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Burrard Inlet-English Bay- Toxic Heavy Fuel Spill-DO NOT TOUCH-TOXIC

  Update April 20 2015
Beaches Re-Open
It has been nearly 2 weeks since the spill. It was a glimpse into our future if we do not WAKE UP and take this message from the universe seriously. No Pipelines! No Tankers! #SaveOurCoast

This is video is from April 11 but I just saw it today and wanted to share it.

 Updated April 17/2015
 If you are thinking of hitting the beach this weekend, please be advised that Vancouver Coastal Health officials have still not given us the "all clear" Caution signs still up at Sunset, Second, Third beaches, Crab Park and New Brighton. You are advised that you and pets should stay out of the water and refrain from touching any oil. We're working with partners to get these beaches back open, and thanks for your patience and all the offers of help. IF you have questions please call 311 or 604 873 7000

Update April 14/2014:  Hundreds of litres of bunker fuel leaked from the vessel Marathassa into the water, but officials working to clean up the spill now say it may be days, or possibly weeks, before they know exactly how much leaked from the vessel.

Original Story

From City of Vancouver

ALERT: There has been a heavy bunker fuel spill in Burrard Inlet. The wind may push the fuel to shore. The Coast Guard is currently managing the incident. Boater & watercraft alert: bunker fuel is toxic, please do not touch. ‪#‎VanFuelSpill‬

We'll share more updates here as the situation evolves. You can also follow us on Twitter for up-to-the-minute info:

9AM: Are you seeing fuel on or near a beach? Please contact the Coast Guard at 1 800 889 8852.

8AM: Port Metro Vancouver has shared the federal marine oil spill cleanup guidelines and procedures:…/marines…/oep-ers-regime-menu-1780.htm

CBC- Toxic Fuel Spill Clean up

Fuel Spill in English Bay

Marine Safety

Global News

Port Metro Vancouver says crews are working to clean up a “minor” oil spill in English Bay.
The incident was reported at about 5 p.m. on Wednesday and an emergency response team was called in to deal with the oily substance. The port is unsure what the cause of the oil spill is at this point.
Five coast guard and marine response crews worked overnight on containing the oil and keeping the marine life safe. The City of Vancouver is asking people not to touch the spill because it is bunker fuel and is toxic.

From the Vancouver Sun

Photograph by: Darryl Dyck , THE CANADIAN PRESS

A Vancouver Police boat and a spill response vessel are seen near the  bulk carrier cargo ship Alpha Loyalty 

after a bunker fuel spill on English Bay in Vancouver, on  Thursday April 9, 2015. Photograph by: Darryl Dyck , THE CANADIAN PRESS

 Read more:

VANCOUVER - Crews are working to clean up a highly toxic oil spill believed to have leaked from a bulk carrier ship in English Bay.

Port Metro Vancouver spokesman John Parker-Jervis said early Thursday morning that crews from five West Coast Marine Response Corporation boats are trying to recover some of the heavier oil that is surrounding the ship.

A boom has been set up around the ship Marathassa, which is a bulk grain carrier that arrived from Korea, to contain the oil, though Parker-Jervis stressed that it has not been confirmed that the oil is from that ship .

Vancouver fire rescue officials, who are working with the city and the Canadian Coast Guard to clean up the spill, say about one tonne of oil has already been recovered. Spill BC is also towing a 1,000-foot boom to collect oil.

Vancouver city officials posted a boater and watercraft alert on Twitter early Thursday, saying that the spill is “bunker fuel” and that it is toxic. They are warning people not to touch the fuel.

Bunker fuel is a type of liquid fuel used on ships which is fractionally distilled from crude oil. It is extremely crude and highly polluting.

Other important info

How do I report an oil spill (even a small one in a ditch or stream)

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