Saturday, September 13, 2014

Share a Spliff Christie, The Kids Want to Go Back!!

Well now, if I had my way I would take this opportunity and re-vamp the whole public school  system to be about gardening, harvesting, cooking, building cob houses and doing lots of eco things.
But I am not. So all I can do is dream and hope that everything works out soon.

Many people are suffering. It's the poor of course. Because some people ...mainly single parents that were using school to help them so they could work and support there kids. And some of those were teachers.

The whole thing is so messed up...because of course those with money just put their kids in private school or went off on vacation.

Now we are neither rich but at the moment I don't consider myself poor. I am working and lucky for me my kid is 12 and so she can fend for herself pretty well while I do work. And lucky for me, I have learned never rely on the system because as soon as you do, it will pull the rug out from under you and you'll be sitting on your ass wonder how that truck hit you!! Do you hear what I am saying.

Angel hasn't been super bored or lonely because she can cope with change. I haven't put her in this routine of mundane repetition for last six years...nope just part of that. Kindergarten, half of grade 4 and then all of grade 6 and what happens, a strike and she doesn't even get a report card.

That said she loves her teacher and wants to go back and see her friends.

Will it happen.. maybe...maybe this is the weekend.

In the meantime I find it hilarious that some guy sent Christie Clark some weed and told her to smoke it with Fassbender and Ready - so they will all chill out and get down to business.

"While the marijuana is an acknowledged stunt, Larsen hopes to get the message to Clark that legalizing and taxing marijuana could boost revenue in the province–enough to further fund education. (And, hey–Vancouver could totally grow some of the cash crop on a downtown rooftop. Just sayin’.) Of course, there is a little laid-back humour in the gift. “I thought if [Clark] could get together with Peter Fassbender, Jim Iker and their negotiating teams to share a joint, it would help break down some barriers and give the BCTF negotiations a fresh start,” he said in a release. The package was delivered Friday morning "

In the states Colorado and Washington are reaping huge benefits from the legalization of pot. When is it going to happen here.

It makes a lot of sense. Anyways get with the program you guys.

I heard from someone that Christie Clark she was going to make a voucher system...where everyone gets a certain amount of cash to raise their kid in private, public or homeschool.

Now I despise Christie Clark and her anti-environment and anti-family ways but I do like the idea of this. Truthfully I would rather just see our school and yard turned into a big garden and kitchen and we feed all the kids and teach them how to grow food and build shelter for themselves.

Anyways these songs are for you Christie, have a happy day. Enjoy your spliff!!

Oh just a little more fun. See how I spelled C.Clark's name... it's like this video and what it says in the beginning. Just felt I need to give a little back of what she had given us. Ha! Ha!!

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