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Tedtalks Day 2- Edward Snowden & lots more

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So it was the amazing Tedtalk. I arrived just before 8:30 am at the Vancouver Public Library. There were only 3 people there when I first arrived but then more arrived..slowly.

The first person was
Bran Ferren-Technology designer
I found his speech very interesting, as he talked about being a young child and being raised by artists. Yet he didn't want to be one, instead he found taking things apart and putting them back together much more interesting. Reminds me of my brother, he was always taking clocks and things apart. Anyways, when Bran Ferren was a child they would travel and often just take him to a science museum and drop him off and let him wander and learn and explore for hours. When he was nine they went to the Pantheon,_Rome.

He said he was intrigued by this wonderously cool dark building with a hole in the roof. It is called an oculus. As his eyes adjusted to the light, he started to see more and more, like the holes in the floor to the let the water drain when it rains...but it was the roof that amazed him. He questioned his  father  when the roof was built. He was shocked to learn that people were so intelligent 2000 years before. He being just nine years of age had been to the Pyramids the year before and he figured that with money, and brute force and labourers available, even he could build the pyramids, but this roof blew him away.

"The Pantheon dome. The concrete for the coffered dome was poured in moulds, probably mounted on temporary scaffolding. The oculus is the main source of natural light.",_Rome

He said it took 5 miracles to build this roof, and he went into a lot of detail...which I am too tired to share at this moment but it was really interesting. He figures that  Autonomous  
are the future and gave reasons why. I'm not sure I like the idea. I don't want any cars. It feels to IRobot to me.

I think the most important thing I took away is that we have to teach our kids to get off the screens and learn about the world around them and to teach the to explore, play, discover and that even they if the do not want to be like us, embrace them and support them in what ever they chose.  Powerful wise words. 

So next was -Marc Kushner-Architect-  
"MARC KUSHNER, AIA, is cofounder of award-winning architecture firm HollwichKushner (HWKN) and CEO of - the largest platform for architecture online. Both as a practicing architect, and in his role at Architizer, Marc is focused on making architecture more relevant and accessible."

 Check out his website- Very Cool!!
You can tweet him on twitter

 Now he is a very interesting man. He talked about how social media has really affected how architecture is created.

He talks about the brutal era   and how everything was cement. The coolest thing he showed was this building he called ugly. It was created with hay and then cement was poured on it and then a cow was invited to eat all the hay and what was left was this little cave with the most gorgeous view of a sunset in Spain.


 He talked about the  
and how somehow people seeing it and sharing it shaped and changed the way architecture is built.

That because it created tourism, every mayor wanted one...but the point he was making it was architects know how to create incredible works but that people would stick to old ideas because it's expensive and they were scared to try new things.

He wants every one to know that architects want to build fantastic buildings and they are ready and now with Social Media we are ready. So hopefully he and many others will build lots of green buildings. :)  Like the green buildings I pinned on my Pinterest board- The Changerz.

  • Yoruba Richen - desaturate 
    Yoruba Richen Documentary filmmaker
    "In her documentary films, Yoruba Richen unites African-American, feminist and LGBTQ voices in a renewed cry for civil rights for all."

Yoruba was very interesting. She talked about the civil rights movement and the gay rights movement. How they were moving in tandem and pointed out the really important events that helped progress things but then where it had major set backs too.  She mentioned Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela but pointed important  dates when Gay Rights had made strides with the help of  Latinos/Africa Americans and how they have worked together in the past and they need to be united...because these Human Rights -

She made a movie about it  called the newblack

"The New Black is a documentary that tells the story of how the African-American community is grappling with the gay rights issue in light of the recent gay marriage movement and the fight over civil rights. The film documents activists, families and clergy on both sides of the campaign to legalize gay marriage and examines homophobia in the black community’s institutional pillar—the black church and reveals the Christian right wing’s strategy of exploiting this phenomenon in order to pursue an anti-gay political agenda."

"The New Black is a documentary

 And this happened, they said Edward Snowden was there, and I was like "no way!!" And he came out on a bot. Blew me away. If you care about your rights, if you care about the internet then listen up because this affects ALL OF US!!

"Appearing by telepresence robot, Edward Snowden speaks at TED2014 about surveillance and Internet freedom. The right to data privacy, he suggests, is not a partisan issue, but requires a fundamental rethink of the role of the internet in our lives — and the laws that protect it. "Your rights matter,” he say, "because you never know when you're going to need them." Chris Anderson interviews, with special guest Tim Berners-Lee".

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