Tuesday, June 10, 2014

a Hug and a few kind Words

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Hey everyone, I was wondering if you could take a moment and think happy positive thoughts for Stephanie.

You don't know her and neither do I but on my way to work I passed by her and she was crying. I asked if she was okay and she said "not really." I asked if she wanted a hug...and she said "okay!" Then I told her it was all going to be okay and she just had to think positive.

I looked into her eyes and asked if it was "really bad." She said she hadn't worked in like 6 months and she just got a job and she lost it. I told her that whenever a door closes and new one opens.

Then I told her how just last year I got a job at Vancouver Children's hospital taking photos of the babies...but it wasn't a good fit and that the same thing happened, I lost it the first day...but that very soon after I was accepted to my 6 month intensive program at Emily Carr in the Interaction Design Program and then as soon as that ended I got my job at the Granville Island Soap Gallery. I told her to project what she wants and it will happen.

I gently but firmly told her to stay positive. She said "she would try" between the tears.... I said "don't try, do it...be positive and good things will happen."
and I smiled a lot...

Then I told her I had to rush off for work but that everything will be okay. She thanked me and said I had helped her a lot and she really needed to hear something like that.

So that is why I would like you to all say a little prayer and hope she finds the perfect job.

And also the next time you see someone crying...at least ask if they are okay...a few kind words and hug can really help turn around someone's bad day.

We've all been there... Sending you all GREAT BIG HUG and saying prayers and thinking positive thoughts for you all to achieve your dreams. Love ya

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