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So Blessed We Saw Tedtalks Tonight!!

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WOW!!  WOW!!  WOW!!
Feeling so blessed right now!! We just got home from Tedtalks. If you didn't know, Tedtalks has moved to Vancouver. And WOW do they have an exciting lineup.

Tonight was amazing! 
I just loved how it all came together for us. I had a long day as it was, I had class in the morning, then came home and Angel wanted to go for a walk in the sun, so we did that and picked up some milk and then came home and I took a little nap. So glad...I did that...Anyways at 5 we left and walked downtown. I figured the Vancouver Library would be full and had packed a blanket and some food and thought if worse comes to worse we will watch it on the Jumbotron at the Terry Fox Memorial outside BC Place Stadium.

We arrived 10 minutes before the show and by fluke or more like high powers at work, there were seats left and they were at the front but on the side. That's right we got front row seats.

So we were really blessed and go to watch it all inside on a nice big screen with no one in front of us, because I'm a shorty and it's hard for me to see sometimes.

It was really inspirational and impressive. It was a little long for Angel...but she did really well.

We had really gone to watch  Chris Hadfield and he Rocked!! Of course he sang his "Space Oddity" by David Bowie

  • Chris Hadfield - desaturate
    Chris Hadfield Astronaut

    Tweeting (and covering Bowie) from the International Space Station last year, Colonel Chris Hadfield reminded the world how much we love space.

    It started with Kevin Olusola - Cellist and beatboxer- WOW!! talk about beautiful music. To get a taste of his music...check this out

  • Nicholas Negroponte - desaturate 
    Nicholas Negroponte -Tech visionary
    The founder of the MIT Media Lab, Nicholas Negroponte pushed the edge of the information revolution as an inventor, thinker and angel investor. He's the driving force behind One Laptop per Child, building computers for children in the developing world.

    Then Ziauddin Yousafzai-

    Ziauddin Yousafzai is the father of Malala Yousafzai, a young woman who protested against the Taliban for the education rights of children, especially for Pakistani girls. Wikipedia

    He is an AMAZING MAN, but so is his daughter. She is the BRILLIANT, BRAVE AND TALENTED Malala. I am sure you heard about Malala

    She was shot in the face by the Taliban. Her father had raised her to speak out and the Taliban tried to stop it by killing her but she survived. Her father spoke of how he had raised her in a very different way, and not what had been the traditional.

    He had changed the rules and taught the boys not to follow the honor rules and the girls not to follow the obedience. It was very interesting and I hope you can hear him speak and her also because they are very eloquent and it's a very emotional moving story that we can all learn from.

    Chris Hadfield had asked us..."What's the scariest thing you've done?"  Well Malala father told how when everything was falling apart, schools being shut down and destroyed, the woman forced to cover up and wear veils and NO ONE was saying anything. NO ONE was speaking up...he said that was the scariest thing of all. That is a powerful message for all of us...we must not be apathetic. WE MUST SPEAK UP!!! 

    Malala was not there but we saw a video message...and she told all the girls...they, we can be anything we want, do anything we want, believe in ourselves, always keep the faith, everything will be okay. She's truly an angel and so are her parents for raising such a wise brave child.

    Author=Chris Hakkens

    And then there was Mark Ronson- Music Producer and DJ and he talked about how sampled music had been messed with thru out the years, how he had been a big fan of Duran Duran, which made me laugh, but the were all the rage when I was in my teens, my little sister was a much bigger fan than me, I was into the Stones, Bowie, Fleetwood Mac. But he talked about how this one tune had been resampled 500+ and how the Academy awards doesn't recognized resampled music. He worked with  Amy Winehouse 

    He was really funny, and real. He goofed up his speech a bit but he was really funny and I could so relate as we've done a lot of presentations in our program and it's a very difficult thing to get up in front of people and talk for 15 or 20 minutes. But he did great.

    So yes, we went, we did it and now I want to go again. So wish me luck and if I can , I will be writing more blog posts this week about Tedtalks and all the wonderful things I have learned and how they inspired and enlightened me...and best of all it's free...for me anyways...the way it should be.

    I feel it's so important to go. Why should the wealthy be so entitled. Why let them get the edge. No way...I am going to get in that and get that info and only time will tell what AMAZING things I will do with that knowledge and who I can help. 

    Okay I have to go to bed. Cheers, my dears.

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