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Bee Charmer, Bee School & World in a Garden

The World in a Garden

This video is about The World In A Garden's, Bee-Coming Leaders: A bee school for kids! Check out what we do at

Published on Oct 6, 2014
A Bee School for Kids? Yes!
Did you know that a single bee hive can produce up to 100 pounds (45 kg.) of honey, or that bees are responsible for pollinating up to 1/3 of our food?

Beekeeper Markus Storhas & Nutritionist Tricia Sedgwick have developed a bee school to help kids be leaders in their community. This 4-part workshop series is hosted at The World In A Garden and incorporates fun hands-on activities like looking inside beehives, tasting and extracting honey and selling the honey on Market Day!

Check out this video featuring highlights from our 2014 Bee School!

To learn more and register for our 2015 program, visit our website:

The World in a Garden

This is one of the first videos I ever made- back in 2007, look how little Angel was. We were living in Nelson and it was so HOT!!  Too hot for us to walk to the lake and back and so I bought a little pool. But the bees were accidentally landing in it. (now I know about making bee drinking dishes)

Anyways she started rescuing them. At the time I was really scared and was like "NO, don't touch, it will sting you."  But then she just did it, and I was amazed. I've learned so much from her curiousity of life.

So I ran and got the camera and made this video. It's sad because I stopped the video just before she told it she loved it and then if flew away. I wish I got that part but it's still beautiful.

After that she rescued many bees and taught others about bees. She does not like wasps though. She got stung/bit on the top of her head that hurt for the longest time and so she is very cautious around them.

But she LOVES BEES!! We all need to love and care for our beautiful bees!! We need to care for all our pollinators. :D

P.s. For a long time she was going to be a bee doctor, ...until she realized they were too little to work on. :) So sweet!

I wish we lived closer to this, we would definitely check it out!!

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