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Updated: 2014-08-23
Sadly CP destroyed many gardens. :(

I will cry too if they destroy the gardens. I saw a man in a yellow vest there today, I was passing...I can not bare to think what will happen to all those gorgeous gardens. WHY???

Here is the province report, I was annoyed with the video from Global, it only showed bricks and grass and really made the tracks look awful instead of focusing on the gorgeous gardens like my video.

 Seriously gardens like this are the doctors of the community, they keep things calm and beautiful. They make people happy. We need these especially here in the big city with so much poverty and stress.

I made this video today July 30 2014, one day before the CPR threaten to take action. PLEASE HELP IN ANY WAY YOU CAN! Look at these beautiful gardens, they provide such peace and tranquility to the neighbourhood. We DO NOT WANT TRAINS IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD! This is issue is more than the gardens. Stand up and say "No!" Save the Gardens!! Sign the Petition and start a conversation, we need swift action!!  Share this video widely!


So very very sad...I feel like crying. I am so sad but so scared and upset, I don't want trains running on those tracks, it's a terrible criminal idea. Please someone needs to buy that land.

With people paying $1million for a house...there must be a way to get that is a real opportunity here...What can be done??
I have been tweeting and trying to find help as best I can. I was away last week celebrating my daughters birthday. We will be devastated it they destroy the gardens.

I guess all we can do is pray for miracles and meditate that a positive solution is found quickly.
SPREAD THE WORD!! Just's all I ask...all I can do about it is blog and share...what can you do?


Arbutus gardeners hold final party before CP Rail deadline

Vancouver, CP Rail far apart on value of Arbutus rail corridor

CPR Update for July 17

Sign Petition


I have a great idea. Let's tweet flowers from the gardens, every hours...or more.

Use the hashtags

#savethegardens #cpr #vancouver @MayorGregor @RonFinleyHQ


Ron Finley: A guerilla gardener in South Central LA 

Let's ask Ron Finley to help...We need everyone to help. 

Gardening is our graffitti...

We have to make a GREAT BIG FUSS RIGHT NOW!! There is hardly any time left!! PLEASE! Share and Take Action!! 


I don't understand, instead of embracing the gardens and seeing the value they are going to destroy it all. But I guess that's all part of the big plan, to disable people at the lowest level...their food. Because if you take away there food then they have to buy it somewhere and that's where we are a food dependent nation.

Instead of having gardens in every yard and park and field and school, we had to resort to along the tracks and now the CPR is going to come in and destroy it all.

First thing we must consider is the trains will be bringing all sorts of horrible toxic dangerous items through the communities, right now we are blinded by the gardens but this is the bigger issue.

We really need to unite on this and time is running out.

This is a lovely garden my daughter and I worked on when we went Woofing.

Community Garden we visited in Duncan

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