Friday, November 18, 2011

OCCUPY - Poetry In Motion

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Last Spring I listened to  these incredible interviews with Ryan Eliason, and I still receive emails from him. This morning I received one that was called

What the heck is this "Occupy" movement anyway?

He mentions that alot of the message was being lost and it was frustrating so he wanted to share this great video below. See what he wrote and check out this message of hope.

Love in Action : Poet Drew Dellinger at Occupy Oakland

Through poetry and video Drew begins to capture the essence, and the message, of this diverse movement for change. Check it out (it’s 5 minutes): Love in Action: Poet Drew Dellinger at Occupy Oakland

Believe it or not, Drew actually makes a living spreading this kind message. He’s a poet, spoken word artist, author, and social entrepreneur extraordinaire.

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