Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Why is Canada backing oil & What's Fort McMoney?

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We really are going to have to stand together and unite against the oil because unbelievably some people think it's a good thing. It makes me sick to my stomach reading this post by Margaret Wente

"Well, oil is not the devil. In fact, oil and other energy resources are the salvation for billions of impoverished people in developing nations. You can’t have human development without energy. "

Are you kidding me lady, how do you think they got impoverished. It's when the oil companies go in they destroy the peoples lives and make them impoverished.  Just shaking my head here.

This is what we should be asking?

Why is Canada backing oil over other industries?

We are going to need to defend climate and fight for our lives (in a peaceful way, of course) but it's not going to be easy, even though it is so obvious. Greed is going to give us one hell of a run for it's money. :(

And What is Fort McMoney?- nothing happened when I tried but hopefully later. All I saw was a big black screen so I thought maybe it was a hoax...Apparently it's real.

"What’s the scene that greets you when you boot up Fort McMoney, which is a virtual world that went live online Monday. There are many places to see and even more characters you can interrogate and interview. Scores will be kept and leaderboards maintained to reflect actions taken by visitors: the more curious you are the more points you collect. This world is also episodic, new places and people will arrive every week over the next four, and visitors can vote for changes they’d like to see based on what they experience inside Fort McMoney Read More here"

I am super interested in this interactive documentary as it relates to the program I am taking at Emily Carr- Interaction Design Essentials  and more specifically will be very helpful as it pertains to a certain project I'm currently preparing that relates to Vancouver and something called Urbanarium.

 I am curious to see how it all plays out and I am sure many others will be watching to see what can be learned from such a project. 

Here's one more article I found related to this.
This Jennifer Grant makes it sounds like she's for the environment but she not....I can't figure out whose side she's on?

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