time I visited a food bank in Vancouver.  When we lived in Nelson, my child and I visited the food bank a few times. But often the food was outdated and I would rather go hungry than risk getting sick.  At the Nelson Food Bank there was a little more there, not much.

Tonight as we waited in line, I was told by someone waiting with us, that this was the luxury of foodbanks. So I had high hopes when I went in the door...those hopes were quickly dashed.

It was sparse. I wanted to take more of some things but then felt greedy when I saw how little there was and I wanted to be fair and leave some for others.

So this is what we got. It will do. And I AM GRATEFUL! I am also humble.

So if you've never been, reality check, this is what it's like.

If you've been, then you understand. 

I just pray that one day we will have lots of gardens, lots of food and food banks will be a thing of the past. Instead we will have food forests and Edible Schoolyards and people won't go hungry and won't get stressed that they have no food.

In a country like Canada....why is this happening?
So for those of you sitting down to a nice big dinner and glass of wine. Enjoy! I'm sending you lots of  love and light that you never experience this. I hope you will send some love and light out to me and people like me. We would welcome it!


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