Saturday, June 14, 2014

Food is the Currency of the Future!

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Dennis McClung coaxes organic tomatoes, fresh eggs, bananas, fish, and zucchini out of the desert—an even more righteous repurposing of an old pool than a skate park. Sustainable ingenuity at its best.

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This is such a brilliant idea and it matches nicely with the other idea I had this morning and that is building an Eco School in Zipolite. 

So I have this idea to build an Eco School in Zipolite. For long time I have had a dream of putting an Edible Schoolyard in Zipolite. Have you heard of the Eco School in Sayulita and there's a Green School in Bali and they actually have an Eco School in Sayulita so there is no reason we shouldn't have on it Zipolite

For a little bit, Angel went to Arroyo Tres. This location would be perfect I think.  It has a lovely little piece of land behind it that would make a wonderful garden.  By the time we return Angel will be to old to attend...if say it's just for elementary but if it's for high school that would be wonderful.
Even if she could help with the elementary children that would be a wonderful experience. She spent the last year helping peer mentor the kindergartens so I know she would be a great asset.

I know the school she attends now...they got a grant from LULULEMON for $9000 to build an Edible Schoolyard... 

For that kind of money...we could build a whole school for $9000 ...possibly...depending on the materials but I believe we could go to Indiegogo and start something.
What do you think? I can't do this by myself...and I am not even there right now....

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