Thursday, January 16, 2014

100,000 pageviews!! Only took 6 years ;)

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Well Congratulations to me and my blog and HUGE THANK YOU TO MY READERS!!

My blog hit a little milestone the other day...100,000 pageviews. Now that's an all time count, not a day thing. It only took 919 posts!! Yikes, hard to believe I had that much to share but I did and that is just on this blog.

As some of you know I have quite a few other blogs. 7 to be exact (and I'm trying to migrate them all to the mother blog but I really haven't been blogging much lately as I am working very hard in my Interaction Design Essentials program right now.

Still I wanted to share this great news!

100,000 pageviews for my Tina Winterlik Blog

Anyways you can read more about my stats and my REALITY CHECK here.

 It's late and I've got to get to bed but before I go I thought as a little gift to all my readers I would share to of my short films. Enjoy!!

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