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What will happen to Occupy Vancouver?

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From what I read here, people tried to get help for the girl that passed away yesterday at Occupy Vancouver. It is very sad what happened but the only reason that this poor girl's death is receiving so much attention is because of where and how it happened.

Apparently messages were sent to Mayor Robertson and Insite was contacted and it's unclear if a nurse and supplies arrived. Drug abuse is a very sad problem in Vancouver. Right now bad heroin is going around, I saw a sign posted on this warning people.

This province has a huge homeless problem and many are youths. Gordon Campbell contributed to the huge child poverty problem we have right now and you can read about the work some wonderful people are doing a Covenant house.

I don't know what is actually going down at the camp. I know they have the best intentions and they are definitely trying hard but the are up against huge obstacles...OBVIOUSLY...or they wouldn't be there in the first place.

It's not perfect there, there are going to be bad things happening, bad things are happening all to fix it, who knows...that's what this is all about.

At least people are taking a stand. When people stand up for Saving the Whales or Clayquot Sound, they are not popular, many look at them and think ...Wow! Crazy,...but THANK GOD they did or we wouldn't have whales or the Clayquot.

Yes, the stakes are much bigger now, this is a huge world wide problem. People are afraid. We have to be strong and stay positive, and channel the positive energy into the best avenues possible.

What will happen down at Occupy Vancouver...I have no idea, ...I have no words...

I am very sorry for the girl that passed away, she was someone's beautiful baby, someone's lovely little girl, but somewhere someone failed her, someone hurt her, something happened for her to turn to a terrible drug that would take her life.

Watching the news makes me crazy, they misrepresent things so badly, they kept showing scenes of what they said was "fighting" and saying how the camera man got pushed...but after a bit the reporter said it was because people did not want them filming the girl..that is was disrespectful...and it was.

I want to pay my respects and I pray that she is at peace now and is an angel watching down from heaven and lending a helping hand to this very important cause.

Perhaps the tents aren't the way to go anymore,...what other way can we unite and work together. I had this idea of paper necklaces... 

I posted that link above as it calls for  ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS, BLOGGERS, MUSCIANS, TEXTERS, SOCIAL CHANGES AND FILMMAKERS, ARTISTS- Creative Minds Unite!!

What can we do to keep this alive, it won't be easy, but it must be peaceful. Peace will attract Peace. What ideas do you have? How are we going to change the world? We didn't break it in a day, so it's not like it can be fixed in a day! We have to try though...we have to...for our children!! for the ones we love...

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