Thursday, July 3, 2014

Drums & Dance NOT Pipelines-English Bay- July 4 -5-9pm

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Drums and Dance - Party Against the Pipelines (Occupied Coast Salish land, aka Vancouver)

Info from Facebook about Event:
The Harper government has given the OK for the Enbridge pipeline to go ahead, but the answer is still No! Our brothers and sisters at the Unist'ot'en Camp are building permaculture not pipelines, and they need our support to continue this fight.

Join us on Friday July 4th on the platform above the change-rooms next to Cactus Club Cafe to party against pipelines and to raise much needed funds for the land defenders at Unis'tot'en Camp. A small portion will also go towards Sliammon traditional Lands Conservation Alliance.

Oceanside Dakota
Star child singers
Solidarity Notes Labour Choir
Rick Buckman Coe (appearing in solo)
Corrina Keeling
Christie Lee Charles
Discreet Da Chosen 1
Ta'kaiya Blaney

This space is wheelchair accessible.

Come hear Ta'kaiya sing, she has the voice of an angel!

No Oil, No Tankers, Defend Our Coast RALLY- June 17 2014

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