Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Residential Schools- Cultural Genocide and Assimilation

Here is the acknowledgement about the horrible evil things that happened in the Residential schools in Canada.  Makes me sick, sad and angry. How could people treat them like that? How could they treat children like that? It's so hard to believe that is why people denied it but now it's out and people must acknowledge this disgusting dark truth about Canada.

Sadly many people still deny this sad history. I pray there will be healing but it will take many many generations and we will have to all work together. It can happen, if we all work together for the environment and for the greater good of all people but Mother Earth comes first and that's in the soul of every indigenous soul.

If we can all love each other and treat each other with love and respect and educate each other, have deep empathy for each other. Hopefully the healing can start and continue but I haven't seen much healing...not on the DTES or on the Highway of Tears... it's not like this isn't all related and many other sad, dreadful events that I won't mention at the moment. 

It's going to take a lot of love, education, healing and time.

Think on this please
From Facebook - Meanwhile in Canada

"Imagine being taken from your parents at five years old and being beaten for speaking the only language you know. Imagine being subjected to terrible abuse and made to feel ashamed because your culture was different. Imagine being a parent and being threatened with jail if you didn't hand over your children to the system. Imagine being cut off from your children for ten years. What would that do to your heart and soul? How would that affect your family?"


"As Canadians, we need to come together in the spirit of human understanding and friendship and work side by side to heal the suffering caused and to create opportunities for real hope and a fair, equal chance at a healthy, prosperous future that respects cultural differences.

Let us all collectively commit to genuine change in our relations with the first peoples of this country. If we do this with the spirit of justice, respectful dialogue and a commitment to meaningful action then reconciliation and healing is absolutely possible."

Canadian Indian residential school system


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