Sunday, July 5, 2015

Indigenous Climate Activist Speaks to UN

If you watch just one video today, LET IT BE THIS ONE!!

"Just months ahead of the next Conference of the Parties (COP) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which will take place in Paris, today's event has been convened in support to the process that will ultimately result in an agreement intended to succeed to the landmark Kyoto Protocol on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Only by acting now and standing together can we achieve the results we need in the time we have left. Only by acting now and standing together can we tip the scales and change the course of history.
Among the participants, Academy Award-winning actor and long-time conservationist Robert Redford, and 15-year-old indigenous climate activist Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez, are expected to join the broad call for action to energize multilateral cooperation on climate change.

Raised in the Aztec tradition, Mr. Roske-Martinez is Youth Director of a non-profit organization called Earth Guardians"

I have been following this young man and he is a brave, eloquently spoken, highly intelligent young person with a great deep awareness of the world need right now.

We need action from EVERYONE and his speech clearly demonstrates this.

These other videos are very eye opening as well. He is a great leader of youth already and I believe he will rise to great power because of his wisdom and deep respect for the earth. He has been on his path since he was 6. Maybe he will be the president one day, if presidents exist.

Who know what will happen in the near future if things do not turn around. As the earth breaks down we could see many changes good and bad. 

There have been many great ideas and videos, speeches and leaders but when will the change happen.


Earth Guardians


I know in my heart it will happen. I had a vision many years ago and I have to have faith it will happen. Will it happen in my lifetime is the question I have? Who is that old lady in my vision, is it me? my child? her child? What does the future hold...only the future knows. But I do know we can't just sit around wait for someone else to do it, we each have to do our part! WHAT IS YOUR PART?

Can we change the World? Where do we start? What can we accomplish? What is Urbanarium? And what does it have to do with Vancouver? These are some of the questions proposed here and a small collection of data to support it? Where it goes....we will find out...won't we.... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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