Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Don't Feed The Fear!

Today something truly horrible happened in Canada.

 Soldier and assailant dead after chaotic Parliament Hill attack

My deepest condolences to the soldier's family.

Many things are changing in this country and there are so many things I want to complain about or get angry about. Yet I must control my fear! As this is where all stems from. We must not feed the fear.

Let's Save Canada. 
We must be Peacekeepers. 
Lighthouses of Peace. 
Please Choose Love today, Not Fear!

I invite you all to meditate today and everyday, visualize peace and love. Please love one another. Choose Love Not Fear! Have empathy and love for each other. It's time to wake up people. It is time of change. 

(This is a reminder to myself as well, we need to work at this! Together we can Change the World!)

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