Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy National Aboriginal Day :)

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2012

Happy National Aboriginal Day :)

From Wikipedia:

National Aboriginal Day is a day recognizing and celebrating the cultures and contributions of the First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples of Canada.[1] The day was first celebrated in 1996, after it was proclaimed that year by then Governor General of Canada Roméo LeBlanc, to be celebrated on June 21 annually. Most provincial jurisdictions, however, do not recognise it as a statutory holiday

Made this last summer, we had a great time at the Stanley Park

Story, Voices and Actors from Klahowya Village.

Bear- Photo Tina Winterlik  © 2011

Eagle- Photo Tina Winterlik  © 2011

Frog- Photo Tina Winterlik  © 2011

Sun in Box- Photo Tina Winterlik  © 2011

Princess & Bear - Bear- Photo Tina Winterlik  © 2011

Klahowya Village @KlahowyaVillage Vancouver, BC, Canada Enjoy the warmth of our Aboriginal Summer Village and join the excitement from May 16 – September 11, 2011. Klahowya Village in Vancouver's Stanley Park is an a

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In 1995 I did a Photography project that I did while attending Langara's Professional Photography Program. It was called "People in Tradition Dress."

Here's one photo.
Read here for more. I really LOVE this image. It's a black and white photos, taken on a medium format camera. Then printed and hand-coloured with oils.

Maggie Black Kettle -Original Hand-Coloured B&W Photographer Tina Winterlik © 1995

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