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Kindness Concert & Kindness Flag Project

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My little girl, she's such a loving sensitive child, she loves to talk to people and she smiles and compliments everyone she can. Sometimes when people meet her, at first they think that she expects to be complimented back but after you know her, you know she does it purely to brighten that person's day. I told her when she was little to smile at people and it will work magic. 

Sometimes she gets sad when someone doesn't smile back and I feel sad for her too but something I read a while ago helped, it said it doesn't matter if the person didn't appreciate it, God saw and he smiled. So that helps a bit. If we all would just make that little extra effort to be kind, miracles would abound. Like the law of attraction, it would attract tons more positive energy. 

So have you heard about the Kindness Concert and Kindness Flag Project. My friend Ingrid Tamboline was the brilliant lady who started the Kindness Flag Project during Vancouver Riots. Isn't appropriate that they should get together with the Kindness Concert.
Email: kindnessflagproject AT gmail DOT com

Special Note: Ingrid is trying to get some permanent markers so that people can make Kindness flags to put up in the lobby for the concert. If you could be so kind to help her, that would be fabulous. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kindness-Flag-Project/200759549970039?ref=ts&sk=wall 

 Please contact her for more info. She is also hoping for people to come down and make the flags so be sure and contact her :)

Please see my blogpost on this Fabulous Project

And now there's this Great Concert you can go to

11th Annual Kindness Concert


World Kindness Concert

WorldKindnessConcert- On Twitter

@kindnessconcert Vancouver, British Columbia
Global movement 2 Eliminate Bullying, Domestic Violence, Cruelty 2 Animals, Abuse 2 our Environment Kindness is the solution... 11th year join us on FB

Quoted from Website:

Mission :
The World Kindness Concert celebrates its 11th year by gathering world class performers to celebrate and promote the messages of kindness, compassion, love and peace, and to touch the hearts of people around the world. This is more than just a Concert

This is a Global Movement to eliminate violence, bullying, suicide, cruelty and abuse to our environment. Some of the most inspiring and powerful performing artists will gather at The Centre For Performing Arts in Vancouver, Canada for a one of a kind concert that focuses on  the solution to these global issues. 

It promises to be a most memorable evening where everyone will be touched by a simple and yet most powerful message… Kindness…. Why kindness? 

In a world where bullying, depression, suicide and violence has reached epidemic proportions, ‘Kindness’ is not just a nice idea or notion….it is critical to the well-being of our world.  

Too often we under estimate the power of a smile, a touch,  a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. No kind action ever stops with itself. One kind action leads to another. A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions and the roots spring up and make trees. Let kindness begin today and be contagious to touch each of us in the most meaningful way.

The 11th Annual World Kindness Concert

Friday November 4th,2011
Doors: 7pm / Show 8pm
The Centre for Performing Arts
777 Homer Street-Vancouver, BC


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