Thursday, October 16, 2014

Can you eat for $3 a day? Bif's doing it!

The thing about poverty is you don't believe it could happen to you? and sadly it can. My daughter and I had to be on assistance while I was pregnant and until she was 3. That's when they kick you off.

We also we on it when my mom passed and I was grieving very deeply. Those were very difficult times and then can you imagine add to that I had usually about $100 for groceries. I remember scrounging coins and pennies to pay for little things. The food bank food was often outdated and food was bad, so I would go hungry.

Thankfully it's behind us but for many it's is still there reality.

Did you know that the current living wage for Vancouver is $20.10/hr?
But the minumum wage is $10.50 and then check out the welfare rates?

 "Living wage calculations are based on a two-parent family with two children – the most common family unit in BC – and each parent working full-time. The current living wage rate for Metro Vancouver is $20.10/hour."

We currently earn well below the living wage but things are improving. But for the man who lives under the bridge and so many other homeless and single parents with kids forced to go on the system do legit circumstances such as unaffordable housing, it is cruel and inhumane to treat people like this. It does not foster good health, attitude or relations. When people are hungry, they get tired, angry, depressed and sick.

This is Canada. Things need to Change!
Raise the Rates!!

This is now, when I was pregnant 12 years ago it was only $525 I believe and my rent was $400

(I sublet a friends apt. Imagine trying to feed yourself well...eating for 2 on $100 a month. It was very difficult! )

Why $21 for a Week’s food
Total welfare
Rent (realistic rent for an SRO)*$450
Room damage deposit$20
Book of 10 bus tickets (to look for work)$21
Cell phone (to look for work)$25
Personal hygiene/laundry$10
Total of all non-food expenditures$526
What’s left for food $84

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